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I have had chronic "nonbacterial" prostatitis for over a year now and sometimes it brings me into a deep depression.  Does anyone have experience in this field or can lead me to someone reputable who does.  Any help would be appreciated so much!

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Out of curiosity what does your urologist attribute this to?

Iv been to two and neither of them knew.  I was given cipro when I first had pain by my family doctor before he even took any tests. He assumed it was gonorrhea/chlamydia I guess. When I eventually had urine tests done they said they found nothing.

Huh. Are you exposed to chemicals or heavy metals? Can you see a qualified naturopath?

I may be I do have fillings.  I am sure there are some in Philadelphia. I hate being skeptical of doctors but I guess thats what happens when you dont see results.

I have also herd cilantro tincture.

Thanks for the encouragement!

sorry hon lee - my prostate gland is at work at the moment and he wont be home till i get my fruit out for him latter on.

I wish fruit worked for me witch. Nice profile pic btw.

freelee has recommended that people asking for assistance to please include the following info - 


* How long have you been 100% low fat raw vegan?

* When did you last have cooked food?

* How much water do you drink a day? Are you peeing clear?

* How much exercise do you get?

* When do you go to bed? How many hours do you sleep each night?

* How much sunshine do you get?

* What is your past health history?


I have been off 100 percent raw for  about 2 weeks.

I basically only drink water and pee clear.

My exercise has been off since I have had this problem and recent costochondritis

I sleep 8-11 hours.

I know I am not getting enough sun during the winter.

I felt like a super healthy young man before all of this.

Iv tried fasting etc.

do you eat animal products of any kind ?

bump for help :)


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