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Does anyone else get chest/upper abdominal pain when eating watermelon? I get the same pain when i eat grapes sometimes. It just started happening out of the blue one day. I used to be able to upwards of 20lbs of watermelon in a day. Now I'm on the floor after eating 1-5lbs. Like questioning if I'm have a heart attack type pain.

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I have severe upper abdominal pain when eating watermelon...the weird thing is..that it doesn't always happen..i'm not sure why...I've decided to just steer clear of them now though...coz it's not worth the 15mins on the floor curled up in a ball...lol..


I get the same issue with watermelon. Never had this problem before, then again I don't recall eating this much watermelon. My symptoms came after only 2lbs of it. Funny though, takes 5-10 minutes for the pain to kick in.

My wife and I are only a week into this and went 100% cold turkey on everything else.  When I used to eat watermelon it was completely fine but now when I eat it I get the same issue.

I'll occasionally get pain in my right shoulder if I eat too many grapes at one sitting or sometimes just too cold. I also get tit it sometimes if I make too large a banana smoothie, anything over 1.5 litres at one sitting. But never have a problem with water melon or get abdominal pain. 

I did read online that gall bladder problems can cause both abdominal pain on the right hand side just below the ribs & in the right should/arm after eating. But I think a more likelier reason for me at least is just gas or trapped wind from eating too fast. 

Finally find people that have the same experience i do after eating watemelon, grapes and other high glycemic fruits. I just had a 10 minute attack after eating 2 cups of watermelon. From the diaphragm up i get intense achey pain that also radiates thru the upper arms. I am also rolling on the floor from it. I suspect it is a result of the sugar because I took a blood sugar reading during the attack and I was at 7.4 mmol/133mg from a starting point of 4.2 mmol/75.6mg. I am not diabetic and use the blood sugar testing and as a way to understand my body's response to food.

About 30 years ago when I drank 250ml of sugar pop, I had a similar attack. Now this only happens from high glycemic fruit - I love watermelon - but looks like I have to stay away from it :)

I also took 600mg of chromium polynicotinate 5 mins into the attack to help end the pain faster. It is now 45 minutes past the attack and my blood sugar is at 5.7 mmol/ 102.6mg.

I used to have this problem! It occasionally happened with mangoes, but with watermelon it was like clockwork! About 15 minutes into eating I would get severe and debilitating chest pains that would last for 10-15 agonizing minutes. Depending on how slowly I ate the watermelon and at what point I stopped eating the pain would be more or less intense.
The weird thing was that after the pain went away I could eat as muh and as long as I pleased with absolutely no problems.
After about 3 months of this I was fed up! I like watermelon too much to stop eating it! I remember reading a bunch of different thigs that it could be, but started with the easiest: water! I was badly ever drinking the liter upon rising because I was too hungry to wait. But once I started making absolutely sure to SLOLWY drink a liter of water before breakfast, then wait a few minutes, then eat the watermelon slowly (which is much more enjoyable anyways), the pains tappered off and completely vanished. I'm not Sure if it's a combination of time spent on the diet and the water, or just one of those, but I'm not complaining! 
I recommend trying different things out, hopefully one of them will work for you!

You already food combine, right?  I know if there's any remnants of starchy food or nuts in my tummy I will get stomach pain upon eating watermelon.  I try my best to eat it only in the morning, or 2 hours after eating any other fruits or veg.

mine is not stomach, it is above the diaphragm and upper arms. I had an empty stomach, nothing to eat for 14 hours before.

I notice that I belch and burp alot after eating watermelon... must be taking alot of air in while I eat it for some reason.

i have the same issue my chest feels like its on fire, so strange :(

Must be the fibre scratching on some inflamed bowel walls. The second bend from transversal to descendend is very close to the heart and especially there a lot of problems occur, and fruit wants to move! I'm so happy that I hate watermelons. But when pineapples or kiwi or even oranges got angry at me, well I stopped eating them for a while. There is so much else, so if my body tells me painpain, then I don't go digging for more, and roll on the floor. I remember so well those toothpain attacks that cooked food gave me, those nights in bed when I just wanted to leave this broken body here and fly away, but now it's all perfect. Teeth heal! Everything heals. Now I know it and thankyou body for your pain signals! Buddha said: "Avoid pain and you'll be fine."


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