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Hey all! what are some of your favorite charities to donate money to? Ones that are raw vegan friendly, earth friendly, natural hygiene friendly, ect..

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Thank you for the suggestion :)

There are many good charities to donate to.  Doctors Without Borders, animal sanctuaries seem like good ones to my knowledge.  The ALS ice bucket challenge doesn't happen to be one of them though.

I'm glad you are bringing this up cause most animal protection charities are not worth donating to and actually hurt the vegan message.  Groups like PETA, Mercy for Animals, etc. very rarely use the word vegan and promote 'humane' animal products.  These products allow customers to feel better about expiating animals and make veganism seem more 'extreme'.


I think donating to charities is a great thing to do but I also believe that personally talking with people in a nonviolent way about how they already believe in veganism if they believe animals shouldn't suffer for unnecessary reasons.  And animal products are unnecessary cause you can be just as healthy without them (most often healthier as in the cases of people on 30bad).

Thanks, Caveivore!  Doctors Without Borders and animal sanctuaries seem like great places to donate :)



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