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Cause of schizophrenia ignored for 24 years...Undigested excess protein disturbs brain's normal function

Cause of schizophrenia ignored for 24 years...Undigested excess protein disturbs brain's normal function

While traveling in Europe in May of 1972, I found an article in the International Herald Tribune (published in cooperation with the New York Times) which interested me greatly. I saved it all these years and would like to share its contents with our readers.

It was written by Stuart Auerbach and appeared on May 6th, 1972, however it has a dateline of March 5, Dallas (WP). The author states that a "highly respected researcher carried the search for the cause of schizophrenia a major step forward yesterday. He said that the disease was caused by a tiny corkscrew-shaped protein in the emotional center of the brain." The scientist who made the discovery, Dr. Jacques Gottlieb, presented his findings to the American Psychiatric Association meeting in Dallas. He apparently found that the enzyme that is supposed to regulate {digest?} that protein is missing from the brain of schizophrenics while it is present in normal brains. He went on to compare schizophrenia to diabetes where the absence of insulin prevents the conversion of sugar into energy. Dr. Gottlieb works at the Lafayette Clinic and at Wayne State University in Detroit. He thought that it would take some five years to turn his laboratory findings into treatment methods.

On the other hand, he felt that his 40-year search for the cause of schizophrenia was almost over. He presented the results of his research to a special symposium on new research where it aroused considerable interest among psychiatrists. Others had attributed schizophrenia to biological causes but were not clear on how it works.

Dr. Gottlieb noticed differences in the blood of schizophrenics and non schizophrenics and then he found that an unstable protein called alpha-two globulin (or S-protein) has a different effect on schizophrenic patient than on normal people. Together with Dr. Charles E. Frohman, a biochemist, he discovered that in schizophrenics the protein had a corkscrew shape. Normally it is either folded like an accordion or coiled like a spring.

It is this difference in shape that controls the effect, said Gottlieb. The corkscrew-shaped S-protein in schizophrenics increases the intake by the hypothalamus -- the key regulating area of the brain -- of a chemical called tryptophan. Tryptophan is important for the development of serotonin, the transmitter of messages between cells in the brain. Dr. Gottlieb and Dr. Frohman studied the kinds of compounds produced by the flooding of the hypothalamus cells with tryptophan. One of these was dimethyl tryptamine (DMT) which causes psychoses and hallucinations, both symptoms of schizophrenia. The two scientists felt that DMT is being produced in excess in certain parts of the brains of these patients and may be causing the disturbances. Other researchers have found larger amounts of DMT in the blood and urine of acute patients than in non-schizophrenics.

Dr. Gottlieb found that in normal people a stable enzyme is found in the limbic system (emotional center) of the brain which is missing from the schizophrenics brain. He called this enzyme "anti-S-protein." He is now researching the amount of anti-S-protein that can be given to produce a healthy balance.

I can't help but ask, if schizophrenia is caused by poorly digested, unnatural protein fractions (the corkscrew-shaped proteins), and if it is comparable to diabetes, where the sugar is not properly utilized due to the absence of adequate insulin, why not withhold protein from patients who are unable to digest it to its normal end-product? Do we not withhold sugar from diabetics? It must be noted here that all state hospitals where mentally disturbed people are treated are required to serve three protein meals a day! My next thought is that since virtually all schizophrenics develop the disease in their teens or later in life, they are apparently not born with it. It could then be assumed that schizophrenia or the lack of the anti-S-protein enzyme is caused by a change in the patient's metabolism. Since we also know that, by definition, toxins are enzyme inhibitors, can we not further assume that certain toxins block the anti-S-protein enzyme?

I am sure that our readers follow my train of thought: if the problem can be solved by cutting proteins out of the diet and clearing (detoxifying) the body of enzyme blockers, the Gerson Therapy is the obvious answer to overcoming schizophrenia. We have seen that, in fact, it has cured the few schizophrenia patients we have had on the Gerson Therapy! Unfortunately, the problem has recently been compounded by the long-term use of lithium and other psychoactive drugs. These drugs increase the toxic load on the body, and treating schizophrenics with the Gerson Therapy today, though still successful, now takes longer, and positive results are harder to achieve.

The Gerson Institute.


By Charlotte Gerson

serum proteinase inhibitor, alpha2-macroglobulin (α2M) concentration .... of protein from meat"

"The corkscrew-shaped S-protein in schizophrenics increases the intake by the hypothalamus -- the key regulating area of the brain -- of a chemical called tryptophan. Tryptophan is important for the developm

ent of serotonin, the transmitter of messages between cells in the brain."

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Were did you find this? Can you give me the link?

very interesting!

Wow.  My brother is diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic.  Im trying to decide the best and most effective way to introduce 80 10 10 in  a way that he will listen and incorporate it.  Im hesitant to approach him with this until I can be some sort of example.  This could be his best chance at having a normal and happy life

Do you live close to the fruit festival get him to go with you if you can. Trying to get my brother to do 811 as well I have supplied him with info but it is tough. I got rid of my life long  depression in about a week. I am hoping it would have a similar impact on him but it could take longer

Well I have been doing this diet for 4 days and I have not had a suicidal moment since.  Im having a hard time believing that im cured just like that....whats the catch? Im on the NYC subway train smiling for no particular reason.  It wasn't that long ago when I would cry on the train for no paticular reason!  Its amazing. 

My brother and I are not close, and he lives in oklahoma so I dont have direct accest to him.  I think the best way to go about this is to sell my mother on it and have her communicate with him because she too lives in oklahoma. 

Thank you Mike for all the info on this.  I deeply appreciate you taking the time.

No problem Amber

Yes it is amazing

I was elated to find out after 36 years of wanting to die that the feeling left in a week, 3 years later and not have had one thought. Something I was ingesting was causing my brain to feel this way pretty much on a daily basis.

There is nothing wrong with any of us it is what we do to ourselves that causes issues. Remove what is causing are body harm and the body gets better. If we cut are finger with a knife if you never stop cutting it it will never heal. The cure is the cause :)

Here is Victoria who cured her schizophrenia on 811and Ric to. Lots of good info


It is hard to digest proteins (A.K.A not natural to eat :) like Gluten, Cassien etc.

A lot of good information in this thread


I have a sibling with schizophrenia...but the problem is that he has been on medications for over 30 years and is whole body is a mess .. toxic load all over and he is hard to manage and he has no life and food is his only thing...so he gorges on the worst food and meat. Very sad but have tried and feel unable to reach him now that the illness plus the meds have ruined him. I try to keep him 50 % on this diet but that does not help much at this stage.

Yes, it's very painful to see someone you love suffering in this way.  for me its often more then i can bare to know that my brother is suffering the way he is.  I still have hope for him.  I think I should work on myself first and then tackle his issues to the best of my ability.  Stephanie, the women who cured her own  schizophrenia, will be doing consultations soon and im hoping to pay her to give my brother some guidence

Thank you for posting! I'm very interested in this as someone close to me is schizophrenic. She is actually interested in this lifestyle, and about a year ago she tried it for a few months and said she felt great; I noticed her attitude had lifted considerably as well. Now to just make the effort to get her back into it. :)
Actually I think I'll start blogging about this here too. Thanks for the reminder. :)


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