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I am having a really hard time getting food down lately. I feel nauseous at the thought of fruits and veggies. I've only been able to get down 3 mangoes, a bunch of cucumbers and tomatoes, and orange juice (fresh squeezed). I made a cucumber pasta and couldnt finish it because I felt like I was going to be sick while I was eating it. I dont know why this is happening and I dont know what to do! I know that if I keep eating so little I'll probably end up bingeing  on cooked food but forcing fruit down doesnt seem to work either. Has anyone experienced this? I'm so confused as to why this is happening. 

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I'd say try to be calm, drink water, and allow your body to naturally feel hungry before you try to force anything else down. 

Hi there !

I struggle eating enough too, my strategy is eating small meals instead of three big ones. I keep eating my small meals during the day, I try to make each of them different in texture and composition so I don't get bored and I keep feeling happy when it is time to eat. Also I don;t wait for my hunger signal to come or I eat too little and get a lot of cravings. I eat every three hours roughly, smaller portions, just enough not to have nausea and I hope my body will adjust to this and allow me to eat more comfortably in a while.

When I am ready to throw up from the volume of food I drink a bit of water and go for a short walk then come back and finish the plate of fruits.

I found out that having small breaks during the meal helps me a lot to eat more.

Good luck to you ! Hope things are going to settle down soon !


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