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Hi, i've been struggling with what i suspect to be candida for months, it started after heavy antibiotics.

i feel super depressed all the time and have a lot of gas.

i recently started taking probiotics and it seems to help a little but not much.

i've been eating 90/5/5 but a lot of dates and dried figs, is it possible they are the cause of my candida not going away?

a friend recommended turpentine but i'd rather try a safer approach

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You could try a one or two day water fast.  Many people have used this to rebalance their system with success.

Another thing to try is to increase your greens intake significantly. 

When eating dates and dried fruits, make sure you are staying well hydrated.  peeing 8-12 times a day is a good indication of proper hydration.  

thx for the reply, i did 4 day water fasts already with no success.

i've increased my greens for the past days and my hydration has been very good for weeks.

yesterday i started to take 1 tsp pure turpentine in the morning, i hope it helps!

I have not heard of taking turpentine but apple cider vinegar has been proven to help with blood sugar.  see below link:

Can Vinegar Help with Blood Sugar Control?

Also proper food combining can make a big difference in your overall digestion and therefore blood sugar.Image result for food combining chart fruit

Some long time raw foodies do say they have a problem with eating dried fruit so it may be something you cut out for a few months then try again to see how you are. See link below for video from Mike Arnstein:

ok, thx. have you read my reply to an old thread here about undigested food?

is it normal to see undigested grape skins or lettuce pieces in my stool?

edit: and do you recommend to not consume lettuce and fruit in the same meal?

I did reply! :)  It is totally normal to see clearly what you ate when it's fruits and veggies, I guess cooked beans and grains and other such stuff just mush up to brown and don't hold their original shape the same. ;)

Yes consuming lettuce with fruit is totally fine for digestion and can help with blood sugars too.  

ok thx so much for the info!

my blood sugar is fine but i had heavy antibiotics last year and i think my fungal overgrowth has gotten out of hand that diet alone is not enough, i have been eating low fat for months now and one month raw. 

the turpentine is supposed to get rid of overgrowth but keep all necessary batceria to a normal level.

i'll see if it helps, cutting out dates is kinda hard here in europe cause the bananas give me stomach aches :/

i did manage to source persimmons but they made me feel really bad, i might wait to eat them again until my candida overgrowth is gone.

hmmm, maybe try pro-biotics.  Are your bananas truly ripe with brown/black spots?  And are the persimmons truly ripe meaning very very soft and squishy?

yep, taking probiotics as well, i guess it's food intolerance from the candida

can i also combine grapes with cucumber?

technically cucumber is a melon so should be eaten alone.

it all depends on how easy your digestion is as to whether you can handle it.

I was going to ask if you are adding fresh ground flax to your daily intake. The healing benefits of flax and/or Chia seeds are talked about by Dr. Brooke Goldner who is a vegan Doc who has worked with the more famous vegan Docs and has gotten many people well with her greens and flax/chia protocol.  Perhaps adding this to your diet will help.

this is the best explanation I have seen on flax and chia benefits.  if the link does not work you may need to sign up for her live talks to watch this one from yesterday.  about 20 minutes in she talks about them.




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