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Hello everyone!

I could not find anything about this topic. Hope you can help me.


I have been eating LFRV for a month now. I started it to get my healt back. I now finally got the Dr. Graham book and just started reading it. But I for the past few days I have had a terrible fear, that mayby it is not healty to do this kind of diet if you dont have all of there fruits local. Freelee posted a video yesterday and there she sayd that when she was on a trip, it was so hard to eat lot of fruits cause there was not much fruits in the shops and it was mostly imported...

It seems to me like all the people who are living this high carb low fat raw vegan lifestile live somewhere warm where all fruits grow. But i Live in Estonia. We have -20C in the winter! I only have local fruits and berries in the summer, but most of the fruits i would eat are still imported. In other seasons I should eat only imporded fruits. Is someone living in a similar climat? Is it possible to be succesful with 811 in this kind on  climat? Is is even healthy if i eat only imported fruit?


Thanks for your help in advance!



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I believe its fine to eat imported fruits! Not optimal for quality, efficiency and air pollution etc, but its still super healthy and nutritious for you. There are lots of 811ers eating mostly imported fruit on this site.

For me, I'm in the grey UK and eat almost all imported fruits. In the short 3 and a bit months I've been 811 I have completely eliminated my hayfever in the first week (I used to take pills every day, and eye droplets and squirty nasal medicine several times a day in spring and summer time), bear in mind I started in the middle of July! It used to be the worst curse as there's no escaping pollen lmao. My acne has cleared up, my energy levels sky-rocketed, also my eczema is all gone. All just following 811RV Sleep, water and imported fruits and veg.

My advice would be to get out in the sun as much as possible when it shows up, and take a vitamin D sup if necessary. Also exercise even when the weather's bleak, and try to keep your window open at night by putting on more layers and covers (except perhaps when its minus 20C haha). These are just my thoughts, have fun and fruit up!

Thank you so much for the advice! :) This is what is so great about 30bananasaday - you are never alone with your problems! Jeei! :)


Hi Liina,


I'm living in Bulgaria and winters here are the same as yours. Basically imported fruits tend to be not quite as good as local ones as they have to be picked unripe to survive shipping without going mouldy. The good news is that some fruits definitely travel better than others. Bananas will ripen just fine after purchase, and things like plums, apples, pears, dates etc seem to handle a little travel.

If I had to just eat locally during winter here in BG I'd literally be living (and I use the word in it's loosest form here) on goat cheese, cabbage and salami. No thanks!

I'm sure that moving to somewhere tropical is a long term goal for almost everyone on this forum, but for those of us living in colder climates, imported fruit is the best option and will not have any negative effects on your health (only positive effects!!!). The only problem it poses is that it can be harder to get hold of ripe fruit. The golden rule is that if it is very expensive it is probably imported and out of season, so save your money.

You can definitely do this and have excellent health as long as you eat enough calories and stick to fruits you know are ripe (or will ripen at home).



Thanks Richie! :) How long have you been eating like this?

I've been full on 80/10/10 for about 8 months now.

Before that I was high fruit and mostly raw on/off for a couple of years. I always felt that raw food made sense to me on an intellectual level but struggled because I wasn't getting the calories, would get hungry and end up bingeing on chocolate. That doesn't happen now though haha!

Good to hear! I'm still struggeling a bit, but it seems getting better and better. I't hard to get rid of some habits...

How is the fruit in Estonia? I visited Tallinn in the summer and found some amazing mangoes. It's very difficult to find good quality fruit here in Finland, it's like a treasure hunt. Mangoes don't ripen, they go from raw to brown. Luckily the persimmons are quite ok now and I did find some sweet oranges imported from South Africa but they're no longer available and sadly the Spanish ones aren't sweet.

Well. It really depends. In summer i got really good mangoes aswell, but now they are as hard as rocks. But still i bought 3 of them. They smelled soooo good. Now i'm just waiting to see what happens to them.
Persimmons are quite ok now. I found the best persimmons a few weeks ago! I'm not kidding . THE BEST! But then the store ran out of them...I still have few at home. But the rest.. they are ok.

I think its quite the same here. Lucky that bananas are available all the time :)
All the rest is a real treasure hunt. And every time i find something good, it really feels like finding treasure ;)

I would love if we could have these huge farmers markets like in USA. Organic, fresh, delisious fruits and vegies.

Do you if there are a lot of LFRv's in Finland?  

My consern is more like imported, non organic fruits. its really hard to find organic, and if you do, the price is just nuts! and also they look really old, like they have been in the store for soooooo long.

But i found a great page! http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/list/

they have analyzed 53 fruit and vegetables and written down which contain more and which less pesticides in them. So there is like some that you should absolutely try to eat organic and some that are ok to eat regular.


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