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Hi Everyone,

My name is Simone and I am really eager to get started on this lifestyle. I have been on a VERY high protein diet the past year. I eat ridiculous amounts of chicken and turkey, but an equal amount of raw salads and veggies. In fact I really can't stand the taste of cooked veggies. I do eat fruit, but monitor my carbs extremely carefully. I am underweight at 5'5" @ 104lbs, but I don't want to gain weight. However, my body is crying out to me in various ways, so I need to change.


I have no job, and just left CA to move back to MA to live with my parents. Basically everything in my life has crumbled, and I am trying to build myself back up again. My health is extremely important to me, but I have no money to purchase the book.  How do I know what fruits I can combine? Can I only eat bananas in the morning, or could I combine different berries together? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi Monkeyboy. My email is greeneyes00107@yahoo.com I would greatly appreciate it!!!

Simone, how did you hear about this lifestyle?  Do you understand that you're going to have to give up control over your weight and start basing your eating habits on carbs in order to thrive with this lifestyle?  Why do you want to do this?

You can start without the book...it is really not that complicated and there is a lot of room for flexibility...look around the site to see what people are doing and replicate the things that speak to you, continuously educate yourself more and more, participate in the community and you will figure it out.

Great, thank you Mera.

Hey Simone! i live in MA! whereabouts do u live?! i think its best to start out with high water content fruits (melons) in the morning, but i eat bananas.  bananas are my staple because they are cheapest.  i make smoothies with them, i posted a discussion here about banana smoothies combos and so many people replied with their fav combos, maybe this can help you out with banana smoothie combo/ideas.  as for the gaining weight issue, u said yourself you are underweight, and then u said but u dont want to gain any.  i can understand  the restriction/fear of weight gain mentality, its where i cam from before finding this lifestyle.  to be honest, i felt so amazing eating this way, and knew in the LONG RUN, i would get slim and fit, that a little weight gain shouldnt make me feel bad.  you are going to be able to heal your body with this lifestyle, and eat as much as you could possibly care for, and stay slim!!! plus with all the energy u have, exercising comes naturally!!  there are so many stories on here of people losing a lot of weight eating this way, but as freelee and others state, IF you come from a restrictive background (cal restricting) you possibly will have weight gain. this is because your body wants to hold onto everything because youve been starving it, your body has to learn to trust u again, and it will take some time.  once it starts trusting you again, if you do have an initial small weight gain, it would then level out.  however, if you are underweight, maybe some of the added weight on your body will be necessary for ur body to function properly.  like harley says tho, there are NO long term fat fruit eaters!!!! i hope ive helped and u can message me about where in MA ur from! thatd be awesome if we were close :D im from the northampton area  <3 

Thanks Jennelle! I am living in Longmeadow at the moment which is where I grew up. I am hoping I am only here for a anther week though, as coming back here after living in CA is extremely difficult! If I do end up staying longer I will certainly let you know though:).

Try you local library. My library asks for suggestions for the purchase of books from members which I have done on a number of occasions. On most occasions they purchase these books.

I would also encourage you to read books from McDougall, Esselstyn, Campbell, Furhman and Ornish.

They basically promote low fat vegan diets, although Furhman doesn't limit fat as much and Ornish does allow egg-whites.

Thank you Peter!

Thanks Lee!


Welcome to 30BaD and the 811 diet.

This is a free ebook that comes to the same low fat raw fruitarian conclusions that Dr. Graham did in the 811 book. 

Improving on Pritikin you can do better by Ross Horne


You can also read our Banana Welcome Wagon to get more information on how we do things here and what will work optimally.



Our diet is simple, eat low fat raw fruits and leafy greens like romaine lettuce.

If one is not eating high fat, then the carbs and weight gain scares that go with them are irrelevant.  It is ironic that both high protein low carb diets like Atkins and high carb low protein diets like ours both teach not to mix carbs and fats.  The reason is fat can sludge up the blood and lymphatic system preventing cells from absorbing nutrients.  Then blood sugars increase and can cause problems like candida, pre diabetes, and weight gain. 

Cut the fat, no problem.


Now you mentioned you eat animal products.  Here we are a vegan website for both health reasons and ethical reasons.  There is no reason to eat animal products and people in many cultures have survived lifetimes without them. 

For more ethical information on animal rights, this discussion might be of interest:



Reasons to avoid dairy products:



If you cannot afford to eat 100% fruit, then I recommend that you try to eat fruit in the day time, and then for dinner, start with a big green salad and then eat something like steamed rice (no oil and salt) or potatoes.  Some people do ok with beans too.

I recommend avoiding grains if possible because they come with their own health risks such as arthritis, kidney stones, and various digestive disorders. 

Good luck with your situation and peace, PK

Thanks PK. I really appreciate you taking the time to relay all of this info to me!


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