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Hi All,

I'm still new to 811. I'm 23 days in and going strong. I just got into dates the passed 2 weeks and I find myself reaching for them A LOT. How many is too many in one day?? I'm on 811 to heal from cancer so I need to know if I should be sticking with fruits that have more water in them?? Fruits with more of a cleansing value? Or should I just listen to my body?? I can go through about 3 lbs in 3/4 days...For some reason, I am feeling guilty when I eat them, like I'm cheating or something. Thoughts on this anyone??

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#Freelee eats more dates than any female on the planet. She was turning heads on 5th Ave whilst eating a lb packet of organic medjools yesterday. People couldnt work out what was going on. lol!


Dates do a body good. If you aint eating lots of dates/bananas then you will be eating 'other things' eventually. Things that make us fat, slow and or sick.


#Medicinal value? ALL fruits and veg have medicinal value but certain ones can be dried and sold at crazy high prices so MLM sales crew can cash in on peoples ignorance.


I would LOVE to see a pic of the big "pregnant" belly we are all supposed to have after eating.
I second that.
If you feel drawn away from juicy fruits and towards dates, it's likely because you aren't eating enough. If I enjoy a great 16-banana smoothie for breakfast, by lunch I don't have a preference between mangoes and dates. However, if I skip meals or undereat, then I want dates so I can catch up on calories. It takes a while for the stomach, mind, and everything else to adjust to swallowing BIG quantities on 811. How many calories are you eating a day?

Well, the first problem is how expensive they are. I'm paying $24 dollars for 3 lbs at a time. Also, I am trying my best to eat as much as possible but I am on a budget of $160 a week and find that's not enough! I just bought my first case of fruit (oranges) and I'm almost through it in 3 days. It was $38...


I did a google search on the dates and saw how much vitamins and fiber they have...I guess they are just so good, and gooey and stuff - it's hard to believe they are so good for you! They taste like candy!


But I agree, I probably could be eating more...I am on the hunt for some mangoes (I mean I live in FL) and I'm having trouble finding consistent local ones! I go to 3 different sources for fruit!  ARGH!

The other problem is I'm only buying organic ($$$) or LOCAL because of all the pesticides they spray on things...and I cannot have anymore toxic load on my body.


There is no way I could eat 16 bananas in a smoothie just yet...the most I can do is 4 or 5...so I am eating constantly because my belly can only hold so much. I am doing many, many "small" meals through out the day.

HI Mango Mama,


the thing to keep in mind is that Durianrider and Freelee are actively training.  You don't need to jump your fruit intake to 3000 calories in a day overnight.  You don't need to get 1600 calories in a meal (16 bananas).  I get a 40lbs. case of organic bananas for $25-$30 every week.  I go to local health food stores and order in bulk.  Some of these stores have bargain bins (as does Stop n Shop) where you can get ripened fruit that they are trying to unload fast.  


If you start with 5 bananas in a smoothie and have that 4 times a day, that's at least 2000 calories which is a great start.  You can add other fruits (including dates of course).  Gradually, you can increase the number of bananas (and other fruit) as your stomach expands to accommodate.  


This alone could save you a TON of money.  Just be sure you are conscious of your water intake. Dates and bananas alone without much water can be binding.  Try 5 bananas, 5 dates, and 2-3 cups of water.  I like adding the dates last so that there are still chunks for me to chew on.


Best of luck!



Dan is right, we move our bodies around 1hr a day and the rest of the time its on the couch on the laptops or outside on the lawn, on the laptops.


Here is our shopping for a few days. Bananas and dates. CHEAPEST most nutrient dense calorie on earth. 



OK, so I'm going in the right direction then...I just need to order a couple cases of bananas and stick with the dates. Sound delish!! Thanks DR

This is helpful Dan thanks! The only health food store near me is Whole Foods :[ so I go to farmer's markets. So that's what you get for a case of bananas? I'll have to see how much they will offer me. Seems like I am always waiting for these dang bananas to ripen!! LOL

I do need cals, I know b/c I am breast feeding and doing heavy cardio 4 times a week. I thought the oranges would be a good start in the mono eating department but they aren't very satisfying....I think I'll try bananas next ;)

ok, I stand corrected, with the amount of cardio you're doing (vs. the 1 hr per day that Harley does), you're right, you definitely need more calories.  Yeah, I generally stay away from Wholefood$ for the bulk of my produce. Hole in the wall health food stores and farmers markets are better for bulk orders.... even Costco or Sam's Club as a back up source.  

I know what you mean regarding ripeness.  That is the main problem I have found with these bulk orders... the ripeness is unpredictable.  Some weeks, I will just go to the bargain bins at Stop n Shop and buy enough individual ripe bananas (sometimes not organic) to last me until sun exposure ripens my bulk order.

I JUST figured out sun exposure helps the ripening process!! I have 5 mangoes on the window sill right now. LOL
nice!  :o)


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