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Can I eat the same foods every day? (my sample HCRV diet plan)

Ok, first of all I have not started this yet. But I want to have a plan set in place before I dive in, so I can start this HCRV diet 100% (actually 99%, you'll see why below) and not falter due to ill planning and preparation. I am an all-or-nothing personality, and I have no desire to transition gradually.

So anyways, for the first few weeks I would like to eat pretty much the same things over and over again each day. After I get comfortable with it, I will start to add in more variety. Here is what my current plan is:

- A total of 15 bananas and 15 oranges each day. This would be split between 2 or 3 mono meals throughout the day.

- 1 giant green smoothie. This would consist of ~3 cups of spinach, and assorted sweet fruits like bananas, oranges, mango, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, whatever I feel like. But probably only 1 or 2 types of sweet fruit per smoothie. I will also be adding dulse seaweed flakes and raw hemp seed powder for the iodine and protein.

- 1 large salad. This would be either 1 head of romaine lettuce or 4-5 heads of parsley. Add in tomatoes, scallions, finely chopped cauliflower, and lemon juice.

- Other foods: approximately a handful of almonds each day.

- The ONE food that is *not* HCRV: wild salmon. I have not found a 100% natural way to include vitamin B12 into my diet, and this is as close as I could come. Ethically and morally I feel it would be better to eat cooked salmon than to supplement with a manufactured product (i.e. tablets, caps, supplements, vitamin, etc.). Until I figure out a better solution that I can feel good about, I'll stick with this.

This totals up to just over 3,000 calories and according to fitday.com it fulfills every essential vitamin and mineral RDA as well. Is there anything I'm missing? Would it be "safe" to eat that every day?


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Brilliant conclusion, Windlord. :)

watch Harley's vids about b12, here is one.

I had not caught that before. Actually, after seeing that, I think I really will not take any more supplements unless a B12 deficiency is identified.

Lee, I suggest you input your foods into cronometer, which you can download for free.  You'll see that, especially eating a large varied salad every day, you'll have no need to worry about protein and fat, so you can get rid of the hemp seed powder right away.  Besides, eating a fish may be more "natural" than B12 shots, but where's the hemp seed powder plant you'd be harvesting :P

Especially in the winter I don't get a huge variety of fruits, so your plan in that regard seems okay.  I trust my salads to give me a lot of the minerals I need.  I eat at least a half kilo of greens a day.

Good luck!

PS: If you're going to eat salmon I suggest you keep quiet about it.

I think it is generally okay to skip salad for a day if you feel like it. Minerals more than vitamins tend to store up, so if you eat tonnes most of the time, one day without will be fine. e.g. I have been having about 800g to 1.5 kg of greens lately, big cravings, but today I do not feel like it and am eating bananas, mandarines, pears and plums. Maybe some tomatoes later.

Thanks, but I do not believe we need anyone to apologise on our behalf. If I wanted to apologise for anything I said, I would do it myself, thanks. As others have said, if you come on here and talk about salmon being ethical, people that have edited books for organisations campaigning against this industry (like myself), and anyone else intensely aware of the suffering of fish and the dangers of fish to the human diet, are likely to complain. I for one do not want anyone suffering under the illusion that fish is ethical, necessary or by any means healthy. It looks as though Lee is a misinformed newbie, though, and now has a wealth of information to help him in the future.

Lee, I apologise if *I personally* came across a little harsh, but I expect you can understand where I am coming from. Sometimes it is hard to recall how much propaganda about diet the average person receives, as I am a very long-term vegan. Many of us here are very active in animal rights and so very defensive of our animal friends. Read the book by Doug Graham though and everything in regard to what is a natural diet will make sense. Best of luck and I hope to see you here again. 

I will not apologise on behalf of others though, of course, since they are perfectly capable of writing for themselves.  


Im with Rose on this one, i have expressed my apolagie's in an another forum personaly ! i certainly dont feel its your place to do so on my half. This elitest attitude you speak off ??? seriuosly ?? Its a forum for our lifestyle, which i defend! People that hide in a corner too scared to stand up for what they believe does more to damage to the cause ! Sean
You would feel better ETHICALLY about eating SALMON than a B-12 spray with some harmless vegetable glycerin?? There is NO excuse for eating meat/fish. Screw "health"(eating fish is not healthy), that salmon is much more important than you getting your B-12 from a live source. No No No.

I would recommend not worrying about B12 unless you actually get a deficiency. You'll do yourself more harm eating heavy metals-contaminated fish than by forgetting about B12. 

Thank you all for the replies, both from the helpful posters and the not-so-helpful. I did not mean to offend anyone, or to promote any particular diet. Here is a quick explanation of my philosophical dilemma.

I'd like to achieve a full, complete, balanced diet that fulfills the following characteristics:

- Raw, unprocessed, uncooked

- Vegan (by this I mean no meat, no fish, no dairy, no animal products)

- Whole foods (real foods, not "supplements" or "extracts")

Unfortunately, it appears as if consuming vitamin B12 from *any* source will violate one of the above. Taking a B12 shot or taking a B12 pill violates the "whole food" principle. Eating cooked fish violates raw and vegan. Eating raw fish violates vegan.

Now, this is just my personal opinion and belief -- but I hold the "whole foods" principle highest on my list of priorities. Meaning that I'd rather eat an animal product (one that I consider a "whole food") than take an manufactured supplement. I would like to be a raw, whole-food vegan not because of animal treatment issues but because of the health benefits. At least that is where my head is right now.


Having said that, I would *LOVE* to figure out a solution to this dilemma of mine. I would *love* to be 100% raw vegan, eating *ONLY* whole foods and achieve a healthy, balanced diet. So a couple of things I am looking into (which some of you have mentioned):

- Maybe we don't really need to supplement B12 at all? I need to find research to support this and actually believe it before I will practice it.

- Maybe I need to re-evaluate my paradigm on eating and living naturally. Can I be comfortable with taking a B12 supplement? Or can I be comfortable with eating fish (in which case I will not be a 100% raw vegan)? This is something I have to work out on my own.

Many of you are standing up for what you believe -- so bravo to you! I am only doing the same, staying true to my own beliefs and values.

I could have posted this thread and left out the salmon bit altogether. I would not have felt comfortable with that, however -- since it would not have been the truth.

Thank you Alycia, I am watching that video now! This is especially great, because I am also a triathlete (although not a pro...yet :))



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