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Hi everybody,

I apologise if this seems silly that I write about something like this here. Even though I also have my friends outside of this forum who are there for me, I do find strength and comfort here as well.

Yesterday my boyfriend (now my ex boyfriend), whom I met here (but isn't here anymore due to an arguement that he had with DR on Youtube) broke up with me JUST BECAUSE I told him "later" (instead of right away when we met) about a diagnosis that I had. First of all is/was my diagnosis neither contagious nor deadly. Second of all, because I don't see it as a label or let it control my life in any way, shape, or form, I just don't think about it. Nevertheless, he said because I told him then and not right away, he felt "tricked, cheated on, and lied to" and doesn't want me anymore! >:(
 I cried, packed my things as fast as I could, and left. I even cried as I came to the train station to find my ride (carpooling) back home.

I thought I found the right one because everything was great between us until that moment

^^I am hurt, upset, disappointed, and angry that he could give up over such a little thing! That's not normal. We were only 3 WEEKS in the relationship and I find that tasteless and immature.

Nevertheless, because I live every day 100 % 80/10/10-LFRV, have friends as well as good friends and acquaintances here, and because I believe in myself, I'm still living my life and staying strong! :)

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Hope you feel better soon!
Such a lovely reply Lara, I could not have said it better. Exactly my sentiments.

I would add: he most likely used the diagnosis as an excuse to separate. The real reasons are hidden from you, and should not bother you. They are his problems.

Next time, perhaps, if it is not relevant in the relationship, do not even bring up that diagnosis. Would your partner need to help you in coping with it? If yes, then it is fair to start out with an open heart. If this diagnosis will not affect your behaviour, your treatment of him, then keep it to yourself, and wait for a girly friend to confess it, rather than a boy, who perhaps does not take it the same way.


Thank you everyone for your kind words.

I agree with you completely Lara F. Such wise words!:)

@Yogaranka, my diagnosis is not relevant at all. It doesn't affect anything I do. The only thing nowadays where I show any symptoms is when people I don't know say sarcastic things or jokes, which I don't understand (right away). I still occasionally am uncomfortable in big loud crowds. But other than that, I feel completely normal and strive to live the healthiest life possible. :)

You're very welcome. Thank YOU for your words and your offer. I will remember that. :)

We love you! [hugs]

Thanks Princessliz! :) [hugs right back at you]

You deserve somebody who loves you for who you are, and if he is going to dump you for something which you can't control then at least he showed his true side early. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to pack your things and leave somebody who you loved, and it's unfortunate how relationships do scar and break hearts, but you're strong and you can get through these tough times. It was very courageous of you to make a post of this and you have my blessings of love and health.

Thank you so much Kerrigan. :)

Actually I believe, when I understood how he said it correctly, he dumped me more because I told it to him then instead of right away (as I told him my life story). Regardless that's HIS mistake and HIS problem, not mine. Besides, because it's nothing severe, I don't/didn't even think about it.

Thanks again.

Well... you shared your life story with him and it takes time for two people to get so close and share so many things. It's impossible to learn everything about a person in three weeks when you've had years of life. He could have been a bit more sensitive about it and try to understand that it might have been hard for you to talk about it or he could have realized that maybe you had a reason to not talk about it at first. But yes, it was his mistake, not yours. You did nothing wrong, you were just sharing more about yourself and sharing in relationships is a good thing. It's impossible for a person to share everything right away.

Exactly! I couldn't have said it better myself! Yes, it is absolutely impossible to share everything in one go.

You've already been given great advice so I'll just send you good thoughts, love and hugs!



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