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Maybe Morse needs to go breatharian for a while to slim down?

Breatharian is possible. Its like flying by jumping off a tall building. Both lead to premature death.

I'm not aware of any living thing on this planet that can survive on sunlight alone. Plants need water and soil nutrients as well. Breatharians do not exist, no possible way. Eventually nutrient deficiencies will appear. A heightened mental status will not prevent anemia from iron deficiency, manufacture essential amino acids and fatty acids, prevent dehydration, maintain electrolyte balance, prevent muscle and organ breakdown, etc. If this was possible then we would see it in nature. We have a digestive tract for a reason.

Oh Yeah -- you may be right that it is impossible.  I am just saying that I am not ready to close the book on it just because I think it should not be possible.  There were many thing in this world that I thought were ironclad -- one of them being the USDA Food Pyramid, which eventually turn out to be not just false but a bad practical joke.  So I just adopt a wait and see approach now-a-days instead of backing myself into a corner with absolutes.  

Hey, guys!

Just wanted to add my scientifically proven opinion. 

We CANNOT survive with no food! We are animals and not spiritual livings! Our DNA and DNA of a Chimpanzee is 98% similar! Please don't mix the religion and other spiritual stuff that humans came up with in order to explain things that we have no idea about. 

Whoever follows 8/1/1 should understand that this diet is scientifically proven and scientifically based! It is not some spiritual yogi stuff.. it is the food for our animal kind. And, as Harley and Doug said many times, this diet is perfect for every human!! there are no other animals on earth that eat according to their blood type or decide to be breatherians because they are so F*... spiritual

811 isn't scientifically proven. You can persuade one to believe this or that diet is best, but you cannot prove it is best. And scientifically based is even on shaky ground, because much of it stems from the fallacy of appealing to nature. If you understand that 811 is scientifically proven then you must also misunderstand elementary logic.

I'm very much aware of what is scientifically proven means. 


And scientific community knows that vegan diet is the best diet for humans. The only problem with that is before scientific society in the US was sponsored by public (money from taxes), but now it is sponsored by corporations. And scientists that come up with something that contradicts with sponsors' interests are thrown out from the society if they won't change their subject of research and will keep trying to post and prove their findings. 

Demonstrating something is not the same as proving it. 

I'm not debating whether a vegan diet is healthy or not, because I believe it is. What I'm saying is that the health benefits of a vegan diet can be demonstrated but cannot be proven to be the one and only acceptable diet for humans. Imagine that a thousand years in the future, scientists discover the perfect formula to support human life and everybody just drinks this stuff. It could happen, so saying that it has been proven to be optimal is false. 

I have to agree with Eric here -- though I personally believe that this is the correct life-style for me -- because I agree with it on a philosophical level, I cannot say this is "it" and everyone should do it.  Even my concept and understanding is still evolving -- I am fairly new to this.  

But I know that there have been civilizations/tribes prior to us who thrived on being hunters and gatherers and lived long healthy lives.  There still are such pockets (though much fewer) where they have found their own "perfect" diet, which does include meat.  With anecdotal "evidence" (mainly their word) that their elders reach 120 years, some up to 140 and beyond ... and still thriving and leading active lives.  

The Weston A. Price Foundation has plenty of these examples.  I do not know that they were all true, but even if a fraction were true or the people exaggerated their age and only reached 100 years old -- that is still a powerful accomplishment in societies that lack the benefit of our medical establishment, running water, electricity and our far more superior "understanding" (being sarcastic here ... lol) of what is good for our bodies. 

The "truth" (according to me ... lol) is that the moment you start thinking that you are right and begin to act in a self-righteous and judgmental manner -- is the moment you lost that light and begin to alienate friends and family.  Nothing wrong with sharing with friends and family what works for you and leading by example, of course.  For the most part people just have to find their own path when their time is right.

World record is over 300 days. Was a morbid obese person in a hospital in Scotland. Water and vitamin solution. No calories. The less body fat you have, the quicker you reach organ failure. Just like a fat cow vs a skinny cow stuck in a shed with no food.

300 days -- holy cow... lol.

I know some folks here do not believe in God, but once I was reading Bible and this verse was just so perfect: Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.-Genesis 1:29  Thats lfrv-ism right there!  I believe that humans were designed for this kind of lifestyle and to claim otherwise is almost ludicrous.  I would not enjoy living off of air or sunlight, I've tried that way to many times in the past (starving to lose weight). I would hate my life again!  But this,-low fat raw vegan, fresh ripe fruit, veggies and greens, it's perfection, doesn't get any better.  No matter what kind of program any human being will try to come up with, it will come nowhere near this natural life style.  Lol I love food (the real food aka fruits etc) waaaay too much to even consider the validity of breathairianism.  I know some would beg to differ, but this is just my take on it :) 

+1, except for the fact that I don't believe in God. It's still a great quote though.


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