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I was always skeptic of that dietary form. I personally would never fast, let alone follow a breatharian diet. :-/

Although I do believe breatharianism is possible, I think it's very sad people think they can just stop eating and drinking and live off sunlight or whatever. Probably the fault of many of the breatharian "gurus" out there who are frauds but make people think they can stop eating in a matter of weeks. I'll keep eating my calories thank you.

Very sad story.

Living off the sun and the air, without any food at all to distract from the true meaning of one's life... is for the last few days or weeks of a great life. Not during.

Accurate point!

I am curious however how many months she lived without any food. 

Apparently, not long. She did not drink either.

It really does not help the situation, when on the Vegetarian channel (I forgot the name of this interesting channel) showcases an obese lady in Moldova, who has not eaten or drank ANYTHING! since she was a teenager, and she was in her 50's in the video clip. With a straight face she said she does not need food, only sunshine.

I'm having a hard time accepting it. I heard of some yogis not eating, but they usually look like a skeleton.

I know someone personally who has achieved this. I was also skeptical, but a very good friend of mine has spent quite some time with her, and confirmed it was true. And she is very fit and alive. However, this lady is VERY VERY advanced on the spiritual path. DO NOT try this at home is my advice

Is she the one in Moldova?

No, she is austrian.

And you're are gullibe Dutchie. ;)

No I am not really that gullible. I am basically quite skeptic. But I also know that there is more between heaven and earth than munching on bananas and dates. Out of my own experience.We are spirits in a physical body. I know you r not into the chakra stuff etc but believe me, chakra's do exist. 
Developing your consciousness and chakra energy system can lead to things like energy healing and living on prana and more. I am convinced of that. It will only take someone very advanced to realize these things.
Anyway, i have not experienced living on prana myself. I probably average 4000 calories a day. And i stay with my advice: dont try it at home


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