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Bread has more calories per pound than icecream, no wonder, we're addicted.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCOZngOT34Q chocolate 2500 calories/pound, potatoes 500c/p potato chips 2500c/p. Oil 4k c/p.

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breads problem is there really no descent nutrient and carries a huge debit damage to your gut to process it.

the body says in order for you to get enough "nutrient" out of bread you have to eat huge amounts of it whereas if you were to eat natural food like fruit or veggies you only have to eat a small amount before you feel satisfied as its they are nutrient rich.

you body requires NUTRIENT first - it is the currency of your immune system and mitochondria.

when you put something in your mouth, you are then trading on the gut stock exchange - the food goes down your gut, depending on your food investment you choose to eat depends is on your return - a good return for your food investment is bascially considered a good immune activity (white blood cell birth and activity) and energy (ATP) which is the bio electricity you use to animate (such as lifting your arm, rolling your eyeballs etc) and run your organs (heart, kidneys etc).

nutrient = NATURAL NUTRIENT FOUND IN ORGANIC NON-GMO NATURES FOODS such as fresh fruits & veggies.

start being a foodie trader on your gut stock exchange - put in something that will give you a good solid return

trade in nutrient and forget calories - trading in calories are for losers 

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