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Hello HCRV friends!!!


if someone could help me with a question: Is good to drink boiled water??


I drink boiled tap water daily, any comment???


Thanks for replies...  


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well boiling is not going to get rid of fluoride and many other industrial pollutants. boiling can cause chlorine to evaporate but that would take a while. might be better to let the water sit at room temperature for a couple days to get rid of the chlorine. run it through a charcoal filter or reverse osmosis. fluoride can be hard to get rid of but most of the other stuff can be removed.


Thanks guys for your replies :)


Isaac I apreciate to much your recomendation. Thanks man. Good information.


Stephanie, the video answered my worrying, Durian is clear and direct as always, jeje... I no longer care for the kind of water, the important is how much i have to drink for not to be dehydrated. Thank you so much. 


Have a Great weekend. 

no problem :) the video helped me too. 

ahh thats so funny lol,


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