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this is an friendly offer for richard blackman, aka jericho sunfire aka fruitarian one for an all expenses paid trip to come and hang with myself, darrick, freelea, rich, nick and the rest of the gang and get put thru some fun exercises whilst under 24/7 supervision.

the notion that people can live longterm without food and water is bulls***e and dangerous. ( i aint talking supervised fasting for health reasons.)

jashmusheen was here recently, sharing her ideas on living on light whilst eating some cheesecake at lunch break at the local cafe.... lol!

so we are offering richard an all expenses paid trip for 10 days min to koh phangan island in thailand. we are beachside in an amazing house and its wicked trails for running and training. all the air you can breathe and mega hot sun for nourishment for those that think humans dont need to eat or drink..

so richard, if you up for some fun and real training..get in contact with us.. :)

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what about grey aliens? They eat light

The black of their eyes, that is a lens covering.
I've been breatharian for some time, but always ended up over-breathing... I was literally bingeing on air!!! I could not control myself until I realized that I was still adding salt to my air and that was maybe the cause.

; )
Its good to protect naive people from killing themselves.

It is good to test people in a lab who claim to be breatharian.

HRM was tested in a lab for a year if I remember correctly. He went back to food cos he was bored.

Prahlad Jani is a breatharian who apparently was tested for 10 days no food no water.

The buddha boy Ram Bahadur Bomjon from nepal has apparently being mediatating while not eating and drinking for 4 years.

Jasmuheen is a business lady and that makes me suscpicious...however she can do the fasting and the dark retreat of Mantak Chia in Thailand....to be able to do that puts her into a minority group...it may be good to keep an open mind on her even though she is not perfect.

I have met a friend who has done the 21 day process of Jasmuheen and he said it worked for him. He went back to eating cos he got bored.

I have met a yogi in india who did not eat for 6 months (but he drank water) - but as someone else mentioned the record for water fast is over a year.

Wiley Brookes should be ashamed of himself - I don't know how people like him can sleep at night?

Check out this article

Breatharianism, 'The Process' which I used. An interview with Robin Adams. By Steven Guth


Things may not be what they seem!?

Jericho Sunfire in my opinion is genuine but hey I would like to see him prove it under lab conditions

Personal insults don't help?

I would be interested in hearing more about DR's friend who died trying to become breatharian?

Was he already a successful fruitarian? Was he spiritually minded? Did he have alot of experience in meditation?
What actually happened? Did he die after 4 days of no food or water? Sorry if these are too personal!

There are other breatharians out there... the russian lady who Jasmuheen interviews I believe has gone under lab conditions and she seems pretty genuine.

Elitom Ben Yisrael

Michael Werner
Life from Light: Is It Possible to Live Without Food? a Scientist Reports on His Experiences (Paperback)
~ Michael Werner (Author)

Mony Vital
A Breatharian Speaks Out

Keep the mind Open - but question everything ...that's my last 2 cents worth.

Peace my brothers and sisters
HRM told me face to face he had a cup of tea and a ham sandwich that morning. I spoke with him around noon. Raw spirit festival, Arizona, October 2006.

There aint no breatharians. There is long fasts for sure. But saying someone is a breath eater cos they have fasted for x amount of time is like saying Im a tour de france rider cos I train with tour de france riders..BIG difference.

But thats how breatharians sell their products, talks, books or get fame etc. Fair enough but for the people that die or commit suicide trying to be a breathairian..that aint fun.

My housemate always said that the human body needs very little food. They would try and get calories from greens and a bit of animal product and a bit of fruit and then go and binge and fast/dry fast it off or juice fast it and in the mean time just be a bit of a handful to be around. They had been into raw eating for over 30 years. Since their death, Ive had my eyes opened a lot of what is healthy and what isnt. I wont let my friend die in vain, rather, I will help other people avoid the same mistakes.

A well known raw lady in Australia committed suicide last year. She was into the natural hygiene and hilton hotema light energy gig. She developed paranoia and extreme depression (lack of carbs will do that) and checked her self off the planet as a result.

If someone offered me an all expenses paid trip to a tropical paradise to prove I can ride my bike 320miles in one day on just fruit and water, Id jump at the chance. Why? Cos I aint got nothing to hide. If there is smoke, we have a fire, if their is doubt, we have a liar..:)

India like the rest of the world is full of bubba's, snake charma's, black moon tantrics and other circus acts that undercarbed tourists find entertaining and actually believe em. 'Hey sri, try my magic hashish from ganish. Todays special just for you cos I can see your spiritual soul needing some ganish hashish...Im doing you a favour, trust me, Im a guru afterall and I have existed on 1 lotus leaf since the last green moon back in 1654 AD.'
Someone told me once that boredom is simply another word for fear. This was a profound insight for me. Think about it: how is it possible to become 'bored' while alive and dealing with a continuously expanding consciousness? You don't just "become enlightened" and then - that's it - it's all downhill from there, lol! Life only ever gets MORE and more interesting and I think what people call boredom is actually being overwhelmed by the subtle POWER or the absolute freedom to BE that begins to present itself the clearer you get. That much autonomy and personal power can be scary and overwhelming - hence - "boredom".
Great insights.
Fear has the power to imprison and block people. Love releases. A bit of boredom is essential, and it's a part of it. Like if you play an instrument, boredom is often there, because in order to keep playing your chops you gotta work hard every day and every night. That's what makes it beautiful, though :)
Thanks Robert. I found Richard inspirational too but he just pushed his diet too far and now has gone awol. There are some 1 year vids of him up but nothing recent.

There is a fine line between being 'too skinny' and being healthy. If one has a lot of energy and extremely fit and they are sane and easy to be around then they are not 'too skinny' but if one is freak'n out, eats alone, doesnt like talking about food, is depressed and fatigued, then yeah, they are 'too skinny'.

Richard has a lot of discipline from his athletic days and he has carried that over into raw and disciplined himself all the way to extremism and fell off the deep end unfortunately. I hope he uses his discipline to look after himself and get back on track and join us.
Richard Blackmans vids are gone but I watched them alot too.

He has a youtube channel with loads of new videos.

These are old pictures with 'radio' interviews.

Richard has lost a lot of muscle and fitness in his undereating adventures. He will get it back once he sorts himself out though, so he can eat eat enough to lift enough to be buff.
Has he? How do you know?

This one is fairly recent and he looks healthy here, and he says he has been doing it for sometime in these videos

Anandamayi ma said one did not need to eat food to maintain the physical body.  her followers say she rarely ate...



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