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So I just got my results back and I have a few questions:

1. Why do I test negative for Soybean, Gluten, and Dairy allergy even though I have symptoms for all three? The only antibody present was Gliadin IgG which has something to do with my body's reactivity to gluten, but an allergy was not found - um?

2. Low Hemoglobin, Low Hematocrit, Low MCH, High RDW all indicating that I am iron deficient and/or anemic. For a 20 year old female, how much iron should I be aiming for each day? I'm finding it difficult to get 18 mg a day and usually fall around 15-17. 

3. Low level of Alanine Aminotrans (ALT) falling at 7 and the normal range is 10-50 - help, no idea what this means. 

Everything else though, spot on. Thanks for you time :D

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If there was a like button in this forum i would have pressed it.

Did you actually get your iron/ferritin levels tested? If you do have low iron it can take months to correct, infamous for being slow to change. I think blackstrap molasses might be one way to boost your iron levels, never tried it myself but a couple of friends add it to their green tea. Otherwise maybe just try to eat more lettuce, I found I quickly got used to having 2 heads daily in my salad, takes me about 20mins to prepare and 40mins to eat now. 

Low haemoglobin and high RDW could be either B12- or iron-deficiency anaemia. What was your MCV?

The low ALT is almost certainly not an issue. As a women and a non-drinker with a healthy diet you would expect to be at the lower end of the reference range. When I had that test done my reference range was <45 (ie. no lower limit). I think most people on this forum would test v. low for ALT. Quick google says a result of <5 might be a cause for concern.

Kale and beets have lots of iron!


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