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Hi Everyone, 

I bought a blendtec about a week ago and everything I make is foamy :( I don't care for foamy. I made OJ the other day and after it sat a bit it turned firm. Hubby said it was good pudding...LOL Not after pudding. I have read to add ice but I really don't care for cold drinks. Has anyone else experienced this? It does not matter if I add water or not add water either or what setting I have it on. Please, anyone have advice on this? 


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For oranges, I blend for only about 10 seconds on low speed with a vitamix.  Just long enough to break up the chunks.  I can't see how this would make foam on a blendtec.

I blended oranges under whole foods juice as I wanted juice. 

I will give that a try and see how it works. Thanks!

I actually have a vita mix that I had when in the US but can't use it here in Europe. It would make the best cream pea soup. So smooth. With this blendtec it tastes furry :( 


All I did was put organic peas in the Vitamix and blended till it was warm. I didn't add anything. It was the best and I miss it!!! Came out so creamy. Other stuff can be added though but I was very happy with the taste and texture.

Try pulse blending rather than continuous blending. I don't have a vitamix but I find that this makes for a better texture with any blender. 

Thanks Peter. I have been trying that. Still some foam but not as much. I sure do miss the creamy soup texture that the Vitamix gives.

When I add more water and a little ice (don't worry, it doesn't make a slushy, it still comes out like juice), I don't get as much foam. I had the same problem at first, too. 

Thank you so much Sorcha. I will try that in the morning and see how it works for me.

i wouldn't recommend using a blender for OJ. unless you are combining oranges with other things in a smoothie. a citrus press or hand juicer is best.

Thanks Joe. I agree :)

If you don't like foamy, then don't blend high-water content fruits and veggies. I find that melon and celery makes the most foam. Also, pulsing helps a lot- or just try a lower speed setting.


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