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Being realistic, idealism, what is all of this worth, etc....

Do you ever get tired of having the same discussion over and over and over again?  I've been vegan for a year now, and i've had probably hundreds of discussions about veganism for ethics and health... it's generally the same arguments from different people.  Yesterday the conversation came up twice with two different people... i was accused of being "idealistic" both times.  One person said it's too extreme and i have to meet people half way if i want to be effective.  The other person said that i'm never going to make any difference in the world any way.   He also said the world has so many problems and is so f*** up and so out of balance that no matter how much we "fix" it's never going to be a good world (very pessimistic, i know). 


I'm realistic. (Therefore) I'm cynical.  But I enjoy living my life optimistically.  So even though it's more realistic to think that what I'm doing won't make any significant change in the world, I like to hold on to that hope that I am doing something good, because I'm happier that way.  I feel good about myself living that way.  So call me selfish, but at least I'm trying, no? 

He goes on to point out that everything I'm wearing, the shampoo i use, the books I read, caused someone somewhere to suffer.  This may be true.  By living in society I will always indirectly be causing some sort of pain.  So my options are: 1. die.  2. accept the fact that the world generally sucks, and be a part of that suckiness by doing nothing about it.  3.  accept the fact that the world generally sucks, but also recognize that there is beauty in it to fight for, and fight for it...

option 3 may be futile, it may be unrealistic, it may be naiive, it may sound like some fairytale book you read.  But I guess for me in the end it all boils down to what kind of person I want to be.  I don't want to be like most other people, because what most other people are doing obviously isn't working (hence the "suckiness" of the world).  Honestly how many people can say they have made a significant difference in someone's life for the better?    See, even if all i do is help one person, or prevent one animal from being tortured, at least i helped one person, at least i saved one animal!  even if all other problems still exist, a positive change is a positive change, no matter how small.  i mean if you want to go THAT far, in the spectrum of the universe we mean virtually nothing, and we know virtually nothing.  All we really know is what we have, what we see, what we do, how we live our lives... why wouldn't you want to make the best of that? 

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I totally agree with your thoughts and opinions. I have to do my best, or I won't be able to live with myself. I don't know from where all the negativity and ignorance in people is coming... But I think if so much is screwed in the world, isn't it even more important that every individual actually do what he/she can to make it better?

And even if it doesn't make it much better for anyone else, you're creating a more beautiful world for yourself and will sooner or later inspire people to do the same. <3

And even if it doesn't make it much better for anyone else, you're creating a more beautiful world for yourself and will sooner or later inspire people to do the same. <3


:)  exactly ... if NOTHING else, let's make ourselves happy.  and what better way to do that than to be our best self? 

the world would be great if everyone worked on themselves. 

people made all the problems, so if people are fixed, problems should go away. 


yes, exactly! It would be one great party! and since people made all the problems, people can fix them too!
oh yeah. a party seems like a great way to look at it! and the best part is i think, is that the fixing would be a one time thing, a long one time thing, but still a one time thing. and then the maintaining
glad you like ! :) yes, a one time thing with some work involved of course ( though nothing we can't do and it is hugely rewarding anyway... ) and then not just maintaining but building on it and making it better and better even! ( or should I say learning more and more to let beauty shine through? ... ) xx

but (generally) people keep blaming others instead of examining themselves for what needs fixin. always pointing the finger "you did this" and "he does that". throwing stones. it distracts us from dealing with our own sh&t.

I cant wait for the big party after all is forgiven!

ha!! party animals all of you!


in fiendship,


but (generally) people keep blaming others instead of examining themselves for what needs fixin. always pointing the finger "you did this" and "he does that". throwing stones. it distracts us from dealing with our own sh&t.


Yes, but that is not "fixing" anything is it ( as you point out ) and so this is part of the problem we would have to get over ... ( perhaps we will be waiting a while lol...  so that is why i do feel it is best to start each on their own rather than wait for everyone else! :) )

Yes, can you imagine, the big party is going to be HUGE! xx


lol pradtf, you party animal yourself, did you mean to write "fiendship" or did that freudian slip just slip you by? :)


1. Satan; the devil. ( well, it does seem to match your avatar... )
2. any evil spirit; demon. ( ditto ... )
3. a diabolically cruel or wicked person. ( well, i don't know about that, i don't think so... )
4. a person or thing that causes mischief or annoyance: Those children are little fiends. ( yes indeed! especially to all meat eaters and animal abusers! )
5. Informal . a person who is extremely addicted to some pernicious habit: an opium fiend. ( hmm.. perhaps fruit? lfrv forums? animal rights? )
6. Informal . a person who is excessively interested in some game, sport, etc.; fan; buff: a bridge fiend. ( ditto from above... )
7. a person who is highly skilled or gifted in something: a fiend at languages. ( ditto from above! )
( dictionary definition taken from http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/fiend )
and just by the way, synomyms are :
Main Entry: fiend
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: dastardly person
Synonyms: Mephistopheles, Satan, barbarian, beast, brute, degenerate, demon, devil, diablo, evil spirit, hellion, imp, little devil, monster, ogre, savage, serpent, troll
Antonyms: angel, friend
Main Entry: fiend
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: person overenthusiastic about interest
Synonyms: addict, aficionado, bigot, devotee, enthusiast, fan, fanatic, freak, maniac, monomaniac, nut*, votarist, votary, zealot
* = informal/non-formal usage
lol! :)
( sorry, can't figure out how to get rid of the links to the dictionary site! )

lol pradtf, you party animal yourself, did you mean to write "fiendship" or did that freudian slip just slip you by? :)


take a look here and see the gradual and sordid transformation:

30 bahahas a day


i like those definitions you found!!!!

and appreciate your generous commentary too!


recluse that i am, to party i refuse!

so no slip i'm afreud.


in fiendship,



Hey Pradtf, glad you liked the definitions! :) thought you would... My pleasure... I myself visited and liked very much the 30 bahahas a day thread...


Well, no problem, we don't all have to be party animals after all, some of us can just sit at home and do funny things with words :)... elevating fruity words for example into their rightful place within the English language... No problem, no need to feud, let's orange to disagree and let's agree ( why not? ) that parties can take many shapes and forms! xx

cynical DOES NOT = realistic... Cynical just = cynical and I am not sure how helpful it really ever is to be cynical... Cynical = realistic is just a story which is going around and that many have bought into, that doesn't make it so though... Reality is actually what you make it. Reality can be and IS amazing...


There is indeed an option 4: Don't accept that the world generally sucks ( because it doesn't ) and yes, recognise that there is beauty in it and go for it!!!


( not discrediting anything you say, just adding to it... )


xxx Keep on being unique, keep on being you, keep on creating your own positive, peaceful, beautiful reality... Cause it just grows and grows and grows and expands... like ripples in water...




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