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I wanted to share with everyone what I have found to be the best diet for me after almost 4 years of being almost completely raw.

I have found the best diet for me is more about eating non mucus forming foods, vs. eating fully raw. Let me explain. Raw and organic are very important, BUT it's more about the mucus forming activty of the food than whether it is "raw" or not. Eg. Tahini, nuts, sprouted peas, lentils, buckwheat etc. can all be eaten raw, but are mucus forming. I therefore choose to eat them rarely. 100% is the goal, but make it 100% with NON mucus forming foods, not just raw for the sake of raw. Eg. I STRONGLY believe, based on my body, it is MUCH better to eat steamed veggies vs. eating nuts.

In the winter over here, I have survived two winters on just unripe apples, gas ripened bananas and acidic oranges (mostly what is available). I then learned to have a strong gag response to apples, hate the half unripe, half spoiling bananas we get here fully, and basically really struggle in the upcoming winters. So after being fully raw for a while, I made a choice, gag at my food, reduce exercise to reduce calorie needs...or eat cooked foods that don't form much mucus as well? So now, I eat sweet potatos and quinoa as part of my diet, a small part. I am working on moving elsewhere so I can be fully 811 raw, but I find that this allows me to exercise more and longer, and I am no longer gagging at my food, and have enough calories to sustain me. I tried brown rice and potatos too, but find them to be too mucus forming. Soooo...here's an interesting article about mucus forming foods.


So next time, don't just ask, "is it raw?", ALSO ask, "is it mucus forming?". A telltale sign that something formed mucus in me is a foul smell in my mouth and blocked breathing.

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Of course I support you in this, Bliss... I just want to say too that as far as bananas, I find that blending and refrigerating them, in quantity, creates a very sweet and delicious drink that really is quite different than just "bananas." It literally becomes a little sweeter "with age," I have found. It keeps for about two weeks. For the first two years that was truly my "staple" of 811. I sometimes have made 8-10 gallons at a time (have not done so in 4-6 months lately however). It might be a good way for you to at least keep more good sweet calories around. It is delicious stuff. It is an art to get it right. "Banana Juice!" Good stuff. I personally prefer it 2 or 3 days in the fridge over freshly blended. The bananas have to be ripe, of course. I know the purists will say that it is "compromised" and the nutrients are diminished. All I know is it is very good and hits the spot!... Oh yeah, and you should get with Keenan and get some of the Khawdary Dates. Cheap by the calorie. I never knew how valuable fresh dates could be... I am also squeezing a lot of orange juice. I love orange juice and Tangerine juice... I find brown rice a tad sticky too. You should try the chick peas.
Interesting about the quinoa. Do you eat it plain or season it in any way? I also have trouble getting enough calories and may consider trying it.

I didn't think that sweet potatoes had many calories. Interesting. Do you eat them plain?

Have you experimented with any other low mucus cooked foods?


Hi Audrey,
I eat quinoa and sweet potato plain, no additions, except for herbs like chives, parsley or cilantro. I rarely eat quinoa, I don't like it in my body, although it's the best "grain" I've found (it's technically a seed). Quinoa has been for dire situations when I didn't have enough fresh fruit or sweet potato at home, and there's been a snowstorm or something, and I didnt have the luxury of fasting

Dunno, but with sweet potato I finally seem to be able to get enough calories to cover my hard HIIT workouts. I eat them plain with greens generally. It is a relief to be able to workout

I have experimented with brown rice and potatoes, but find them both to be very mucus forming. Don't know what else to try.
I read that millet (also a seed) is also non mucus forming and easy to digest.
Yeah, but eating a thousand calories worth of millet or sweet potatoes for that matter, can it be done? Plus, it's just so bland without salt, idk.

Hi Audrey Walker! I also heard that millet (seed, not grain) is non mucus forming. Also, I heard that in one part of China millet is the staple instead of traditional rice and that there was a study comparing people that eat primarly millet and that eat primarly rice and the results showed health benefits for millet eating people.

Bliss thanks for sharing. Where I live it is also a bit challanging during the winter.

We miss you Hannan. Where have you been. I adore your honesty.
I agree that our commercial bananas are hard to swallow. And I do have the gauge reflux sometimes lol, But, I learned to mix them in smoothies. Adding one mango to 6 bananas in a smoothie makes all the difference for me. Banana smoothie with celery or spinach is also another alternative. Without mango, celery, and spinach I can't keep swallowing bananas. And without the cheap banana I can't afford being raw.
Mucus forming foods for me are wheat and dairy. Even the best of cooked food like sweet potato and quinoa are addictive, and they upset my digestion. Evaluating the good and the bad makes me choose the raw option.
HI Hani! Good to know I am missed, I miss you guys too! :)

I completely agree raw is the way to go! I wonder where you get mangos these days? We definitely have a smaller variety of fruit here than I have seen in Vancouver or Victoria for instance. I completely agree that 100% raw is the way to go...I actually find these weird winter bananas seem harder on my digestion and more mucus formign than sweet potatoes, and it was interesteing when I read that gas ripened bananas are very mucus forming. Weird.

I rarely eat quinoa, mostly raw and then when I don't have enough ripe fruit, I eat 1 sweet potato, which gives me tonnes of energy for my exercise the next day. It feels good to get enough calories, as I do very strenuous exercise.
I can't wait till mangoes come back!!! :-) I'm dreaming of them and melons. Ah, summertime, how I long for thee!!!
spinach/celery + dates or frozen blueberry banana smoothies works for me, even with fairly grody bananas (like now lol).. sigh can't wait till the other cases ripen.
Bliss - are you an Ehret fan ?? Very good post - this is likely why many raw foodies fail.

The relative alkalinity of our foods should be considered as well. ALL NUTS and SEEDs are acid/mucus forming with the exception of almonds... (they are close to alkalizing)..

Chances are .. most of us will do best (especially if exercising a lot) on the most alkaline diet we can consume .. IMO.


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