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I've been on and off RT4 for around 2 years. I tried the Potato diet (lasted not even a day), the Starch Solution (I gained so much weight on this, but I was also still "smashing in the carbs"), and I've tried raw vegan (2 days, guys...2 days...).
I decided to go back to RT4 in the fall of 2016, but instead of eating "unlimited calories", I ate until I was satisfied, I focused more Vegetables, and since March 2017 I've given up on white potatoes, rice, soy products, pasta, and bread. And I don't eat any salt, sugar, or oil.
I lost 30 pounds and hit a plateau. I started to see a nutritionist at the request of my parents and friends due to my weight loss being a bit too rapid for them. I came face to face with my problems: (1) I feared fat, (2) I was not eating balanced, (3) I was a horrible ambassador for veganism.
I upped my fat intake to 15% a day by incorporating 2-3 tbsp cashew butter and/or tahini a day. Then, my nutritionist got me to eat a cup of oatmeal for breakfast every morning instead of four large apples. Then, she got me to eat a mixed salad (greens, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber) with a dressing (1 tbsp out of my daily 2-3 tbsp mixed with water or fig balsamic vinegar) instead of 6 large carrots for lunch. Then, she got me to buy an avocado. It took me a week until I finally got the courage to eat 1/2 of it with my dinner salad. I was hyperventilating and about to cry before I realized that I wouldn't blow up to 200 lbs. Finally, she confronted me about my pureness.
"How much protein do you eat?"
Me: (stammering for 2 minutes) "..."
"Do you eat beans?"
Me: "Like, once or twice a week..."
"So where does your protein come from?"
Me: plants. (What a stupid answer. What plants was I eating that had protein? I never ate beans, I hardly ate enough greens to get me enough...)
"You need to start using protein powder to supplement yourself." (Then she scolded me for a good 5 minutes, which I really needed)
Me: "I just want to get it from whole food sources..."
"But you're not. So, please go try it for a month and come back and tell me how you feel."

To sum this up...
I am now a semi-normal vegan. No label. No RT4, HCLF, 80/10/10, 9/5/5.
I eat oatmeal for breakfast. I eat nuts/seeds and their butters. I use protein powder. And I feel so much better. I went from 150 lbs in the fall of 2016 to a 115 lbs as of now (June 2017). The thing is, This community of low-fat, smash in the carbs, unlimited calories advocates has glorified a part of veganism that shouldn't be glorified, which is the health part. You cannot avoid fat and be healthy. You cannot just eat and eat and eat because "fruit won't make you fat". Well, you can keep drinking smoothies with 7 bananas and 10 dates. Keep eating mono-meals, plates of oranges, bowls of white rice, whatever. But do tell, where is the protein? How many hours until your hungry again? Do you feel good sitting there with a food baby every night? When was the last time you had your period?
Maybe it works for you. Good for you then. I don't mean to bash...I was gullible, too. I thought I was healthy. Thin hair, dry skin, no period...
I couldn't even see it. Now I'm a "normal" vegan, I guess. I just eat what my body wants me to eat. I no longer eat a pound of dried figs every Sunday. I am balanced and happy and healthy:)
Good luck in your journey <3 Remember the animals in your search for good health. They don't care about the number on your scale or the purity of your food.

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Thank you for posting this.

Yeah it sounds like you really had an ED there.  Some people take theories or experiences of others way too seriously.  I always felt fine eating RT4 and I still do it for the most part, but adding more variety, beans, and not being afraid of fat has helped me more than it's hurt me.  I think eating whole food vegan is more important than eating loads of refined carbohydrates.  Refined foods are only beneficial for strenuous exercise.  On a regular day you're better off eating a variety of whole foods.  I've found that I do better when I don't force myself to eat loads early in the day, have beans daily, stop when I'm full, and don't stress about what exactly I'm eating.  That means eating out occasionally or having one or more avocados in one sitting or hummus is not a big deal.  It's more about what you a majority of the time and getting proper overall nutrition from a variety of foods.  As long as it's vegan it's fine.


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