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i gained lots of weight (muscle and fat) by choice for sport.(powerlifting) as you can see from some photo's below. After next weekend this journey will come to a end, with one last comp.

! This was a bit of test of sorts could i compete and could gain the weight raw. it was sooo hard to gain at first but with the high cal and lifting protocol it came on fast...

i should have documented my transformation with more than a few photos.

should i document my weight loss?? im a trainer and a long time vegan with a few years of raw so losing it will be simple for me and fast

  i will looking forward to get back to my runners body!!

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Yes document would be a good idea and a journal of your daily routines.

Keep up the great work.

Take Care,

looks like the phallic banana profile pic needs to be shown the door!

Seriuosly?? I think your profile pic looks great ! Mabye just change the pose to another muscle shot.
I dont find it looks phallic. However if you had sent me a private mssg i would have gladly taken it down bro! the topic was NOT MY PROFILE PIC!

lol i don't find it offensive, just throwin it out that you are another example of someone who can get ripped on raw. kinda hard to notice that with ur profile pic now. you're right haha, that has nothing to do with the post. i say absolutely document the weight loss. maybe like a picture every week or two.

sorry bro i had 2 hours sleep last night . little cranky this morning 

totally awesome & fully equiped 

6 months down and loss of close to 70 lbs!!!!!!!!! mmmmm love me some fresh fruit



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