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Hi everyone,

I am a foster parent and we go a 2 month old baby on Friday evening. She was born 4.5 weeks premature, so she is small like a newborn and she acts like a newborn, too. She was pretty weak when we got her but she is starting to improve some.

I am pretty new to the 80/10/10 and eating raw in general. What is the best option for formula? I'd ask the mom about giving me breastmilk, but to be honest, considering the circumstances, I'm not sure how safe it would be and I'm not allowed to provide my own breastmilk, which would've been my first option.

According to my info, the mother breast fed (sometimes) on demand, but the baby is very small and weak and I have to wake her to feed her. I'm getting her on a schedule of eating every 3 hours and she is adapting well. I'm currently feeding her Similac Neosure (which is what the mother supplemented with).

So, my question is what is the best recommendation for formula?

Thanks so much for your help!

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Poor baby :(!! I saw in one of Dr DG's video that theres 80/10/10 mothers out there who I think sell their frozen breast milk for mothers in need. I think you should ask Dr D about that.

There is a huge craziness in the US about donated breastmilk not being "safe" because of the chance of spreading HIV.  The World Health Organization does not share this fear, and recognizes that the benefits of breastmilk far outweigh any risks.  Its recommendations state that the best alternative to a mother's own breastmilk is the donated milk of another mother.

However, you can get in big trouble if you get caught, so do whatever you think is best.  But I don't think there is such a thing as a good formula.  For babies with allergies, there is "hypoallergenic" formula that is made primarily from corn syrup solids. I mean, wow!  I did daycare for awhile and found it amazing the amount of horrible symptoms formula-fed babies had to cope with.  Just so sad.

Congratulations on this work of honor.  I currently work with kids in the local school system, but it is also a goal of mine to get into foster care eventually. 

Work with the baby's pediatrician who may have a health history for her and make sure everything is in agreement with dr's orders. While I do not recommend doctoring for many situations, in this situation, a doctor's intervention may have and or be keeping this little one alive. 

IMO, soy based formulas are good, but not sure what local brand names are available to you.  Even by SAD standards, many babies have lactose problems, and or allergies to cow and animal based formulas. 

Good luck and peace, PK

almond mylk made by soaking organic, raw almonds for a day, then taking the skins off, then blending it with 3 times as much water in a good blender. Dr. Morse recommended it (after the breast milk option).

Banana mylk, or any other ripe fruits, such as papayas, mangoes, and even dates made into a soft creamy consistency, strained through a nutmilk bag (nylon stocking will do) as well, to prevent possible skin bits etc. left in the drink/food.

alternating the types of fruit, or sticking to almond and banana drink.

This is what I would do in your place. The commercial stuff will set her up to tons of ear/nose/throat infections for the next few years.

I am not an expert, just an advice, but one that is based on seeing kids grow up beautifully on fruits and breastmilk. I know you are not allowed (what a crazy world! why aren't you allowed?) to give your own milk, the next best thing is the nut milks, carefully started as some people are so weak, they are born with sensitivities right off the bat to natural mild toxins in plants. So feed some almond milk and see how she reacts, examine her poop, pee, pulse, eyes, and behaviour (fussy, not fussy, happy).

Best of strength and courage to the whole family.

ummm. for a 3 month old premature baby? Nut protein exposure to infants below the age of 2 is not recommended as there is an increased risk of immune and allergic problems developing. Bananas will not be high enough in fat for a growing baby, especially one so premature. Foods in general, whether juiced, blended, sieved or otherwise, are not really recommended for growing babies until their digestive system has developed. I wouldn't even think about introducing anything until 9 months at the very earliest with a premature baby.

Take care

Adam x

id go with an organic one, prefferibly one sweetened with brown rice syrup rather then corn syrup

Fantastic thread here:


As I said in the thread my husband could not keep anything down as a newborn and his Mom was not going to breastfeed.  The M.D. told her not to tell anyone but to give him banana flakes, that is what he lived on, banana flake milk, nothing else for at least his first 6 months and he is and always has been vibrantly healthy and muscular and an athlete, he grew normally and is even tall.

So are you saying it was 100% banana? You sure they didn't add dairy?

Yep 100% banana flakes.  His mom said they tried everything before banana flakes and he would not keep anything down except for the flakes and that he lived on just banana flakes for his first 6 months or so.

You can actually get organic raw banana flakes.  This is just an example, you can find them much cheaper wholesale: http://livesuperfoods.com/live-superfoods-banana-flakes.html

I would just blend bananas with water and make my own fresh.

Hi Joyful,

We recently adopted our foster daughter that we got at 3 months old.  Unfortunately, foster parents do not have any legal rights and must follow all doctors' recommendations. I had to watch my daughter get the flu vaccine against my wishes. If you wish to someday adopt this little girl be very very careful about what you give her unless a doctor has said it is okay. The good thing is that once they are yours you can do as you wish!

Hello Joyful, I don't know if you get to pick doctors or get separate opinions, but I think it would be easy for you to get a doctor to agree that donor milk would be important for this little one in your care.  In lots of cases it can be difficult to go to a donor bank, with it being pasteurized and things of that nature, but there is also a movement of breastmilk exchange between "participants" that may be an option for you.  Look up "eat on feets" on facebook and there is very likely to be a local branch in your area.  You can also check out the website www.eatsonfeets.org for more information and to find the branch closest to you.  I help with one of the pages and it has been awesome to see the success and matches.  As a breastfeeding counselor that would be my first recommendation. 



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