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Oral vitamin B12 versus intramuscular vitamin B12 for vitamin B12 d...


Sublinguals bypass the gastro-intestinal system just like the injections.


Just make sure you're taking either:


hydroxycobalamin; or






The cyano deriviative's byproducts are toxic and act as a stimulant.

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MIGHT be as effective. ;)

I know you're joking around Harley, but seriously, are you wanting to be accurate or are you wanting to be right. Read the study. There is no might about it. They are at least AS effective, if not MORE effective than IM injections, according to this study.


Take care


Adam x

Yes Dr. Libby was the formulator of this form of B12.


The idea came out of the way people used certain heart medications.


Interesting stories on how he came about this.


Cyno- cyanide



from the vegsource board, written by Dr. Doug Graham:


In Reply to: For Doug: About your B12 issue posted by Ian on May 11, 2011 at 7:04 pm:


Yes, ridiculous extended extreme stress. The problem lasted for 3 years, through 4 doctors who missed it, before I figured it out.
I took sublingual B12 for a month. This was almost 15 years ago. I did not get tested. 
Symptoms began to diminish in 12 hours of taking the first tab, and continued to fade daily. 
I have not taken any since, but I did immediately get rid of 5 of the major sources of the stress.
I had legal, financial, emotional, and physical stresses accumulating that were each extreme on their own. I have written about this in detail in the past.




Thanks and this coming from the kingpin of the low fat raw scene.


Stress is a big factor in absorption for sure.


It also seems a bit more natural if you need it.


Take Care,



ya, I thought that was pretty interesting.  I have been under super stress like that, I remember taking a magazine quiz on stress.  Triple points for moving to a new home, someone close to you passing away, being involved in a law suit, having a new baby, a new job, a health issue, someone close to you with a major health issue and and a few other things, all of which I was experiencing, lol.  I knew nothing of b12 at that time and wonder what kind of damage I may have done to my nerves.  Dr. D pulled through okay, so I guess I'm fine, I did eat pretty well during that time, home grown organic, so maybe that helped.  I don't think I'd do the needle unless I was really bad off and had no other means.  Bypassing the body's natural defenses sounds like an unnecessary risk plus I just don't like needles.  I've taken b12 for a few months now and have not noticed any benefit so I guess I must be fine for b12.  I've never had digestive issues, I'm sure that helps my case.

I reckon both Doug & Roz should get on the shots as its not like they are on easy street raising a fruity youngster in a burger king world! lol!


More stress needs more b12. Roll up that shirt and pop in the intramuscular 25gauge. :) 



More stress does = more B12. But increased B12 requirements does not = B12 deficiency. Doug and Rozi eat lots of their food fresh from the garden, as they have a massive allotment. Hence they might be doing just fine. You seem to have this deluded idea that most of the world are B12 deficient because they have low intrinsic factor.


The reality is that most people who have B12 deficiency will do so either because:


1) They undereat

2) They eat WAY too much protein. Too much protein = too much homocysteine.

3) They are low in other nutrients, like B9

4) They are drinking lots of caffeine

5) They are smoking cigarettes regularly

6) They are drinking alcohol regularly

7) They are eating almost exclusively refined sugars and junk food

8) They are under severe stress and unable to manage it.


Doug and Rozi do have stress, but I don't think there is any evidence to say they are overwhelmed by it. Stress isn't necessarily determined by what happens to you but by how you manage internally.


Take care


Adam x




Stress and lack of support with do it...

using your own garden produce adn fruit helps as you can afford not to wash it .

in 45 years I have not had a problem..but it is serious for some (or at least they are told  !!)

Do you know where he wrote about this? I'd be interested in how one would "immediately" get rid of financial, emotional, and physical sources of stress.

It's one thing to get rid of stress, it's a completely different thing to get rid of the sources.





I haven't come across him writing about it, maybe ask on the vegsource board?
I asked him and there isn't anywhere to read about it.



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