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I'm curious as to the pros/cons of intaking B12 from different forms.


I currently use pills bought in stores. I understanding durianrider and many on the forum utilise injections. Another member mentioned patches.

I would think that the injections allow more B12 intake than pills (pills = take more frequently at smaller amounts). I'm curious to hear if there are any other reasons to choose one over the other.

I am looking into getting the book that durianrider speaks about often, so apologize if the answer is already in the book. When getting blood tested, what is the range that is recommended for B12 (not the range given by doctors ... I'm assuming the ideal range is way above that). Once you have gotten your blood levels of B12 to be at that range, how much B12 do you ingest (pills/injection/patch) to keep it at that level?

Thank you in advance for everyone's response! :)

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One more method to ingest B12 I forgot to add: spray :) So pills vs. spray vs. injection vs. patch!

And all of these are subdivided into cyanocobalamin, methylcobalamin, hydroxycobalamin, etc. cyanocobalamin is the inferior form, to be avoided if possible.

Pills are also subdivided into Swallowed or Sublingual. Swallowed is inferior. Others are similar in effectiveness.

We already know what Durianrider will say. He will say injection works 100% but others may not, but he does not have any real proof to show that sublingual is any less effective. Both are absorbed into blood vessels. Patches and sprays too. So stop saying that or show proof, Harley. Why confuse people! I think people like injections cause it looks more hardcore.

Unfortunately for some reason the pills sold in stores are most commonly Cyanocobalamin AND non-sublingual.

Therefore, get sublingual methylcobalamin. Cheapest and effective way compared to others. Done deal. Why bother with anything else.

Oh man.. there are so many discussions on B12 on this forum.. just do a search, all the answers are there!

There's even a B12 group!:)

Thanks Rawbert! Reading through them as we speak :)

Whats the best? Injections.

How much do you need? Depends on the persons lifestyle, genetics, absorption levels. Do your homework on this one.

I dont have money or health to waste on things that 'might' work and I have to waste time and money in testing to prove that they are working etc. I just take 30 seconds once a month and it cost me 10c here in Thailand. Its a no brainer for me.

If people want to mess around with patches and sprays etc and then spend time and money getting blood work done to ensure they are getting enough from that then go ahead. My good friend that has been eating raw meat for the last decade assumed that his levels would go up but they never did until we got him on injections in March this year. All my raw meat eating friends have low b12. 

Bottom line: Injections work 1000%. Other methods MIGHT work. :)

39% of the US is b12 deficient.


I just called my nurses (yep, I have named them that) and they said that I had only 200 pmol/l after an 16 hours with a B12 patch behind my ear. It's certainly doesn't work like an injection. 

Yo you're in Thailand? What's the deal with all the flooding? Is it screwing things up everywhere 'cause I read places like Chanthaburi haven't been affected at all and thats probably where I'd wanna go. Also, the rebels are nice guys, right? I needa get out of america soon and was wicked bummed to hear about all this but don't wanna let it ruin my plans if it doesn't have to. Figure their tourism is suffering so I'd like to help out if I can. Would love any info you got, already watch your Thailand travel tips vid awhile ago. 

Sorry to hijack the thread. 

There is flooding in Thailand? Ive heard about it but aint seen anything. 

What's the second best that works JUST AS WELL in the end as injections? Sublingual. Just because it's cheaper, easier to use, and absorbed a little more slowly does not make it less than 100% effective.

Bottom line: DR does not seem to like to change his mind once he's stuck onto something. Interesting.

Ive just never seen anyones blood tests that could convince me. Show me your before and afters and Im all eyes and ears bro. :)

b12 serum


I want to see elevated b12 and decreased homocysteine from b12 sublinguals bought at the health food store or shipped online and been sitting in a hot letterbox all day. ;)

Ive done sublinguals. Didnt do jack for my levels. I will make a vid about this where I compare the 2. Great idea. 

Yes, please let us know how you're doing!  I'm always interested in collecting info on B12 for my research.

314 is deficient if you lived in Japan. Its 'great' though if you live in Aus/US. 

We want levels over 550 IMHO. What is that based on? Japanese levels and they are smart mo fo's.

Ive tested my levels 2 days after a 1000mcg shot of b12 and it was 2140. No wonder models and celebs use b12 injections vs other methods as it works 1000% of the time.

Reminds me that I gotta go get some more today. Gotta keep em in the fridge so they dont go off too. Cyanocobalamin is all I can find here in Thailand. Its 1$US for 10x1000mcg ampules. They also sell methylcobalamin sublinguals as well in every pharmacy here in Thailand.

B12 deficiency is so common in Australia and NZ that we even have to give lifestock shots so the meat industry can officially say 'meat is high in b12' lol! Why not feed the sheep and cows more meat? Meat that has been injected with b12? ;)




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