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Sometimes I wonder when people say this diet isn't working for them what else might be going on in their lives that is the possible real culprit.  I have noticed even in myself the tendency, especially when starting, to literally blame everything on the diet.  The first thing that came to my mind, when anything went wrong was, "I don't know about this diet".  Usually I would later realize that it was something else or that I needed to adjust my diet to include more greens or up my calories.


But I do know that sometimes when I feel unwell it's because I am exposed to toxic chemicals and I wonder if some people are aware of how unwell or tired one can feel from household or personal care products?  I think it's even possible that once one is eating better, products that didn't bother them may start to bother them, as the body becomes healthier it may reject more obviously products it once accepted.


These products could include:


Scented personal care products

Pesticides (there are alternatives)

Cleaning Products

Air Fresheners


I just wanted to bring this up because I think at times simply changing these products could mean the difference between feeling well and feeling horrible or fatigued.

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+1  Yes, this is my pet peeve!  another thing to watch is chemical poisoning while out and about.  I have met so many people with this and read about so many incidents.  Doctors are trained not to recognize the symptoms of chemical poisoning, a quote from one Doc on seeing a victim of chemical poisoning, me, "Perhaps this was a trigger for a pre-existing condition", big pharma trains them well!  


Two fantastic websites for information and support on how to avoid and what to do in the event of poisoning!!!



Sure, out and about exposures are a big issue too.  I guess I focused on the indoor issue because that's something we can easily control.
Absolutely!  Dryer sheets are usually the most toxic thing in a person's house followed by laundry detergent.  When we go for a walk, we have to hold our breath when walking past people doing their laundry, to think they are wearing this next to their skin all the time.
Very good points!
There are, unfortunately, toxins all around...

I'm just curious what you guys use for your cleaning supplies?  After my daughter was born 3 years ago, and I saw her licking the floor, I resolved never to use harsh cleaning chemicals again. We only use vinegar, water, and sometimes baking soda to clean most of the things around our house. I do use nasty liquid laundry detergent (non scented, hypo allergenic, but still nasty), and I've recently, but with some trouble, tried breaking away from chemical shampoo. 


What do you use for laundry detergent? How about Shampoo? I made shampoo out of water and castile soap, and I tried using it for nearly two weeks, and it made my hair feel like I was cleaning it with car grease so I finally gave up and bought a natural shampoo from the health food store. I work in an environment where I have to look clean and professional, so I had to go to something that made my hair look clean. What has been your experiences?

We use:


Aubrey products for shampoo, conditioner, hair spray etc. they are a great company and never put anything bad in their stuff, it's best to find out who owns the company.  Burt's Bees got bought out for instance and I have seen some toxic stuff being added to their things.  Good list of chemicals to avoid in this article: http://www.naturalnews.com/025515_chemicals_toxic_products.html



7th generation, oxo-brite, bac-out (also great for cleaning vibram 5 fingers and lots of other stuff) and soap nuts for laundry.

7th generation for toilet paper, dish soap, bathroom cleaner

vinegar for windows and mirrors

For all of our wood furniture we use http://www.realmilkpaint.com/soapstone-sealer-wax.html or sometimes just sunflower oil if we are out.

bon ami or baking soda for scrubbing the sink and tub


Oh yeah and for tooth care we use tooth soap, peppermint essential oil, Dr. Tung's floss, water pick, and oral B electric toothbrush but I want to get the sonic care toothbrush.


Another good article I came across here:
"Levels of toxic chemicals in the body plummet after five days eating nothing but plants"

Learn more:toxic chemicals news and articleshttp://www.naturalnews.com/toxic_chemicals.html#ixzz1YuZMiX7z


For shampoo and conditioner, my favorite is the Oil Free Magick Botanical's - they also have ones for thinning hair which I don't like.  The conditioner can also be applied in small amounts as a "leave in" conditioner". Many health food stores have them, Fairway in NY has it too - don't know which stores you have out by you.  You can also order a set of samples of their products or buy cheaper in bulk from www.magickbotanicals.com.  They also have a hair gel and lotion I like - it's all unscented.  They also have a spray cleaner I like.


For cleaning, baking soda or diluted vinegar is fine but they just don't work well for me.  Seventh Generation has a nice dishwashing soap I've used to hand wash clothes and clean with as well as wash dishes - "Free and Clear".  Other good ones are at the health food store I go to - can't remember the brand but like a "Grapefruit" one as well.


AFM has an awesome unscented all purpose cleaner which you can order at www.needs.com called Superclean.  It's $20 a gallon and extra with shipping but pretty concentrated and worth it to me.  I usually use this for the laundry as well.  But other soaps which aren't for the laundry can be used too.  Seventh Generation has a "Free and Clear" laundry detergent that I bet is pretty good.  There are also Tide Free and Cheer Free brands, I believe, which are better than average but not as good as the ones I use, in my opinion.

Health Food Stores may have other less toxic unscented stuff in these areas - I just find what I like and stick to  it.  While I think using nothing or more simple ingredients is great if it works for someone, I feel that I need a soapy shampoo to wash off the day.  I feel we are often exposed to so much stuff as we go about our day, I want to wash it well out of my hair and clothing. 

Ya, Tide And Cheer still have lots of toxic stuff in them even if they are perfume free. http://www.lifenatural.com/laundry-detergent-poisoning.htm

I just read this great article I thought I'd share:


A blurb:

"If, as Cicero said, your face tells the story of your mind, your breast milk tells the decades-old story of your diet, your neighborhood and, increasingly, your household decor. Your old shag-carpet padding? It's there. That cool blue paint in your pantry? There. The chemical cloud your landlord used to kill cockroaches? There. Ditto, the mercury in last week's sushi, the benzene from your gas station, the preservative parabens from your face cream, the chromium from your neighborhood smokestack. One property of breast milk is that its high-fat and -protein content attracts heavy metals and other contaminants. Most of these chemicals are found in microscopic amounts, but if human milk were sold at the local Piggly Wiggly, some stock would exceed federal food-safety levels for DDT residues and PCB's.

Some of the chemicals I'm mainlining to my 1-year-old daughter will stay in her body long enough for her to pass them on to her own offspring. PCB's, for example, can remain in human tissue for decades. On a body-weight basis, the dietary doses my baby gets are much higher than the doses I get. This is not only because she is smaller, but also because her food -- my milk -- contains more concentrated contaminants than my food. It's the law of the food chain, and it's called biomagnification."

So interesting, surprising and well written, thanks for sharing it!


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