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I'm just curious on everyone's take on raw honey - both the moral and health aspect. I still haven't made up my mind 100%, but leaning towards excluding it totally (as it is, I only have it a few times a year anyway).

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A fair thing for which to seek council, Justin.

The 30B team has already considered the matter and arrived at these decisions:


See our "why" regarding bee products:


True veganism encompasses ethical as well as dietary considerations.

Bees collect pollen for their own use, not ours.  To take what they worked hard for is to exert our will over theirs just because we can.  

Such an act is neither compassionate nor respectful toward the bees, and not one we will endorse here, with reasoning given in the first "animal sanctuary" link above.  

Related thoughts given by Peter C below as well.

Great, thanks for the post. I must have missed that one a few weeks ago :)

I had given it up a long time ago because it gave me awful sugar rushes.  I wonder why.

zero fiber means all that sugah blasts in with nothing to slow it down.  

"royal jellytarian". royal jelly is where it's at, bro. local, natural, organic queen bee maggot fuel. #1 longevity superfood in the world. pretty sure it lines up planeteraly with the sun and the moon too, how cool is that!

I just want to add the point that bees are given homes and left with enough honey to survive the winter. Since they are given homes and don't have to make their own, they are able to produce more honey. So in a way, it is more of an exchange than it is stealing their honey.

@ Joe

You are welcome to your own personal viewpoint, but the fact remains that 30B's position is that what the bees collect and create belong exclusively to them.  

@ Justin

If you have any further questions, please let a member of the PK team know.  Otherwise, given the helpful information this thread already contains, it's time to bring it to a close.  



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