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This could be a longer treatise, but I think I'll keep it tight because it's late and I want to get back to playing along with these cheesy blues guitar licks I'm hearing.


I'm of the mind that internet dating is for people who are sissies and freeze up in conversation and interaction with new people. I say so because I was once such a sissy, and for that reason internet dating seemed appealing. (The only way it could have been better would have been a dating service run directly from the Diablo II battle.net server....)


Now that I am courageous, flirty, relaxed, receptive, I'd MUCH rather meet a human than their robot representation. (It is the year 2000! The humans are dead!)


But the odds of meeting a fellow LFRV are fairly slim... and so are the LFRVs.


Same goes for meeting someone interested in Integral stuff, or a good musician, or animal welfare.


And besides all that, they have to be cute.


So it seems like using online meetup groups, forums like 30BAD, etc. is the best way to reach out romantically, even if it means exploring some long-distance connections (which doesn't make my bed any more snuggly).


What do you all think? Is the internet necessary for finding your desired partner, or can we rely on scouring colleges and cafes for cuties?


I'll wrap up this post with a smarmy pirate photo.

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Some people are so cute despite that they eat corpse parts, though.


Yeah, I haven't tried any raw food or vegan meetup groups yet. I'm wary of raw food potlucks since I predict that everyone will just be eating salted coconut oil out of jars with spoons. Maybe I shouldn't be so hasty (little Hobbit) to judge.


As far as converting goes, I have had a tendency to want to change and/or control people in a lot of places in my life, diet often being the worst. So I'm reluctant to even consider this. I'm open to the possibility that a girl might, over the course of getting to know me, get really stoked on 80/10/10 and go for it. But I absolutely can't claim responsibility for someone else's choices.


I think I'm also afraid of being leaned on as a health resource or coach. I don't mind providing info and support, but being 'needed' is not interesting to me.


So my point, if I have one, is just that I don't think I want to convert anyone. I have more thoughts on this but they're not quite turning into the right words right now, so I'm gonna abandon ship for now.

I agree, but when those said lips that eat corpses come anywhere near me. GAME OVER.


I'm afraid of the raw meet ups myself.  But you'd be right. They sure love their nutbutters. And I've seen alot of pictures from the ones hosted in my area, and I think I have good right to be afraid.









I understand that. However I'm just figuring out this whole 80-10-10 thing for myself. So if anyone tries to lean on me it'll be the blind leading the blind!

Hah, I'll tell ya, the folks in our precious city; it's been very difficult to convince them.

I have brought the idea of fruitarianism to quite a number of them.


Those who are part of the group that does work with Supreme Master Ching Hai...I live with a few of those folks in my household. All vegan.

They have no doubts whatsoever in fruitarianism. In fact, they are the only folks in the city, that would be a guarantee 100%; on being supportive and NOT doubtful of 80/10/10 or fruitarianism.


I go anywhere else, even certain vegan meetups (just for the sake of curiosity and exploration, and connection), and I guarantee you; many who aren't spiritually minded yet; they get too literal in their...conditioning..thinking 80/10/10 won't work. And still fall for the raw gourmet scene, in a way that too much fruit is "too much sugar." =p


I'll tell ya, even though I am not a well-remembered figure yet, (Though I am in the eyes of many. Because of my long hair, tensor band, and the animals I mimic. Oh, AND not wearing a jacket in the winter and not getting sick) I think when the time's right.....I will be the one to trigger the mass convincing.

I dunno why..I am waiting for the right time to transform to raw. The curiosity that haunts me with cooked food, is the battle I face.




Generally said, it feels like in our city.....people have the mentality "oh, you've got to have X nutrients from this source and that source" and they TOTALLY skip caloric intake, and they take the textbook sciences too literally. That they forget to look within. Or at least explore our heroes here in 30BaD.  =)


I've got quite a few stories to share about how doubtful people are..but maybe when the time's right...will I be the one?



My bad..I had to ramble...


(I am just upset sometimes, when people concentrate on the "protein" worship too much, and thinking "vegans need more iron from this and this" to the point where they overdose on fats, and then blame it on the vegan path).


I am glad I am in a vegan household, and spiritually minded; at the same time...REALLY supportive and hoping that I would leap to raw, whether it's 80/10/10 or downright fruitarianism.

I've met a few people off of internet dating sites. I don't really like it too much though because it immediately sets up this dynamic were you are judging each other as potential partners from the beginning. It can be hard to actually get to know someone in that context. Besides, sometimes it feels like you have to wade through a lot of sketchy people with that method.

I've only ever dated vegans, and I wish that meant that they were decent people, but it doesn't. Compassionate to animals and humans seems to narrow the field immensely - we can probably all relate to that.

I know that okcupid just started a feature that allows you to filter profiles by diet-type (eg vegan) and I think there are more vegans on there than other mainstream dating sites. And there are at least two couples that met on 30bad, so it does happen, but I'm not sure how. Someone should give lessons on how to flirt over the internet without seeming weird or creepy.

I admire you "putting yourself out there". Don't worry, anyone who sees your recipe videos or pirate face will have their heart melted in seconds.
Hey Anne! I didn't realize you still post on 30BaD! That's awesome! I just had to say I'm really glad to see you're still active here.
I pop in and out. I am doing an online degree, so it is easy for me to get internet overload and disappear for a bit.  Hope to see you in 'real life' again soon.
Hahha yea that'd be fantastic! I'll let you know if I journey over to the west coast.
Someone should give lessons on how to flirt over the internet without seeming weird or creepy.

Lol... sign me up!
me too!

hahah at the moment i have no hope in finding another vegan, let alone a raw vegan (never mind 811) in 'real life'. just to paint a picture:  i recently moved back to a town of 7000 in central Alberta Canada  (temporary pit stop FO SHO), where the pick-up trucks are huge, the men spend hundreds of dollars at the bar every weekend to try and score, and everyone and everything is connected to the oil&gas industry.  i'm using this time to improve myself, my health, and my finances so i can go back to the coast in the summer and then down south for winter feeling and being super wicked. when the time is it right whether it's offline or online, i will be able to attract that ever illusive 811 hunk. and ohhhh man, i am willing to wait it out.  


ha. dude, that's intense.

don't cry for me guys :) it is what it is. when you're living in a low frequency area just by being there you raise it a notch or two. i haven't lived with the parentals for 4 years, so they've never had to put up with a vegan in their household before. my 70 year old gma is always asking me questions now, and people are constantly bringing up health and diet with me which is awesome. and this is one of the SADdest towns ever, so it's a pretty big win in my eyes.


annnd thread hijack over.


ps. i don't think you would have to internet-date someone for long. i think most of us on 30bad are willing to 'compromise' and move somewhere tropical if that's what it takes to make a relationship work. 'i would doooo anything for love.....'


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