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Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my fruit and I power it down all day long, but by the end of the day I am just SO sick of sweetness that I want something bland. 

I usually rely on cooked potatoes after a salad for dinner to get the rest of my carbs in, and I cherish these potatoes because they're a nice break from sugar. 

However, I'd like to go more raw, perhaps even 100% (I'm around 90-95% raw right now), but by dinner time the thought of eating sweet fruit is just unappealing.  Is there any bland fruits that I can use?

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when this happens to me, i find i need more greens and take it as a sign my body is telling me something

Not getting enough greens makes you tired of sugar?

I usually eat 1/2 head of romaine each day... Is this enough?

i eat prob 3-4 heads a day....i get sick of the sugar and crave green as a non sweet meal my salad could feed 4 people my wife say s

i should mention i combo diff greens ..kale , spin .romaine, ect

Hmm, maybe I will try upping the greens then..

Thank you!

If you are only eating half a head of romaine lettuce a day I would encourage you to not only increase the amount of greens that you are eating but to also increase the variety of greens that you eat as well.

Also, do you eat any overt fats at all?  Nothing wrong with eating a HUGE green salad for dinner with some avocado in it.  (Why settle for "bland" when you can have "savory"?  :)

Some people here make salad dressings out of sweet fruit like mangoes, dates, or orange juice, but I'm with you on not wanting anything that tastes sugary for dinner.

If you are eating very little greens and little to no overt fat I would encourage you to try eating a bit more of them at dinner time and see if they are helpful in your desire for something that isn't so sweet and helpful in curbing your desire for a baked potato...  (Not that a baked potato is "bad", but replacing the potato with more greens and a bit of fat may be better for you at this point in time.)

Ditto. (;

Occasionally I'll munch on some almonds, but other than that I rarely eat overts. Honestly, I'm afraid of them, but I guess it's just past restrictive behaviors...

I'll take your advise though, and eat an avocado here and there and definitely more and various greens :)

Thank you :)

They're not enough calories, unfortunately ):

I have trouble digesting core fruits, especially apples. They unbelievable pain in my stomach. :/

I know what you mean, because for a short period I found myself pretty tired of eating a ton of sweet fruit all day. It went away pretty quickly for me, though (I don't know if it will/won't for you). But I found that eating different types of fruit (not too many mono-meals; I can only do that with certain fruits), especially less sweet ones, unlike bananas and dates (and really, bananas are so much easier to eat as a smoothie for me!). But I get that those fruits are the expensive ones. :/ Usually I just get in almost all of my calories from fruits by dinner time, so that I can just much on veggies. And I agree with Sean; more greens might help. I eat about two heads a day, one or more in my smoothie and about one (small one, usually) for dinner. I'm thinking that getting more of them (try wrapping bananas or dates in lettuce! It's really tasty) will give your mouth a break from all the sweetness, and the tiredness of sweetness may also be due to a lack of enough nutrients that are mostly gotten from greens. (:

Funny, I actually prefer mono-meals, I find that they really help with digestion. But yeah, I may just start eating larger breakfasts & lunches & snacks, so I won't need too many calories by dinner. Oh, and I'll up the greens :) 



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