30 Bananas a Day!

Firstly are smoothie makers really that good?

I want a way to get a lot of calories and nutrients in me without munching for 3 hours...

What about oxidation? would my bananas become brown and oxidised? I've heard this is a bad thing?

Lastly, price...I might be able to afford a vitamix on my next paycheque but it really is expensive...Are there really no alternatives?

To all veteran smoothie makers...What are your experiences with smoothies? Are they worth it? Or would you save your money and just munch?

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Dave, could you elaborate on the difference?
I do have the Oster brand, it has max, medium,low options with max pulse and low pulse.
I never make a smoothie with more then 4-5 bananas so I am able to drink it in just 3 cups worth of smoothie. I never had a VitaMix so I don't know the difference. I've heard it is good for warming up soups. But I'd only use it for fruit smoothies. So, what's the big deal with the VitaMix?
Thank you very much!
yeah, if all you're planning on doing is blending a few bananas, with no tough ingredients, a $20 blender will do just as well as a $400 one.

and as for warming up soups, if i was into warming up anything, i'd be doing so on the stove, surely it's less damaging than excessive friction!

The big deal is: I blend citrus and it pulvarizes the pulp. I blend grapes and it pulvarizes the seeds. I blend celery. kale, collards with stems. I was not able to do this with the Ostarizer. (and I also enjoy watching the "will it blend" guy pulvarize the iPhone.)
VitaMix's main competition is BlendTec. I have a blendtec and like it a lot. Similar price. a bit cheaper i think, but not much. Before buying the blendtec, i used a $20 Oster for a while. When blending fruit only, the oster made a smoothie as good as the blendtec. It was great for what it was. But blending lettuce, celery, dates... you're better off with a vitamix or a blendtec. I tried making a banana/lettuce smoothie in several blenders: $20 cheapos, $200 consumer blenders: they just don't do a good job.

Personally, I bought a blendtec because it doesn't have the look and the size of a soviet-era tank like the VM. but i'm sure that either would be great.

In fact, i like my blender a little too much. I rely on it, and when I'm not around it, I just can't get enough calories in a day. I feel grossed out after chomping through five bananas, but can easily blend and gulp over ten. It's a real crutch, this thing!
We also have a BlendTec. We bought it after reading Victoria Boutenko's book, "Green for Life". If you are going to blend greens, you really need a high-power blender like a BlendTec or VitaMix.

The fruit and greens smoothies we make last for up to three days in the fridge. Victoria explains that the reason they do not oxidize is they are in a solution with water.

We like the shape of the BlendTec jar: squared off, for easy cleaning. Also, the BlendTec has computerized controls for pre-set cycles, as well as pulse and single-speed.

You can read about it here:


The price new is $399.00, but we were able to get an open box model for $299.00 off eBay.

We use our blender several times a day every day. It is very helpful for getting sufficient calories on a busy schedule.
I have a blendtech and I love it. I use it at least 3 times a day.
But I also have an old Maxi 4000 Vitamix that I'm going to get around to putting on ebay sooner or later. It has a powerful motor, stainless steel container and works well.
If you want it for a hundred bucks plus shipping, let me know.
They go much higher on Ebay, go check them out and see what it looks like.
It does look very old-fashioned but it does the job.
Ok, Dream, first come, first served.
I'll take some pictures and send them to you.

i guess the vitamix is long gone, but i got some question on u, as i am considering getting an old vitamix 4000 or 3600. would be great if u could help me.

does the power of it come close to the new ones? so simply said making all really really smooth?

have u had any problems with it? and how long did u use it?

and would u say it's worth 200 euros inc shipping?

best smoothies and love to u ;)

I think I'll never be able to afford a Vitamix ! How come $460 turn into 650 € with $1 being 0.77 € today !?

oh yes, such a fuking joke :(

the sellers here buy it for 450 euros if i remember corectly.

it would be great to get one person of 30bad to buy them for "selling" and then co op them to all of us, or make a little profit, cause rightnow it's just crazy :(

I understand the busy lifestyle and such...But what about natural, we are not born with blenders and stoves attached to our backs. If we feel puking up after 5 whole bananas but able to drink 10 bananas in the smoothie... I am just not understanding how it is closer to what we are designed to eat.
And I like to chew solid foods!
I think it's probably getting away from the topic of blenders. Just my observation. Hope to get my stomach stretched enough for some amazing fruits.
I agree with you, and I wish I could just chew through my daily caloric needs. But so far, those attempts have been a failure. After 2 years of trying, it still does not feel natural for me to eat 7 pounds of food a day, and so I continue to "trick" myself with a blender.

I'm wondering why some people have this problem and some don't. Any suggestions, folks?
I say go with the Vitamix over the blend tec. The VM has a tamp that the blendtec does not have and it comes in very useful when you have that thing full of 8 cups of fruit and stuff and you need to push it down to the blades. I am so glad I purchased my VM, we use it almost everyday and I don't have to worry about breaking it and I know it will last for years and years. It is so great for blending whole foods and frozen foods and it blends things super smooth, I mean super smooth. Also you don't have to use water if you don't want to, the blender will do fine without it but that is where the tamp comes in again.
I know it is expensive and if you don't make smoothies everyday it may not be worth the investment for you, but if you like green smoothies then I think it's worth it!!



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