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I want to order 15 lbs of dates online. I noticed that medjool dates can be around 89.00 dollars without shipping and deglet noor pitted dates around 50.00 dollars plus shipping. I don't have a lot of money and was wondering if pitted dates can be a nice cheaper alternative. 

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Deglets are generally cheaper than medjool, nothing to do with pitting (which is just cutting the date open anyway). 


Sometimes even though the initial price is high, the price per calorie is still economical.  My current pack of medjool dates has a calorie count of two dates = 140 calories and it is very easy to make a mono snack or small meal out of them.  Some types of dates, one has to eat 4-5-6 to get the same calorie count.

Peace, PK


IMO, never order pitted dates.  They tend to be dry and stringy ( edit here, I do not mean dry like raisins, rather dry in texture).  They do serve some purpose in cultures that use them in cooking, but they will not be satisfactory on this diet. 

I love medjool dates with the pit.  It is sometimes worth it to spend extra money on what might be called fancy and or extra fancy as they tend to be juicier, bigger, fluffier and sweeter, and sometimes they have a higher calorie count.  So you might still be saving money if you look at the cost per calorie.   

In our local area, our Costco is selling wonderful medjool dates grown in Arizona and packaged by this company:


Ironically, these are the best dates I have ever eaten. 

But I have had some good ones that have come from ethnic Jewish, Arabic, and Indian stores. 

Google ramadan, and when the Islamic month of Ramadan comes around, that is a good time to prowl the ethnic shops.

Peace, PK

the pitted dates i have tried were very dry and not very good. 

I gotta step in in defense of pitted dates here. The ones I can get are pretty juicy despite being dried. 

A lot of the pitted dates I see are coated with glucose syrup, and are not raw as evidenced by the fact that they don't bubble when dipped in hydrogen peroxide.

Never buy pitted, they steam them in the process.  Hire the neighborhood kids to pit them for you! :D

I've had good luck with these: http://www.shieldsdategarden.com/p-49-khadrawi-dates-special-promot...

Personally I would rather not have pitted dates because they have been opened, messed with, and the exposed fruit will thus be more susceptible to oxidation.

Awe man. I just bought 2 tupper wear containers full of the deglet noor pitted dates. I haven't tried them yet so I can't say whether the are good or not. I was planning on making Datorade with them. Well I hope it tastes okay when I make it. I'll let you know how it goes.

@Jesse Jay,

They will probably be good in Datorade.  You can try one, and if it seems to "dry"  try soaking them in water as some members do.

I just go straight for the glory of medjools though:D

Peace, PK

Thanks PK. I tried soaking them and it tasted ok but I think next time I will soak them a little longer. I tend to like a smooth datorade and the one I made this morning had little bits and floaties in it, but none the less it was still good.


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