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i love apples, but for some reason i have this feeling lately after eating a couple of heartburn, nausea /hunger. its a strange pain. it makes me weak feeling strange for 20 minutes, then im fine. anyone know about this?

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I get hiccups if I eat more than 4 or 5, and my stomach and esophagus (sp?) do feel kind of acidic. I guess they're related but I don't know why it happens. I almost never get hiccups apart from apple-overdosed.

I had exactly the same thing with apples, but have found (it took me a year to figure this out by the way) that I was too dehydrated before eating them. I drink lots more water now and feel a lot better, although I have considerably cut down on the amount of apples i eat too. 

Heh, I JUST got some apples and I'm eating the first of 10 right now. Are you guys eating organic ones that are fully ripe? I used to have MAJOR heart burn and now I don't and have been eating apples a little here and there and don't remember them causing it to flare up, I'll be sure to pay attention today. 

yes i always buy organic apples. but it doesn't matter. how can you tell if its ripe... i even went apple picking in the midwest and had them for about a month or 2 and still eating them. i haven't eaten lots of apples since and was traveling in thailand so i ate lots of fresh fruit there and didn't have this problem. 

oh and the burps! its a deep crazy from the bottom of my gut kind of a burp since going 80/10/10 and I'm not a burper!

Update: Ate all 10, took probably over an hour, wasn't 100% focused on eating. Nothin'. They were organic red gala apples and I ate 'em all straight up skin and all, even dropped one and still ate it. Feel great :D Are you guys sure you aren't eating too fast and not chewing enough/mixing in enough saliva? I've noticed A LOT of people don't take their time with chewing and can't be mixing in enough saliva. I also drank 2L this morning instead of 1 and before the apple meal had a liter during a bike ride (3L so far today gonna have another in like 20min). Its been about an hour since I finished. I used to have SEVERE and constant heart burn before this diet too, constipation as well. Only been 100% for a month or so and not fully healed/getting all the benefits yet, still got smelly poo and BO but oh well. 

My experience is that it depends on the type of apple. Some I can eat 14 easily and some after 3 I feel what I think you're feeling but in my way.

Try some different varieties if you're interested.


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