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I'm looking to intern or get a part time job while taking a couple summer classes next summer. Not having had much opportunity to travel growing up, I want to go somewhere different and interesting (and GREAT for us fruit lovers). I was thinking California, maybe LA...because I'm really into the arts of all kinds. What do you guys think? 
And is anyone somewhere around my age interested in having a roommate (or know of any other way I could go about doing this?). I know this can be a sketchy idea but I mean if we did some phone interviewing and such it could work out, at least on this site I believe lol. You're all pretty amazing. Also, I'm definitely not looking to freeload or anything.

Age: 19 (omg I'll be 20 at that point....SCARY) 
What I like to do: paint, draw, create art, sing, act, model, listen to music, seek/eat fruit, run, be healthy, bike, hike, swim, crafts, make jewelry, explore, try new things, yoga, drum, laugh, learn, be in the sunshine, dance spontaneously, idk I like to do so many things
-I like to be somewhat neat, organized, and clean...but I'm definitely not a perfectionist in this in any way
-I'm fairly laid back and go with the flow when it comes to letting others be who they are/do what they do.  and I am really not demanding, loud, or particular.

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Hey! Sounds like we'd have a lot of fun! Let's keep in touch =)
Hey! I just moved to Hawaii pretty much doing the same thing you are looking to do. It's been an awesome experience! I am doing work-trade with a chiropractor who specializes in fasting. I'm not too sure how things are going to be out here by next year, and I might very well need a roomie. We have pretty much everything in common, and totally felt like your post was something I had written myself. LoL

I live on the Big Island in Pahoa. I'm taking yoga teacher training courses in October from Yoga Oasis and then from there I'm hoping to expand my practice in every way possible. (nutrition consulting, ect.)

Keep in touch, and let me know what your plans are.
That would be amazing! Most of my life thus far was spent in one area of New England as my family didn't really travel. Hawaii! how amazing would that be! How is your fruit situation where you are? Do you get to have a lot of fresh local tropical fruit? That is so cool about your courses in yoga and the like! I am sure I would learn a lot from you and we would have a great time! Keep me updated.
Oh my goodness the fruit situation is THE BEST out here. I didn't even know there were so many different varieties of fruit until I moved here - and bananas galore! Fruit is definitely not something you'd have to worry about living in Hawaii. Mangoes, papaya, jackfruit, durian, the list could go on for days! I'm living on the rainy side of the Island right now, and stuff over here grows super good. There is a perfect balance of sunshine and rain. Paradise for sure!
omg I should have gone to school in Hawaii! lol wowwww I need to go!
How about Austin, TX?!

I'm 19 as well, will be 20 in February. Austin is the "live music capital of the world" and has an amazing art scene. There's tons of fruity farmers markets and beautiful places for hiking, running, biking, etc. I'll probably be looking to move out around that time as well - keep in touch!
Awesome! Texas would be really cool. I am going to Houston on the 11th for my first real modeling shoot. But I'll only be there for like a day or two.
Let's keep in touch!!
Wow you would all be amazing roommates and all have great locations in addition! I hope we can all keep in touch and I will be able to work something out with one of you! Thank you all for your responses, now I am super pumped for next summer (and this one isn't even over yet!)
Hey everyone,
Does anyone have updates for me? I am looking to plan to possibly intern or take a summer class or two where ever I will be living. I am so excitedddd
cool thanks Mark :)

Anyone else have updates for me? In terms of whether or not they will definitely want a roommate over the summer/details. I would actually consider transferring schools (as I am considering that anyway) if anyone wants a longer term roomie.
Let me know! =)
I was thinking of moving to New York. But also interested in some place warm. Or Denver. But def. looking for an 811 roomy.


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