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I've already posted a few things and I registered a while ago, but I decided I was gonna make a thread like this...

I am 17, male and have Asperger's syndrome, a mild form of autism. I went on a low fat, high carb vegan diet beause I was diagnosed with systemic candida. My diet consists of mostly fruit now.

I think the diet has made me less hyper (I am very hyper, I am constantly fidgeting something, rocking back & forth or pacing) and the past 3 months (that's how long I've been on the diet), I've been more extroverted and less grumpy.

I was wondering if anyone here is on the autism spectrum or knows anyone who had success on this lifestyle.

Although I don't have a big social life (I only have one close friend), I love running and I'm interested in sports. Unfortunately, I am not very strong (I have absolutely no muscle mass, I've honestly never seen anyone as weak as I am), but I hope to gain more strength on this diet.

Other than that, I am obsessed with computers and video games and spend pretty much my entire free time infront of the computer. I live in my own world...

Anyways, good luck everyone

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Hello, thanks for the replies :)

I might start going to the gym. It's expensive, my dad said we need to think about it.

If anyone has something else to say, please post it :)

Hey Alex,

My Mum has Asperger's, and  I spent a little time working as a carer in a home for youngsters with Autism, so I have a reasonable understanding of the Autistic spectrum.

I don't know anyone who has Aspergers' and has made a success of this lifestyle (yet) but it makes perfect sense to me that a diet based around fresh fruit and greens is the most beneficial. I'm just reading the book 'Left In The Dark' right now, and it may well go some way towards explaining the mechanics of this. You should defininitely check it out if you have time. The author Tony Wright is a frugivore, and I think I read somewhere that he has Aspergers' too.


That's interesting. I might get that book.

I believe my autism was caused by a mixture of two things. Vaccines and antibiotics. I strongly believe that autism is "just" a medical problem, really. I'll never reverse my autism completely as I've just always been like this, but I think I can improve with a good diet.

Even John Mcdougall talks about autism a lot, not sure if you've seen this video here:


Left in the Dark - one of the best books you will ever read. 

I too have worked with young people diagnosed with Asperger's and I have to tell you diet and exercise are critical to managing and improving the inherent negative features of the condition. Get into the bananas and get out doors doing things. 

sitting in front of a computer in one of the worst things you can do if you are looking to have a normal life, especially at your age.

Hey Alex, I work in this area :)

Many of my clients have success in eliminating processed food from the diet: specifically gluten & dairy. 

There are several families who have adopted a raw diet for their kids with PDD. Do a google search for "rawtism". I can't remember if they are on high carb or high fat raw but I believe there has been some success :)

Hi Alex! My son is 26 and has undiagnosed Aspberger's. Undiagnosed because he was homeschooled and therefore out of the spotlight to grab anyone's attention, except for a close family friend who works with Autistic Spectrum children for the school district. We chose not to have a professional diagnosis also.

Because he is a grown man now, he makes his own choices on food and lifestyle. But.... when he is vegan (cooked), and even more so on HCRV, he is a completely different person! He knows it too! I so wish I would have known about diet when he was a little boy. 

I want to encourage you to stay with this diet, lifestyle really, because you will be one of the people that will benefit the most. You may also look into other community services or even psychology help with coaching for social issues. You are blessed to have your friend, and there is no reason not to have a few more!!! :-)

For encouragement, our son did go to community college, does hold down a full time job which he got himself, has lived on his own for a few months, and does have a social life with a variety of friends. When he was your age, he seemed quite hopeless about his life and was quite lonely. So I want to encourage you, it can and will get better. You're on the right track! 

If your special interests are computers and video games, then turn that into a career! Your specialty! 

Our son Brian now has the ability to include us, friends, work & life in "his world". I don't know how many times we asked him to leave "Brian's world" and join us! But what really has happened, is we've been included into his, and it's a very nice place to be.

Sorry for the late reply - Didn't have internet access yesterday.

Thanks for all your answers!

I have done a lot of research on Autism and biomedical treatments for autism. I took gluten and dairy out of my diet a few months before I went vegan. I am staying on this vegan (and high fruit) diet for sure and I want to be raw vegan one day... I hope to come somewhere sometime where I can get more fruit. I can pretty much only get bananas, dates, some oranges here and there and rarely some blueberries or grapes, but there they're about 16 euros for a pound... Fruit is so expensive at the health food stores round here and there are no local farmers, making it practically impossible to do a high carb, raw vegan diet.

I was told that I have asperger's just last year. My childhood was very typical for the syndrome. I was always bullied at school, never had any friends. There was only one time where I did have some close friends at school (age 10-12) and that was only because at the time I had a playstation and I was into playing a game that my classmates were as well. I have a lot of mental scars due to having been bullied. In fact, I see this vegan diet, if I manage to stick with it longterm, as the first thing that worked out in my life. My life was full of failures, especially socially.

I am studying IT at a private school now and I'm doing well so far.

Can't think of anything else to write right now and I'm tired so I'll just post this, but I will write more stuff tomorrow.

I am studying IT at a private school now and I'm doing well so far.

YES!!! That's exactly what you should be doing! You're on the right track! 

I'm sorry you were bullied. And I think my son would have been had he been in a school situation. Now that you are older though, you can now be "choosy" about the people you want in your life, and you can make good friends! You will....... you already have here!

Hey Alex, 

I was told I had Asperger's Syndrome when I was a teenager, and I did show a lot of signs of it - but as I've grown up, I really seem to have grown out of it. Looking back, I actually think that if you have a memory, or maybe even IQ that doesn't fit the charts, they want to make it a bad thing. Not that I'm saying it was that in my case, but I've just seen some things that suggest that to me...

What I resent about the label is that for instance, going on a diet like this - people may think it's just part of a personality which gravitates towards extremes. People use it to discredit things you may believe - in my case, when vegetarianism wasn't as popular - they would say that was "typical" of my personality, as though it had no medical/ scientific/ moral basis.

The point is - in my experience, this diet is MASSIVELY helpful for a person's energy, creativity and mental stability. When I go off it, I notice I'm more agitated, more annoyed by people, have more insular proclivities, and when I eat this way, I feel an amazing ability and desire even to connect with people.

People like us, whatever we are, have a good ability to focus and stick to things, and you should totally rejoice in that and realise it for the amazing gift it is. Loads of people struggle with diet, but I'm guessing you find it easier than they would. If you stay on this, your abilities with computers are going to fly, man, I just know it! (Even if you don't stay on this - but I just know how much this diet cranks up the brain, and the energy to drive forward creativity).


Hi Alex!

I am recovering my son from autism.  He is 4.  I have another son who is 2 who lost all eye contact and smiling after receiving his 8 mo. vaccinations.  About a year ago, I put them on a gluten-free/casein-free diet.  That's so great that you eliminated those, too. 

My husband and I, too, have eliminated gluten and casein.  I've been doing HCRV for about a week. 

My little guy regained eye contact and smiling withing days of going GFCF.  My 4 yr old screams horribly (and constantly) if he eats gluten.  (or used to, his gut has healed considerably since eliminating it)  Both my kids are doing very well.  We chelate (detox) with the Andy Cutler protocol.  We use ALA (alpha lipoic acid), because it's naturally occurring and not a medication.  I am huge believer in chelation, as well as homeopathy (finding your constitutional remedy).  I was a big skeptic of it, at first, but after reading lots of stories of parents who'd recovered their children, I decided to give it a try.  My 4 yr old is making a lot of progress with these.  Since I am so new to this diet, I do not have him on it, yet.  We are most definitely transitioning to it, though.  I noticed he was much calmer, much clearer-focused and made a lot more eye contact when he drank fresh orange/apple/banana juice every morning.  (now he won't drink it as much due to a bad fries habit, which we're nipping in the bud now).  He has severe food texture issues.  But yea, he was a LOT better with the juice.  I juice for him every day (and he's willing to drink a little of it) because if I don't, he has a lot of trouble sleeping.  He also seems to have more progress with speech when I juice and both chelation and homeopathy help with speech, too, for him. 

I know supplements are not promoted much here, but I believe CoQ10 helps with mitochondrial dysfunction. (weakness in muscles).  We use it for our son.  We only use Now Foods brand supplements, because I've found (through trying them, unfortunately) that most other supplements are cross-contaminated with gluten.  As I'm sure you've found out, it's hard to find things that are not cc'ed w/ gluten..  Supplements, pill, medications, and preservatives are the worst for this, in our experience. 

Best of luck on this diet and I'm sure you'll do fabulous.  Check out chelation!  There's a Yahoo discussion group: AMC - Adult Chelation, that's great. http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/adult-metal-chelation/ You can sign up and ask questions if you want.  I agree w/ previous posters that asd is caused from heavy metals (mainly due to vaccinations).  You can also get tested for heavy metals  There are hair tests, etc., I believe online.


Both me and my husband have heavy metal toxicity from dental metal (mercury fillings and implant).  We struggle w/ ADHD, depression, anxiety, and tics.  But are doing fabulously better just incorporating tons of fruit into our diet.  There's also a thread on here somewhere about Anxiety/Depression and how just eating bananas and other fruit cures them.  

Hope this helps some.

I wish you the best and if I can help answer any other questions, please let me know.:)


Hi there - 
I know this post is super old but I was wondering if you're still on the high carb vegan diet and if you think it has brought you long term results?
Currently trying to help a friend whose beautiful young son has severe autism.

Kind regards,


I guess if you're still looking, I'd be your guy. Psychiatrist was trying to figure out which DSM-5 level to put me in, then the insurence ended. I don't have much experience with HCLFV lifestyle, but the diet has worked for my mental problems so far.

I've been moving up the sceptrum since birth, after I learned to walk I made this weird ass vacuum noise everywhere I went. In elementry school I would hum and huff compulsively always the same number of times in a row. I could speak but never understood why i should if i had no desire to (which was pretty much never), infact it sounds weird but the less i spoke in a day the better i felt, the more interaction i was forced into the more depressed i got. I eventually figured people out and can easily socialize now, but when it comes to certin subjects people get very confused with me. I have volantary empathy, and can only express emotions verbally. Took me years to learn proper eye contact, and how to show people i wasnt mad when they where talkking to me.

Solved rubiks cube when i was 14 and got obsessed with speedcubing. Became obsessed with slight of hand at 17 and practiced 12hrs a day. Video games really helped me i think, i was raised by metal gear solid.



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