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In 2005 it was well known in the Adelaide fitness scene that  apparently Colpo munched steroids in Adelaide. Testosterone and Dbol. The guy sounds like a fraud.  Apparently he STILL lives on the dole and sells ebooks to overweight people after they see his ONE photo where he is ripped. I saw AC a few months back at the Central Market at CIBO. He looked like he had a grown a gut since I last saw him. He gave me s*** after he got bald from apparently taking steroids and wanted a refund!! Even after I had warned him that his hair might fall out from doing super cycles on T + Dbol. A lot of guys from the same gym experienced increased male pattern balding. I warned em all though!! I found it ironic that he gives Durianrider crap for being on the dole many years ago after a bus accident. I used to train with Anthony Colpo at Fitness First at Payneham. The guy is all about the mirror and putting others down. If you read his blog he cuts into Harley pretty harshly and its motivated me to speak up as I know both of them personally from being in the Adelaide fitness scene. Anthony Colpo couldn't keep up with Harley for a km and Harley has dared him to go for a friendly ride and even offered him his bike if Colpo could keep up. Colpo just called Harley a 'vegan weirdo' online. I just had to speak up about Anthony Colpo apparently living on welfare YET claiming he is a scientist when he didnt even pass high school and has allegedly spent the last 8 years juicing steroids and posting crap on bodybuilding.com under many accounts.  

Rant over. 

Decorum, meat eater-style: I’m not sure if he’s about to burst into tears because of welfare fraud & steroid abuse accusations, or simply in the midst of another angry, pseudoscientific, ad hominem rant.

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I've never heard of him and I'm not sure why we should care if Anthony Colpo takes steroids?...

I do agree with you though on people bashing Harley, he is a good guy with a big heart. Sometimes does and says some silly things but hey so do we all.

You're going to get me into trouble AA! lol! Anthony Colpo apparently taking steroids isnt news at www.bodybuildling.com community. They point out Anthony Colpo was taking steroids years ago. I asked him out for a bike ride once and he responded by writing a post on his blog bashing me and saying I was a 'vegan weakling' so I said if he can hold my wheel for 400m up Corkscrew Rd then he can have my bike lol!

If Anthony Colpo takes steroids thats his business but he does come across as an uptight Ahole for sure. I would be too if I was as constipated as him and hadnt taken a dump for the last fortnight. Heck, Im starting to sound immature and jealous like Anthony Colpo does when he writes crap about me to his 17 facebook friends.

I didnt know Anthony Colpo lives on welfare and claims to be a scientist though. Thats pretty interesting. Maybe he got a TAFE naturopath course funded by welfare so perhaps technically he is a 'scientist blogger' perhaps? I mean when you try and discredit Dr Esselstyn when your just Assos wearing poser that cant even make it up Norton Summit you can't be taken seriously.

Is it just me or has Anthony Colpo had that same steroid induced photo up on his blog since 2006? How much do we want to bet he is bloated and sluggish today?

Just say'n.

While I do believe that if any such discrepancies exist they should be fully investigated by the relevant authorities. As for me I do not make – and have never made – any claim about the veracity of these allegations until such time as they are proven true or false.

Thanks for sharing your opinion Andy. Good to hear peoples 'insider angle'.

Hilarious! All of it! So much trash talking… Let's put some good energy into our fruit for tomorrow!

Ive got friends that still use steroids and are on welfare. I don't judge em for it though. Anthony Colpo sure sounds like a hypocrite though.

I thought I was obnoxious. Anthony Colpo and his apparent steroids usage stories take the cake though.

Anthony Colpo is a hypocrite for doing so though.

i guess we can get a new term then:

a colpout

in fiendship,


Check out PlantPositive's videos on youtube that deal with Colpo if you'd like to know more about the man behind the "muscle." 

Here's a good place to start: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZFePVU18lQ&feature=plcp

Anthony Colpo gets owned by Plant Positive all the time. I found this pic of Anthony Colpo doing the rounds on the bodybuilding forums.


Looks like Anthony Colpo is after your ass Andy lol! Maybe I should sue Anthony Colpo for those allegations he has made about me? Do people living on welfare earn much these days though? Not sure its worth my time but his blog is still up so will get my attorneys to share their opinion. Ive learned from prior lawsuits it normally takes about 5 years to get any compensation. My last one was worth it though.


As for someone saying Anthony Colpo could drop me up a Corkscrew Rd TT thats ********. I even invited AC out for a bunch ride with us but he said he doesnt ride up Gorge Rd cos its 'too scary'. I disagree. Gorge Rd is fine and plenty of my lady cyclist friends ride up there solo. Heck Ive riden up there plenty of times in the dark solo too.

Anthony Colpo weighs 75kg. About the same as Lance. Anthony Colpo thinks thats too heavy as a cyclist though. LMAO!! So I told Anthony Colpo we can do the TT competition based on watts per kg held for 10mins. Ive got a power tap so its easy to put on any bike. Anthony Colpo didnt reply after that one lol! One of my training parters here on the Gold Coast is 80kg and one of the best unsigned riders in Australia. He can out climb me btw.

Anthony Colpo is full of excuses. Nothing personal against him but if he wants to get fit, he needs to ride more vs write crap about me all over the net lol!

Still can't see Anthony Colpo's name on the Strava Corkscrew segment. I can see a few pro riders there though and Im top 10 still.


Colpo isn't all bad. He gets credit for convincing me a year ago to give up a low carb diet. I don't completely agree with his views on cholesterol though. Check it my post on my on-going cholesterol change:




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