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Oh man guys... I accidently ate a moldy date :(! I know what your thinking. How does one possibly accidently eat a moldy piece of fruit?! Well I was munching in a dimly lit room because my husband was sleeping next to me while I was on the computer. After a bit I noticed there was a different flavor to the date (and really it didn't taste bad so it wasn't the best warning!), so I pulled out the pit and the inside was black! Ahhhhh, so disgusting!! I nearly vomited from the idea of what I had just done. I kinda wish I had so that junk wasn't in my system. Has anyone else ever accidently eaten bad fruit? I'm probably the only one ridiculous enough to do such a thing!! Please share if you have... I hope I don't get sick :(.

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I had that exact same experience happen to me, I was worried, but in the end I didn't get sick in any way. Be happy, it will just make you more careful when you eat dates in the future.
Thanks Jared :). I feel like such a spaz for freaking out a bit, LOL, it was just pretty shocking. Yes, you're right, I'll definitely be more aware next time!
I did the same thing once. Inhaled it too! I was fine though
Thanks for the reply Ben! Nice to know you two didn't feel sick afterwards :).
Strange coincidence. Long story short: 15lbs box of medjoolios arrived on my doorsteps yesterday, so i been poppin em in my mouth like non stop. today i come across one that tasted a little peculiar at first...(not enough for me to toss it). then after a few more bites it starts to morph into this funky bizarro flavor which can only be characterized as sweet jungle rot mixed with a bit of motor oil. so i tossed it deep into the woods to let the squirrels give it a shot. all in all, i ate over half of this accursed date. 8 hours later and i'm feeling rather excellent so I think you'll turn out fine.
Yes, opening before eating will be the rule now :).
Thanks for sharing guys! At least I know I'm not alone in eating overt mold, LOL! I'm alive this morning so all is well. ;) The worst part was knowing what I ate... gag reflex not fun. The knowledge seems to be more damaging then the mold itself :). XOXO
Yea, this thread is from a long time ago :). I wouldn't worry about such things now.

So datorade is dangerous!? Because when you blend water and dates, you don't notice if there are moldy dates in the datorade! You can notice there is something strange in a date, only if you eat it alone!

Wait till you eat one with maggot poop on it. Yay for b12!


I've felt sick from eating bad fruit before, but it was a from a lot of bad bananas at once. I've definitely eaten a moldy date or two before, never felt anything from it.


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