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I have seen people discussing Adya on here so there's the latest news to Matt's heavily pushed product Adya- high in Aluminum Sulfate. Really overpriced aluminum at that. Drink up to health! Angela claimed she was taking it and "cured" her candida. (by the way candida after 8-9 years raw is a sign that you are doing something really wrong) He says he knew about the aluminum s. but was convinced by literature that its safe. so Adya is imported in the US as BATTERY FLUID?!?!??!?!?!! MY GOD! Hope no one on here had that c***.

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Article by Heather Fougnier from facebook.

I didn't know that the ingredients list could hide stuff from consumers :/



"Hi Friends, I just heard from a very reliable source that this e-mail, below (which I received today) is true.


If you are taking Adya Clarity, have been thinking of buying it or know people who use it, you may be interested in this...I'm disgusted. In the last year, this is the second natural health product touted by a wide variety of well-known people that I've learned can significantly harm people's health.


On the other hand, I am even more grateful to the people who are out there championing truly pure, healthy products. This is the year of transparency...I think everything is going to come out and it will only benefit those companies and people who are in full integrity. Since many of you are so well connected, I'd be interested to hear if you've heard the same thing as below or anything different in this controversy.


From: Adya Deception <adyaclaritydeception> To: adyaclaritydeception@gmail.com</adyaclaritydeception>


The Adya Clarity Deception


Warning to all Consumers, Distributors and Resellers of Adya Clarity.


It has recently come to light that Adya Clarity is simply a super cheap diluted industrial chemical marketed with massive hype touting it as a miracle - magical - latest - greatest - health supplement - The Ultimate Panacea...


It is loaded with Aluminum Sulfate which is intentionally NOT indicated on the label. What is on the label says trace amounts of Aluminum. Trace means less than 1 Part Per Million. What the label is supposed to

show is 1090 mg/L and 1220 PPM of Aluminum Sulfate.  This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the levels of deception involving this nasty product. Everyone who has purchased this product is protected by the Federal Trade Commission as it is intentionally mislabeled to trick people into buying a cheap industrial liquid that contains 21,800 times more Aluminum Sulfate than the allowable .05 mg/liter. Read on to see what is really going on...

Every point below is significant, worthy of note and needs to be taken seriously as tens of thousands of lives are negatively affected every single day from ingesting Adya Clarity or bathing in Adya Clarity.


Following is a copy of the recent imports for the Themarox (the raw ingredient of Adya Clarity) that were pulled from the public records of shipments entering the United States Customs from Shimanishi Kaken Japan being imported by Adya Inc.


This is an industrial chemical primarily consisting of Sulfuric Acid, Ferric Sulfate and Aluminum Sulfate called Themarox and is being imported as a very inexpensive industrial chemical battery fluid acid.

This is a list of imports from the recent past... Note the dates - The plant that makes Themarox is only 30 miles away from the Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown. Radiation anyone?


SHIPPER                                      CONSIGNEE   ARRIVAL DATE   WEIGHT (KG)   FOREIGN PORT   US PORT                        VESSEL NAME            PRODUCT DETAILS

SHIMANISHI KAKEN CO. LTD.    ADYA INC.      9/21/2011              3,060                Tokyo                     Los Angeles California    MOL LOIRE                  INORGANIC CHEMICALS BATTERY FLUID ACID HS CODE 3824.90

SHIMANISHI KAKEN CO. LTD.    ADYA INC.      8/23/2011              1,920                Tokyo                     Los Angeles California    VIRGINIA BRIDGE       INORGANIC CHEMICALSHS CODE. 382490

SHIMANISHI KAKEN CO. LTD.    ADYA INC.      5/31/2011              1,180                Tokyo                     Los Angeles California    VICTORIA BRIDGE      INORGANIC CHEMICALS THEMAROX HS CODE 3824.90

SHIMANISHI KAKEN CO. LTD.    ADYA INC.      2/23/2011              1,420                Tokyo                     Long Beach California    MOL LOIRE                   SULPHURIC ACID THEMAROX HS CODE 3824.90

SHIMANISHI KAKEN CO. LTD.    ADYA INC.      12/22/2010               905                Tokyo                     Long Beach California    VIRGINIA BRIDGE        INORGANIC CHEMICALSHS CODE 3824.90BATTERY FLUID ACID

SHIMANISHI KAKEN CO. LTD.    ADYA INC.      11/10/2010               893                Tokyo                     Los Angeles California    MOL LOIRE                   INORGANIC CHEMICALSHS CODE 382490

This web link also shows the online activity of importing industrial chemical battery acid - http://www.importgenius.com/importers/adya-international-inc  and another one here - same thing this month http://panjiva.com/Shimanishi-Kaken-Co-Ltd/4028340


Adya Inc. adds 9 parts water to 1 part Themarox (sulfuric acid) to make the Adya Clarity and sells it as a consumable human health supplement for ingestion and transdermal application in bath tubs.


Following is the MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET information that Shimanishi Kaken provides with the inorganic chemical concentrate (Themarox) for declaration of products being imported through customs - you will see at the top of the list below Iron Sulfate - Aluminum Sulfate at 10,900 mg/liter - Al2(SO4)3 10.9 grams per liter - this is not indicated anywhere on the Adya Clarity Label - rather the label says - trace amounts of Aluminum, etc.


Materials Safety Data Sheet

Product: ("Themarox" concentrated minerals solution )


Manufacturer; Shimanishi Kaken Co.,Ltd.


Name of product;"Themarox"

Classification: Singular/ mixture: Singular

Chemical classification: Sulfate Solution of various minerals

Ingredients and Contents (g/l):

                         Fe      12.6    as   Fe2(SO4 )3 - Iron Sulfate 12,600 mg per liter

                         Al      10.9    as   Al2(SO4 )3 - Aluminum Sulfate 10,900 mg per liter

                         Mg      4.2    as   MgSO4 - Magnesium Sulfate 4,200 mg per liter

                         K       2.1    as    K2 SO4 - Potassium Sulfate 2,100 mg per liter

                         H2 SO4   50.0  as Sulfuric Acid 50,000 mg per liter


Anyone who has a bottle of Adya Clarity can take it into any local testing laboratory and easily test for the amount of Aluminum Sulfate and see it all matches the numbers indicated on the MSDS sheet from Shimanishi Kaken - take into consideration the 9 parts water added to make Adya Clarity and you will have the exact amount in the test.


Following are just a few of the many false claims being made about Adya Clarity with more added every day with all the videos and crafty webinars...

  • Removes grey hair if you take two supershots per day for two years straight - zero proof of this BTW (If anyone was crazy enough to try this, it would deposit 7,300 grams of Pure Aluminum Sulfate throughout your body) - NOTE - 1 milligram of Aluminum sulfate to way too much - how about 7,300 times that much?)
  • dissolves kidney stones - This is a complete fabrication and any demonstration of such is a sham - think about it for a minute...
  • dissolves over calcification and removes arthritis - shown in Lab Tests that it does NOT do this although Aluminum Sulfate is definitely known to inhibit the body from proper absorption of calcium.
  • chelates heavy metals - Lab tests show it definitely does NOT do this - water was spiked with mercury, cadmium, lead and arsenic. Adya Clarity did not touch the Mercury and Cadmium and only removed a tiny percentage of lead and arsenic.

  • removes radiation - another fabrication designed to sell the product under false pretenses in reference to Chernobyl.

  • heals candida - how is Aluminum Sulfate saturated sulfuric acid going to proliferate friendly bacteria to overcome yeast and fungal infections? Many people have taken massive amount of Adya Clarity and it didn’t even touch their candida regardless of the tearful testimonies.
  • Compensates for your mercury fillings so you never have to have them removed - This is a crime to claim this - mercury fillings offgas even more methyl mercury into your brain when you put sulfuric acid on them when you drink in a super shot. Who came up with this brain fart?
  • Kills parasites and bacteria - damn right - I think most sulfuric battery acid would also do this.
  • Flocculates solids in water - yes - aluminum sulfate commonly used all over the world in water treatment plants does this and then they have to filter it out to .05 mg/liter.
  • Adya Inc. claims it is the magical magnetic minerals in Adya Clarity that magnetizes the colloids out of the water - There is NOTHING magnetic about this product or the colloids in the water. It is the large amount of Aluminum Sulfate that does this.
  • stops cancer metastasis the first time you take a super shot - an illegal false claim that is complete bogus
  • makes your entire body totally flexible when you take two supershots per day for two years and you don’t even have to do stretch exercises - the President of Adya Inc. proves this in this video while he rubs his nose and blinks with all the 'I am lying through my teeth' body language - watch only if you can stomach this vomitous display of dishonesty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tDnqFZPi4I

According to Adya Inc. and all their distributors, all you have to do is take two super shots of Adya Clarity a day and Voila - you are going to be healed of pretty much everything - remember - one lie breeds two lies - breeds 4 lies, breeds 16 lies, etc.


What they DON'T tell you is that they have intentionally mis-labeled this product (Adya Inc. controls all labeling of this product regardless of the brand it is sold under) to deceive the people into buying this diluted industrial chemical to make millions. No one would ever buy this product if they knew there was any Aluminum Sulfate at all let alone 21,800 times more Aluminum Sulfate in every bottle of Adya Clarity than FDA allows. The maximum allowed in any water is .05mg/liter and that is too high already. That is one of the reasons we don't drink tap water. Adya Clarity has 1090 mg/liter of Aluminum Sulfate - good luck with your brain doing straight super shots!!


Following are just a few of the top questions to ask...


#1 - Why does the label on all the products being sold fail to indicate the 1220 Parts Per Million of Aluminum Sulfate? (Adya Inc. controls all labeling policies for all products like Adya Clarity, Black Mica Extract, Roxtrax, etc.)


#2 - Why does the label only indicate a 'trace amount' of Aluminum when 'trace' means less than 1 part per million - when there are actually 1220 parts per million? What kind of a person would falsify this information when Aluminum Sulfate extracted with Sulfuric Acid at this concentration is 100% bioavailable and will guarantee brain disfunction when consumed and end with dementia and Alzheimer's down the road?


#3 - Why is Adya Inc. importing Themarox through US Customs being declared as an inorganic chemical Battery Acid when Adya Inc is actually selling it as a totally Fake Miracle Health Supplement that has Aluminum Sulfate in every drop that is severely damaging to Human Health? If you don't think Aluminum Sulfate is dangerous - why don't you ask Angela Franks - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-502442/A-lethal-cover-Brita...


#4 - Why is Adya Inc. targeting people who are the most conscious health advocates on earth and poisoning them with something they are NOT telling them they are poisoning them with? Take note: Most aluminum found in medications, food additives and cookware is mostly NON-absorbable and leaves the body in the feces and urine. Aluminum Sulfate in ‘Ionic Form Solution’ extracted in sulfuric acid is 100% absorbable to the body and immediately enters every part of your body - in particular the bones and brain. This includes ingesting it or bathing in it. It is very difficult to remove and requires specific metal detox protocols that people need to follow to get this type of Aluminum removed.



#5 - Why does Adya Inc. think they can get away with this when this is a SUPER LABELING VIOLATION of FTC and FDA Policy. Adya Inc. must think Aluminum Sulfate is good for you or they would not be selling this product. If it is good for you - then why did they not put it on the label so you could decide for yourself? They are involved in a coverup and have no care for the consumer just like the UK gov’t tried to cover up this disaster http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/455871.stm - many people suffered from Leukemia because of the bone marrow damage from the Aluminum Sulfate


#6 - Why would Adya Inc. perpetrate this massive problem on honest affiliates and super affiliates causing untold grief and humiliation in front of all of their lists and bring reproach on the natural products industry when everyone finds out they hid this dangerous ingredient?


#7 - Why would Adya Inc. and their distributors make a series of false health claims and use the latest marketing persuasion technologies which has now damaged more than 100,000 unsuspecting people including pregnant mothers and small children through to elderly people while making more than $7 million in sales selling inorganic chemical battery acid to unsuspecting innocent health advocates unaware? It is interesting - the timing - the largest distributor of Adya Clarity recently declared themselves a multimillionaire!! - sic -



#8 - How does Adya Inc. and their distributors think they are going to get away with this ridiculous plan to rip people off financially while damaging honest people's health permanently?


#9 - Why does Adya Inc. have a pricing policy that charges $149 retail for a 32 ounce bottle when the 'ALL IN' cost is $5.00 USD revealing a 3000% markup - could it be greed?


#10 - Why is the cost so low for this product? - could it be because it is a super low-end - cheap - battery acid - industrial chemical that costs only pennies?


#11 - How does Adya Inc. and their distributors think the FTC and FDA is NOT going to find out about this and how do they think they can keep this super betrayal out of the main stream news?


#12 - How does Adya Inc.’s largest distributor think the public is not going to find out and notice them selling $7 million dollars worth of this product containing Aluminum Sulfate (unawares) to all these people and no one is going to say anything?


#13 - Why doesn’t Adya Inc. tell people the truth about the false energy surge people get loading the body with excito-toxins in the 'super shots' that causes an immune response from the Aluminum Sulfate that increases white blood cell activity and deceives people into thinking this must be an amazing product? Not to mention the ridiculous amount of Iron Sulfate and Sulfuric Acid that is rushing into their body and dehydrating every cell. Talk about messing with hydration and pH.


There are many more questions to ask these ‘so called’ conscious loving people who are selling this garbage to everyone. The rest of the questions will wait till later. This type of criminal violation is why the FTC exists to protect people from being both poisoned and ripped off.


Here is an unfortunate ‘self proclaimed’ health leader talking about how you ‘better get’ the Adya Clarity before it is taken off the market by the FDA as if it is some kind of conspiracy - (think again) - he interviews ‘The President’ of Adya Inc. who looks extremely unhealthy and can barely keep his eyes open like some kind of prematurely aged person and this guy is in his thirties - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uL0rSDNjG8k&feature=related and another one - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKwsL8x4tI0&feature=related

and another one - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXU6jFXjcnE&feature=related - do the math for yourself.


There are also hundreds of people giving anecdotal testimonies about the miracles of Adya Clarity because they all think they are going to become rich or famous by selling it. Funny what Aluminum Sulfate poisoning causes people to do.


A very typical ‘Adya’ video raving about the merits of scrubbing your toxic body with Battery Acid aka Adya Clarity - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E936IenIvdg&feature=related


A video where Adya’s largest distributor blatantly tells (in so many words) hint hint, nudge nudge, that Adya Clarity cures Cancer and they implicate another well known health advocate all at the same time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXbTRvMC7cs&feature=related  - then they tell the people if they have any ailment at all - they should buy Adya Clarity and try it out and let them know how it worked to fix the problem. This gives Snake Oil Sales a bad name!! If you have been a victim of the Adya Clarity Deception you can protect yourself by filing an FTC complaint at https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/FTC_Wizard.aspx?Lang=en


Unfortunately, Adya Inc. has deceived all the resellers and distributors who are selling the Adya Clarity by mislabeling the product so the majority of people who have promoted this product are not aware of this violation or that they have been selling a product that is loading everyone up with Aluminum Sulfate.


All Adya Clarity products should NEVER have been sold to start with. All distributors need to take action to avoid this kind of disaster in the future and make sure you ask the right questions before you engage in selling a product.

We all have fiduciary responsibility to double and triple check that all products sold are pristine and clean.


One of the reasons we were deceived was because Adya Inc. is very tricky and they claim that they have done extensive lab tests to validate everything and this is obviously not the case. These kind of people pretend to be scientific so that people fail to check the product out before it's too late. Almost everyone was sucked in on this one and shame on all of us for letting this happen."



this is an interesting  INTERVIEW http://www.bewellbuzz.com/podcast/adya-clarity-exposed/. one of the first adya distributors explaining some pretty disturbing facts about adya, Matt and The industry. ADYA Clarity's raw cost is $4.75 - 4000% markup.   PEOPLE WERE GETTING fluoride poisoning from it.  i dont even know what to make out of people that can INTENTIONALLY FALSIFY LABELS.  (by the way he is talking of ways to detox it- kale, chlorella, sauna, exercise,KETTLEBELLS,  niacin etc and THEIR marine phytoplankton which i am highly suspicious of since its a single cell organism so another weird product) anyways i can imagine the people that ingested 2 shots a day for a year or two will need some detox. as aluminum deposits in the body and brain.

bottom line they were making $135 a bottle and i cant imagine what the long term effects of this will be

Hi Alena,

Thank-you for posting the podcast as I hope people are helped by that information.

I appreciate your concern regarding the overall natural product integrity. We are all well aware that 99% of the natural products are mostly sold by persuasion technologies and are not much use to the human being. The people who are diligent enough to eat a full spectrum of raw fruits and stay away from too many plant fats keeping with the 80/10/10 approach are going to have excellent health - provided that they add in a great exercise protocol. The best one I have found (and the least expensive by far) are Kettlebells


When it comes to nutrients, the body breaks down food through digestion in order to utilize the amino acids, enzymes, organic minerals, pigments and EFA's to supply the KREB cycle/ATP producing glucose efficiently to keep everything balanced. When we eat foods that quickly convert to glucose - like bread, potatoes, etc. - we spike the glucose levels and it messes with insulin response and puts us on a roller coaster ride eventually.

The key is to consume highly efficient nutrients that have a consistent glucose production at the cellular level while providing the broadest spectrum of nutrients for all bodily functions. I have always been most impressed with the hard core raw fruit people as they have the most sustainable energy of all the people I have met with the highest levels of health. They are highly active and mentally clear. One thing is certain, a very tiny micro percentage of the population lives this way long term.

Many people have attempted to live the raw fruit lifestyle along the way on and off for periods of time but the reality is, the real hard core enthusiasts that have done this for a decade or more and are fully committed for a lifetime living like this are few and far between. Those that are at this level are enjoying physical vitality most only dream about.

With that in mind, those who have not adopted this totally disciplined fruitarian high active lifestyle can compensate to achieve better than average levels of health if they are wise. The full spectrum of plant based nutrients are vast and really can be a lot of fun when explored internationally and locally.

You spoke about your concern for the Marine Phytoplankton as something wierd. This is understandable because it is mostly not known about in any depth.

Because of my intense involvement with this single cell nutrient over the last five years I can share a few very important facts that may help you understand this more – if you are so inclined.

#1 - None of us would be alive on the earth today if Marine Phytoplankton did not exist. NASA did a study and showed that 50% to 90% of the oxygen in our atmosphere is generated by Marine Phytoplankton spring blooms that grow in different parts of the ocean at different times of the year.

#2 - 95% of the ocean life depends on Marine Phytoplankton as the primordial foundational food.

#3 - There is an estimated 200,000 strains of Marine Phytoplankton with at least 43,000 known strains that have been studied.

#4 - A selected strain called Nanochloropsis Gaditana is a strain that matches the human nutritional profile. it is highly unique as the cell wall is fully bioavailable allowing all the nutrients inside each cells to be fully utilized at a cellular level in the body to produce glucose most efficiently while providing the full spectrum of amino acids, enzymes, pigments, organic minerals and EFA's - primarily EPA and DHA parent oil, plant based.

#5 - Each cell is identical to each other and the selected cell is only 1 micron in size which is 9 times smaller than a red blood cell. This allows full flow nutrition to every cell in the body and is a powerful brain food for command central optomization

#6 - The nutrients inside this microalgae are in the nanoparticulate range and are made from direct sunlight absorption generating a perpetual replication of these cells into the quadrillions time quadrillions. This is known as perpetual food.

#7 - All plants are receiving energy from the sun traveling at 186,000 miles per second and that stored energy is what powers our bodies. That is why fruit eaters who pick the fruit and eat it within 15 minutes of being unplugged from the life source (the tree) get the full shot of life energy plus all the nutrients and minerals in the fruit!!

#8 - The Marine Phytoplankton in Oceans Alive is grown using sunlight is a sealed bioreactor, harvested, spun in a centrifuge and is 100% alive. It is so concentrated it has the consistency of thick peanut butter. The ratio of green plant food nutrients in MP that you can grow on one acre of land is equivalent to 1000 acres of normal organic green food production.

#9 - That living Marine Phytoplankton is instantly suspended in a purified, sea mineral derived trace mineral concentrate that perfectly preserved all of the fresh harvested life energy in every cell. This avoids the damage from freeze drying that you see with all powdered green juices or algaes. The fluid inside the matrix, inside each cell is the elixir that fills every nutritional gap for every cell in our body.

#10 - This is the most practical, innovative and inexpensive way to deliver 300 billion individual cells of sun derived life energy packed nutrients at a cellular level on a daily basis.

This process took decades to perfect and we have been involved in the tweaking to perfection over the last five years. Nanochloropsis Gaditana Fresh Marine Phytoplankton is the most powerful single cell nutrient feeding every single cell in our body. It is the smallest food on the planet and the foundational food for all life. Whether is it marine life, animals or humans on land, everyone enjoys the next level of vitality . Even plants in the garden grow significantly stronger when a dilution of 1000:1 is applied (foliar) a few times during the growing season.

Oceans Alive has dominated the Marine Phytoplankton market over the last five years because it is the only one that has not been processed and damaged.

Other 'so called' Marine Phytoplankton distributors have tried every way to ride our coat tails by claiming their freeze dried powders are better. There is even a company based in Asia with an office in Las Vegas (scam city) that is selling a cheap chlorella powder mixed with a small amount of powdered marine phytoplankton claiming their product is the only one that is any good while everyone else is a scam.

The charlatans are a dime a dozen.

This whole Adya debacle was a massive correction to double, triple and quadruple check before buying into natural products. I personally had to learn a very hard lesson but it was one of the best things that could have happened to me. I was fortunately removed way early on from the debacle and am very thankful. I will be very careful to NOT to lend a hand to just any company going into the future. We have a great responsibility to ensure people have access to nutrients that ‘Do No Harm’ and also provide a far greater value for health than any amount of money spent.

If people are able to live eating fresh harvested tree ripened fruit on a daily basis and stay highly active riding bikes or swinging kettlebells, they will likely not need much else.

For the rest of us who live in cold climates and have difficulty at various times of the year accessing fresh tree ripened freshly picked fruit - we will continue to do the best we can and compensate appropriately.


I was recently contacted by Adya. It seems to me that they are trying to further their business by using links to raw vegan community.



thats what i am wondering. so did matt really ever take this product?
yes i remember first hearing about adya from him. they were saying people that take it start having black stuff oozing from their fingernails and ears. to me this sounds like heavy metals leaching from the bodies of those that are healthy enough to move it out rather than deposit this stuff in the brain.

They are doing their part to keep the practice of quackery going in the modern day.



sadly enough thats the people that are representing the raw lifestyle and thats what the general public thinks of raw folk!

Yes, I will be sure to let my friend know about this.  He has been taking Adya for the last year or so.  I tried some the other day and it just tasted like lemon juice.


Thank you for sharing   å¬)

I never imagined the day might come when I would step in to defend either David Wolfe or Matt Monarch :-)


However, I believe they have both been unwittingly 'conned' - this is on the assumption that Adya Clarity is a complete scam and dangerous even. I believe it is, but then I'm basing that upon my feelings and what I have read, so no personal data to back up my belief.


I looked at Adya Clarity a few months back, when I started getting emails and seeing articles promoting it. It looked like a nature-given panacea for many of our ills, but most importantly (for me) a way to ensure a clean supply of water whatever the global circumstances might be. We all know that after air, our most important requirement is water/hydration, which can be from water itself, or of course juicy hydrating fruits - something that is sometimes overlooked.


I started with a mistrust of David Wolfe and Matt Monarch who were pushing this product, but it looked great the more I saw (although I found Matt Bakos disconcerting, his eyes looked almost drugged, but I know that a lot of people achieve health after debilitating disease and they won't necessarily just magically become perfect shining examples of eternal health!)


So, putting aside my inclination to feel uneasy about it, I asked a simple question from some of those selling this. "Could they point me in the direction of some independent scientific tests showing that Adya Clarity was safe?"


Deafening silence.


It is now becoming apparent why.


Unfortunately, it appears that many in the forefront of health promotion are driven primarily by the $ signs and then by the health benefits, so don't ask the questions that they should.


I don't doubt that Matt Monarch believed in this product and that he and Angela were/are taking it, but he obviously didn't make the most basic checks. I've certainly been guilty in my life of getting swept along because of a desire to believe in something, so can understand how he might have been able to take the word of a convincing snake-oil salesman.


I've seen a few references here and there to the excessive profits involved in selling this product, but I'd guess that these have been going to the exporters/importers and not to the likes of Matt, who will have been selling on at the usual margins.


I'd guess that those involved in promoting this product are going to have a hard time salvaging their future Raw business integrity, but they can also probably afford to retire into obscurity now! I have read that Matt (and David?) have been refunding pretty much without question those who ask, so it must be hurting financially especially as they have quite probably paid for the shipments already.


A lesson for all of us, the most desperate are often the most gullible and ready to buy anything that promises salvation ... did I hear religion?







did u defend them. i didnt get that. but IMHO they were blinded by greed and didnt care about the product. on a personal level if i was to give people an acid i would feel responsible for their health and very cautious as to how pushy i am when i recommend it. Matt is personally  responsible for Adya as he made it popular. none of us has heard about it before he went on a rampage promoting it. to think you know things 100% is foolish but in matts case i dont think foolish is his mistake. i think greed was his biggest motivator. i bet you he became a millionaire after he sold maybe hundreds of thousands of bottles of that. the real market value was $29.99 after import and all.

no person in their right mind can talk to bakos and decide to sell his product by the truckloads. this guy cant put 2 words together and end up with a meaningful phrase.

david wolfe is a whole other issue. i think greed is too little a word for him.

Hi Alena,


It felt like defense :-) because neither rates highly in my estimation and this would be a perfect time to attack them wholeheartedly.


I also think their motivation is money, not health, especially David Wolfe and I don't think they knew it was as bad as now appears to be the case.


Sure, they were guilty of not bothering to really research this, although I've seen Matt say he looked at quite a lot of information, but he didn't bother to have any independent checks done by the look of it. I can't believe he would have sold this knowing it was toxic, no matter how much he stood to make from it.


I agree with you regarding Wolfe, but again purely from a business point of view it wouldn't make sense to set himself up for fallout like this. It is different to packaging useless product at 1000% profit, knowingly selling poisonous products would be a stretch too far.


I see them both as making money from those who are new to Raw and/or those don't understand what is healthy ... neither are beacons of health and fitness in my book, which should send out alarm signals.


My defense was really that I don't believe they were intentionally promoting a product they knew to be dangerous (if that is proven to be the case).


It would be interesting to know what price they were buying the product at.


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