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Adya Clarity - Aluminum, Matt Monarch a Millionaire?

I have seen people discussing Adya on here so there's the latest news to Matt's heavily pushed product Adya- high in Aluminum Sulfate. Really overpriced aluminum at that. Drink up to health! Angela claimed she was taking it and "cured" her candida. (by the way candida after 8-9 years raw is a sign that you are doing something really wrong) He says he knew about the aluminum s. but was convinced by literature that its safe. so Adya is imported in the US as BATTERY FLUID?!?!??!?!?!! MY GOD! Hope no one on here had that c***.

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I was recently contacted by Adya. It seems to me that they are trying to further their business by using links to raw vegan community.



thats what i am wondering. so did matt really ever take this product?
yes i remember first hearing about adya from him. they were saying people that take it start having black stuff oozing from their fingernails and ears. to me this sounds like heavy metals leaching from the bodies of those that are healthy enough to move it out rather than deposit this stuff in the brain.

They are doing their part to keep the practice of quackery going in the modern day.



sadly enough thats the people that are representing the raw lifestyle and thats what the general public thinks of raw folk!

Yes, I will be sure to let my friend know about this.  He has been taking Adya for the last year or so.  I tried some the other day and it just tasted like lemon juice.


Thank you for sharing   å¬)

I never imagined the day might come when I would step in to defend either David Wolfe or Matt Monarch :-)


However, I believe they have both been unwittingly 'conned' - this is on the assumption that Adya Clarity is a complete scam and dangerous even. I believe it is, but then I'm basing that upon my feelings and what I have read, so no personal data to back up my belief.


I looked at Adya Clarity a few months back, when I started getting emails and seeing articles promoting it. It looked like a nature-given panacea for many of our ills, but most importantly (for me) a way to ensure a clean supply of water whatever the global circumstances might be. We all know that after air, our most important requirement is water/hydration, which can be from water itself, or of course juicy hydrating fruits - something that is sometimes overlooked.


I started with a mistrust of David Wolfe and Matt Monarch who were pushing this product, but it looked great the more I saw (although I found Matt Bakos disconcerting, his eyes looked almost drugged, but I know that a lot of people achieve health after debilitating disease and they won't necessarily just magically become perfect shining examples of eternal health!)


So, putting aside my inclination to feel uneasy about it, I asked a simple question from some of those selling this. "Could they point me in the direction of some independent scientific tests showing that Adya Clarity was safe?"


Deafening silence.


It is now becoming apparent why.


Unfortunately, it appears that many in the forefront of health promotion are driven primarily by the $ signs and then by the health benefits, so don't ask the questions that they should.


I don't doubt that Matt Monarch believed in this product and that he and Angela were/are taking it, but he obviously didn't make the most basic checks. I've certainly been guilty in my life of getting swept along because of a desire to believe in something, so can understand how he might have been able to take the word of a convincing snake-oil salesman.


I've seen a few references here and there to the excessive profits involved in selling this product, but I'd guess that these have been going to the exporters/importers and not to the likes of Matt, who will have been selling on at the usual margins.


I'd guess that those involved in promoting this product are going to have a hard time salvaging their future Raw business integrity, but they can also probably afford to retire into obscurity now! I have read that Matt (and David?) have been refunding pretty much without question those who ask, so it must be hurting financially especially as they have quite probably paid for the shipments already.


A lesson for all of us, the most desperate are often the most gullible and ready to buy anything that promises salvation ... did I hear religion?







did u defend them. i didnt get that. but IMHO they were blinded by greed and didnt care about the product. on a personal level if i was to give people an acid i would feel responsible for their health and very cautious as to how pushy i am when i recommend it. Matt is personally  responsible for Adya as he made it popular. none of us has heard about it before he went on a rampage promoting it. to think you know things 100% is foolish but in matts case i dont think foolish is his mistake. i think greed was his biggest motivator. i bet you he became a millionaire after he sold maybe hundreds of thousands of bottles of that. the real market value was $29.99 after import and all.

no person in their right mind can talk to bakos and decide to sell his product by the truckloads. this guy cant put 2 words together and end up with a meaningful phrase.

david wolfe is a whole other issue. i think greed is too little a word for him.

Hi Alena,


It felt like defense :-) because neither rates highly in my estimation and this would be a perfect time to attack them wholeheartedly.


I also think their motivation is money, not health, especially David Wolfe and I don't think they knew it was as bad as now appears to be the case.


Sure, they were guilty of not bothering to really research this, although I've seen Matt say he looked at quite a lot of information, but he didn't bother to have any independent checks done by the look of it. I can't believe he would have sold this knowing it was toxic, no matter how much he stood to make from it.


I agree with you regarding Wolfe, but again purely from a business point of view it wouldn't make sense to set himself up for fallout like this. It is different to packaging useless product at 1000% profit, knowingly selling poisonous products would be a stretch too far.


I see them both as making money from those who are new to Raw and/or those don't understand what is healthy ... neither are beacons of health and fitness in my book, which should send out alarm signals.


My defense was really that I don't believe they were intentionally promoting a product they knew to be dangerous (if that is proven to be the case).


It would be interesting to know what price they were buying the product at.

The raw cost is $4.95 so not sure what they were making but it was A LOT!

sometimes people know certain things subconsciously and they might be not honest enough (with themselves) to admit it. i am sure thats the case with half of what they are selling on their websites.

i would not put matt and DW in the same category at all. DW is heavy weight. (and no, i am not refering to his weight) i am referring to his unreformed modern day snake oil salesmans techniques.

greed makes you make mistakes. thats why DW was pushed out of his own company by the ex monsanto executive's son. why he was having dealings with that person with no health interests? you answer that for yourself. but yeah greed can blind you and make u do stupid things such as potentially compromise your company.

this whole thing didnt suprise me at all becaus ethat was my original gut level "opinion" of all of them

theres no brain -heart connection there. too much up in the head.

From what I understand, the Adya was being shipped under the "battery acid" internation shipping code because it is somewhere around 5% sulfates which, under code, is comparable to (but not the same as) sulfuric acid (battery acid). Actually, battery acid is significantly higher percentage sulfuric acid ( i think like 30+%).

Mark Gailmor Ⓥ , these guys can make dirt from around fukushima sound so good. inorganic minerals yum yum



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