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Well, I decided to take it to the forums. I have no shame. Some may be thinking "What, your mother uses 30BAD!!", but we have a very open relationship like that.

My libido is increasing by the day. It's like 50x what it was when I was gourmet raw or standard vegan. It would not be a problem (quite the opposite) if I were in a relationship, but I am not, and I am vegansexual (only attracted to people that don't crunch corpses or drink secretions etc.), and there are hardly any vegans in this whole country, and that's before we even get to the tiny minority I might have any chemistry with.

Nothing is working - exercise etc., nothing alleviates it. 

a) Is this normal? I guess so since my body is healthy, it must have decided it is reproduction time?

b) Does this become more manageable over time?

c) Is there some kind of vegetable or fruit that helps quell this?

d) Any other advice?

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Take a cold shower

You know how long I can end up spending in the shower, mum... I'd never get out!

A) Yes, it's normal to get healthier on this lifestyle. ;) 

B) You learn to handle new things with time, whatever it may be. You can look into Karezza and see if stopping masturbating could help you "calm down". 

C) Not what I know of.

D) Go to vegan potlucks, join vegan dating sites, start feeling proud of you new body and increased libido, start your own vegan meetings and support groups etc etc. Meet people and flirt! :)

Thanks. :)

A) Thought so...

B) RE: abstinence, yeah, I am trying that. No joy. 


D) I am more interested in killing my sex drive than using it, since there simply aren't many vegans around. The Netherlands has only 10% the number of vegans there are in the US, UK, or Germany, per 1000 population. It sucks.

I'm in the Netherlands, and single.... but, I'm a girl, and heterosexual... :s

LOL I have the same problem, I might add. Note that I am adding grains to my strictly vegan/ low fat diet... I tried going to vegan rallies in NL (Via PeTA NL) but none of the guys seemed worthwhile... most were not even vegan :o I just go with it... <3

you could channel that excess sexual energy through meditation, but it takes practice. This diet definitely boosts your libido though.

"channel"? Meditation just makes me think of tantric sex. See my problem?!

hahaha :) well if you meditate enough and learn to quiet your mind, you could potentially turn all that sexual energy into creative energy.. do you do yoga?

No... I really don't have the patience for it.


In the human being, some desire is natural, but should be manageable and controllable.  Do expect around the three days of ovulation a month to "feel" more. 

One thing that can irritate some people is a high fat diet.  Are you still eating a lot of overt fats? 

Fats, even vegan fats and oils,  can coat the cells and tissues causing them to not be able to absorb nutrients, but also hormones.  When a diet is high in fat, then high hormone levels continue to circulate in the bloodstream, and this is not just sex hormones, but other hormones too which in a few people could cause imbalances in other areas and functions.   


You do not have to reply to this, and this is only food for your thoughts...

As another poster alluded, masturbation and or frequent orgasms are actually not healthy for most humans.  In nature, a human female would be fertile three days out of the month, and ideally, this would be the time for her to seek a mate.  Once impregnated, a mate would no longer be useful to her. 

Actually in theory, in our ideal and pristine state, it is possible females would not even menstruate and or ovulate, but when mature, orgasm is a tool needed to bring egg and sperm together.  Once pregnant, and then in the years following during breast feeding the infant, sex and orgasm might be redundant.

The way modern society promotes unnatural meat based high hormone diets, high fat diets, and then it is expected couples live together day and night, humans have taken a reproductive tool of procreation and turned it into recreation. 

However, like most things done in excess, addictions and there consequences are soon to follow. 

Not only are there physical consequences, there are social consequences as well and this can lead to further issues like women  not having their rights and or being subservient to men, and or being household servants to men. 

Well, good luck, and I hope you find you peace with the situation.  There are things worse than desire such as getting into a bad and or abusive relationship.  Take your time and find the right one for you if indeed you want someone.

Peace, PK

I am interested in your response PK.  I have seen many videos in which primates partake in sexual activity "just for fun" and sometimes with the same sex.  It does not seem to matter much to them.

Humans, primates and some whale species are some of the species off the top of my head that have intercourse for fun, not just procreation.  A healthy sex life seems to be important for an adult's well being. 

Yes, I do agree that an addiction is not a good thing, but total abstinence for my entire life because I am done having children is NOT where I want to go. 

@Happy Raw Vegan,

Abstinence?  No way, I never said that or promote that:D (Well, may be for some people....)

But if we are going to look at the Natural Model, and not just pick and choose what we like from nature, we are going to have to consider the whole thing.

A lot of people will say well primates have sex all the time, I want to too.

But here is the kicker in nature, and I also think if humans follow the same models, our populations would naturally fall without birth control and or forced abortion.

When a female wants to have sex, let her, but without birth control. 

The sure cure for a sex drive?  Have a couple of kids.  Then, as moms in nature do, mom is 100% responsible for the care of the infants.  If eating a natural diet, ovulation might be at a minimum.  Then when breastfeeding, perhaps no ovulation and or desire to have sex. 

If the human female were living in her ideal pristine state, eating her proper diet, and looking after her young exclusively, there would probably be less sex and less births.  A lot of humans who are out looking for the next sexual fix have not had children, and or might be neglecting the children they have.

For example, mom chooses to feed baby formula instead of breast feed.  Now her body is telling her it is time to have another baby and up goes the sex drive.  Now mom can hand baby over to the nanny and go have a date with daddy and within a year, out comes baby number two.  In nature, many of our primate mommas are only having babies every four to seven years.  The baby is literally stuck to mom at the hip during this time and she does everything with her baby.  There is no career, no job, no baby sitters. 

If we look at most primate species populations, the per species number is very low, and sometimes in the thousands, not the billions like the human model has exponentiated too. 

This might include losing the marriage model where two people have to live together indefinitely and in many cases, sex and children are forced on the female, as well as subservience to the male. 

Remember the funny human model adage, woman's place is in the kitchen, and she should go there directly after work:)

Peace, PK



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