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Hey there:) My name is Stacy. I am not sure exactly what day I started hclf/811, but it will be nearing 2 months soon. I LOVE it!!! Coming from a very energetic, athletic and relatively thin person-I couldn't be much happier! I went from literally binging on raisins, cocoa, peanut butter and nuts EVERY single night to not even being able to look at those foods. IT'S AMAZING!!

I am eating right around 2,500 calories a day. Some days less, some days more. I drink 1 L of water MOST days before eating my 8-10 banana smoothie for breakfast. I workout as much as possible-but could definitely do more. i drink as much water as possible, most days around 2-3 L. I do have a few things that I am experiencing that maybe others on this site have, too. Some of the things I have been experiencing that I am not happy about are:

1) VERY irritated eyes. VERY bloodshot all of the time now. I wear contacts, but have never experienced such an uncomfortable amount of burning since a few weeks into this lifestyle. Any ideas??

2) I am getting SO stuffed from my meals that I find it difficult to function for about 30 minutes to an hour after. My stomach bulges MOST of the day because of the large amount of food in it. I feel "fat" even though when I wake up in the am my stomach is completely flat-at least until I eat my breakfast. Then it starts right back over. I know we must stretch our stomachs, but MAN! Will it ever balance out??

3) Before this diet I was eliminating maybe every day/mostly every other day. Since starting this, I was going almost 3 times a day. I was so HAPPY! But, in the past week or so, I am struggling to go even once a day again. And feeling very uncomfortable due to this. I wouldn't do it, but even thought of drinking a little coffee to get it moving. Instead I drank a ton of water and it seemed to have done the trick that one time. I have been eating rice with my raw tacos and raw zucchini pasta, so maybe combining rice and veggies isn't a good idea for proper elimination??

4) When I first started this I had major energy and a new sense of enlightenment. I was more calm than I can ever remember. I have been eating WELL enough carbs BUT have noticed a decline in my energy levels. Between the burning, bloodshot eyes, being stuffed all day and not going #2 enough-I have been wondering what it is I am not doing right.

Any and ALL feedback is welcome. Tell it to me like it is. This is the best way of life for me-and i need to tweak it til it's perfect! Thank you in advance for the advice! -Stacy

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I'm about 3.5 weeks in and I feel you on the dry eyes and the stomach bulging all day and then back to normal in the morning until breakfast.  I also feel like I felt a sense of enlightenment at first and now not so much.  I don't know the answers but I definitely hope someone gives a good response!

1) - I've never heard of this, so I cannot say for certain; perhaps another may chime in with thoughts on this matter. Are you eating conventional fruit? Pesticides on conventional fruit have been known to cause a multitude of problems. Many people report detoxifying symptoms throughout the first six months. Even longer for others. It's best to give it a year or more of living this lifestyle consistently, and eating nothing but organic fruits and vegetables before ruling out detoxifying symptoms. 2 months is nothing compared to 20+ years of bodily destruction.

2) - Eat less per meal and more meals more often. Slowly increase the amount of food in each meal. By slowly, I mean over the course of many months, not days. Also, the stomach will stretch in time. On a cooked food diet, your stomach naturally will shrink due to the cooked food being more dense and requiring you to eat less of it. The time it takes for your stomach to stretch properly on a raw food fruit and vegetable diet? It can vary from body to body. Again, wait at least a year before making any further judgments on stomach problems. 

3) - Keep drinking water, resting and eating fruits and vegetables in proper combination. Bowel movements will regulate in time as long as you're consistent with what you eat. Combining rice with anything isn't going to be the best idea if you're looking for optimal elimination. Fill the void of rice by eating more dates, bananas or other fruits that have enough calories and are within your budget. If you're going to eat rice, eat it alone, on an empty stomach and be well hydrated. Also, don't eat vegetables in the morning and limit them in the afternoon to more water rich vegetables (cucumber and cellar). Eat the leaf dense salads in the evening.

4) -  Energy levels will come in go for the first 6 months to a year. If you keep this up consistently, it will regulate in time. Also, your energy levels will always feel more prominent when coming from a low energy diet. After the years go by, you will get used to it and it won't feel as it did when it was new. 


Rest, Water, Fruit, Exercise, Water, Fruit, Water, Relaxing, Water, Vegetables, Water, Relaxing, Rest.

Rinse and repeat, consistently and let us know your results in a year.



Rest, Water, Fruit, Exercise, Water, Fruit, Water, Relaxing, Water, Vegetables, Water, Relaxing, Rest.

Rinse and repeat, consistently and let us know your results in a year.

Not a bad condensed version of this life ;-) Good job UM!

Thank you all for the responses. I will track my progress and see how things are in another couple of months. :)

What exactly is in your raw tacos? 

I'd say the problem with your eyes is likely to be because of your contacts, not your diet. Contacts are known to cause dryness and irritation. They're washed with chemicals and they sit on your eyes! Definitely not natural. Perhaps it's your body telling you to ditch the chemical/plastic glaze you're covering your eyes up with. 

As well, your stomach needs time to expand. It can be uncomfortable in the beginning, but in time it will be entirely natural. By the time I'm finished my large fruit meal, my stomach is almost ready for the next!

Are you eating enough greens? How are your stress levels? If I'm stressed at all, my body stops eliminating waste.


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