30 Bananas a Day!

80/10/10 healed my Acid Reflux & autoimmune Gastritis

One doctor said I had Barrett's Esophagus. Another said pre-cancer GURD. I suffered for 6 years. No medication helped me. I tried them all. The last doctor said it was autoimmune Acid Esophagus. They all had a name for it but not one could help me. When I started Mono eating the pain & acid ended without toxic medications filled with side effects that made my autoimmunity even worse. Oh by the by, the drugs were $108.00 a month! Do any of you suffer from acid reflux? Mono eating at each meal is the only way my esophagus could heal. Thank you 80/10/10 

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Alycia I had mango for breakfast. Bananas for lunch. Mellon for dinner. I never ate before bedtime. I would switch the fruit around. Three months and the GURD was gone. Thank you for your comment! 

I only had acid reflux back in the days (15+ years ago) when I was drinking cheap wine bleeeeh..:)

Since I'm 811 I never had it.

It's nice to heal without drugs, right Gupta?:)

Rawbert I really thought drugs were the only way. What a mass lie that all is. Thank you for your comment! 

I had acid reflux in the past too - my doctor actually told me I had to remain on medication for the rest of my life, otherwise I would get esophagal cancer (and I was only in my early 20s!) So I changed a lot of things, including my diet (yay raw foods!) and also found that using mono meals just for breakfast alone did the trick. Glad to hear you are better. Natural health all the way! :)

Joanna I hope your cousin gets to read this. I send her healing energy. 

Oh my. Has your cousin tried raw foods and mono meals? Every bit helps...it'll hurt to eat at first, but using leafy greens at first just may do the trick.

Lily you are so right! Really mono eating fools the body into resting. I feel this in my soul. I wish you healing. Thank you for your comment. 

Gupta, what you share is so powerful. Eating simply is the most healing route to reversing and curing so many diseases.  It may take a little time, but so much better than meds.  Thanks for sharing your story.

Right on B'jaia!

ouijabird, You will be fine. First remove all nightshades from your diet & do mono meals as much as you can. You will be amazed. Blessings to all of you wonderful friends. 

sounds like you're detoxing big time.... can you take it easier and decrease cooked food a bit at a time? all the best...  getting off such drugs mustn't be easy on the body..  

Hello sickNoteBro, I t took 3 months for my gurd to stop. I did drop in poundage at first also. The pounds came back on after time. Eat more! Eat a lot of dates. You will heal. I wish you fast health. Thank you for your comment dear. 



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