30 Bananas a Day!

So it's my second day 811rv and I feel pretty good!! :)


Here's the thing, it's possible that I have overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine or a parasite that I'm fighting. I knew this before going raw. I really am going on this diet to eliminate a health problem I'm having - fecal body odor. I don't know the cause but I think it may be fat/liver related OR bacterial/parasitic related. If it is the former, this diet is ideal, if it is the latter, this diet is very bad due to sugar/carb content that the bacteria/parasites will love, this is not like candida where the diet will heal you.


So far on day 2 I have had 5 BM's all very very loose and on my latest one it looks liked there were undigested pieces of orange or grapefruit or something. Is this normal? 5 BM's in one day? Also, my stools have a bunch of bubbles coming from them, I've read that this is from fermentation.  I really hope I am on the right path, but it's hard to tell. Any suggestions/input?

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Sounds like you are doing great, 5 BM's is fine, seeing your food in your stool is normal.  Did you up your calories?  You can get the 80/10/10 diet book from the library, I highly recommend getting it as soon as possible, it will help a lot.


Hopefully you will find the benefits you are looking for, it may take some time but it's very likely your stools will start smelling like the sweet fruit you are building your body up with now.


sorry to revive this thread, is it really normal to see undigested fruit and lettuce pieces in stool? i'm also worried

Yes it is normal. 

That being said, you get more nutrition from food that is chewed thoroughly.

Image result for chinese quote chew your liquids and drink your food

One example is greens- Dr. Fuhrman says putting your lettuce through a food chopper before consuming, easily gets you 90% more nutrition than just eating the lettuce broken apart as is customary. 

And even better is blending your greens into a smoothie.  

Dr. G's Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe - YouTube

ok thx, i was scared i had low stomach acid or something, having candida overgrowth is bad enough already!

I am a little low calorie wise as I am trying to adjust to this. I need to go out and buy some dates and more bananas lol. I already have the book too and am enjoying it :). Have any of you experienced bubbles coming from your stool? This is what worries me is that an unwanted critter is getting all the nutrients/sugars and fermenting them. Hard to tell.

2 days huh? Thats a long time to make solid conclusions about diet and lifestyle changes...not!


Maybe take a crap in a bag and give it to the naturopath, homeopath, psychopath that told n sold you the fruit phobia. Empty the crap bag onto their desk and youtube the reaction.


Whilst in the waiting room read 80/10/10 by Doug Graham and learn about basic human physiology.

Haha, I know about the misconception of fruit and whatnot, I'm saying that if I have SIBO or a parasite will the fruit sugar make things worse? Can I eliminate a parasitic or bacteria infection with this diet?

Depends who you ask. If you ask someone that makes money from selling you toxic herbs and quack cleanses and dietary advice that promotes parasitic issues then the answer is no.


If you ask people that understand basic human physiology and are honest then the answer is yes.

that is no on fruit making things worse and yes on this diet eliminating a parasite or bacteria infection. ;)

Okay, I will trust you guys and stick to it! :)

Hi, I was wondering , did u continu the diet, I would like to know about the results, because im asking mYself the same questions....




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