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I have just finished my second day 100% HCRV. My stomach is totally stuffed and very bloated but I am still craving smoked tofu and genisoy brand soy crisps. I don't like/desire raw greens at all. My cravings are so strong I am afraid that I am going to break tomorrow. Since I am just at day 2 I haven't had any positive results yet to really give me that extra motivation (i.e. great health, fitness) to stave off the cravings. My mind just keep going to the idea of eating cooked vegan instead of all raw, thinking that it will be easier to maintain and more feasible in social situations (which is a big fear of mine). I know raw is the healthiest thing on earth, but I'm finding so challenging every time I try to do this lifestyle 100% Does anyone have any advice to keep me holding on and avoiding those foods that I am hardcore craving? 

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Are you just feeling confused and scared and longing for a feeling of calm and safety?  

One day at a time.  One meal at a time.  You don't need to solve your whole life's problems tonight.

You hit the nail on the head. Why is it that everyday I feel that I have to fix all my life problems in that day. That my "success" or "failure" that day is so important, while at the same time I get overwhelmed by the future and how hard it will be to do this or that or keep up with this or that. The joys of anxiety and perfectionism..

I don't see many joys, just anxiety...  I remember this place all too well!  I used to spend every minute of every day either overwhelmed or trying to "fix" everything.   

Something that helps me now is the Serenity Prayer:

G*d, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

the courage to change the things I can,

and the wisdom to know the difference.

And sometimes, if I am really struggling, I'll just say, "Please help me."

You're probably not getting enough calories, although you haven't said so I don't know that.  Drinking orange juice or using it instead of water in smoothies will help get more calories in you without filling you up any more.

Thank you all for the support and advice. I don't know why it always comes back to these specific foods for me with regards to cravings. I don't crave cakes, cookies, candy, but rather vegan protein rich, dense textured (extra firm smoked tofut), salty, savory foods. Greens just do not do it for me. 

Greens don't do it for you yet, but they will.  You're only on Day 2, darling!  :)  

Besides, I bet you've never had ALL the greens there are available.  Do a little experiment... try something green that you've never had.  Like bok choy or kohlrabi or arugula or cilantro by itself.  Play around with creating beautiful salads and different flavor combos.  If you have a Walmart nearby, try the Kumatos.  I don't normally recommend shopping at Walmart, but they seem to be the only ones with these FABULOUS-tasting tomatoes.

You're not giving up those old dense salty foods forever, you're just getting through today without them.   

I would definitely recommend you ignore the cravings and keep stuffing yourself with raw food. I came to the point where I forced myself to not eat if I was not hungry and ignored cravings completely, no matter how much I wanted them. After about 20 days I didn't have to force myself to not eat when I wasn't hungry nor ignore the cravings anymore because my mind just automatically ignored the cravings and now I only eat when I'm hungry. It becomes habitual after a while. They say it takes about 21 days to create or break a habit. I believe that's true. My goal in the beginning was to just get past 20 days and then I would reassess at that time. It didn't take much debate at all at that point because it was just so easy to eat right. I'm rooting for you! Stay strong! :)

Hey jessica, something that really helped me (because i wasnt a fan of greens at all in the beginning) was zucchini pasta with raw marinara.  it really helps with cravings because its "salty" and reminds you of eating pasta lol.  peel zucchini green skins off, then keep peeling over and over to get noodles (or u can even purchase a spiralizer to make them look more noodle-y) then for a sauce my favorite has been tomato, red pepper, lemon juice, fresh basil all in a blender.  sometimes ive done just tomato, it all depends on what you have on hand! also a tiny bit of avocado in the sauce can make it taste "cheesy", but if youre trying overt fat free, just skip the avo.  i hope this recipe helps :) <3  also green juices helped me a lot, but i know juicing isnt recommended on 811.  

Having the same exact problem and I'm on Day 4. Since my parents eat SAD there are cooked potatoes, rice, broccoli in the kitchen and I just can't control myself. I really thought I had strong will power but this is pushing it to the limit. I stuffed myself with 11 bananas and I STILL craved baked potatoes and some rice. I never did drugs before but I'm assuming this is how addicting drugs are. I didn't give in yet but this is really TOUGH. It almost seems impossible but LETS DO THIS!!!!!! ROARRR!! lol  Fu** cooked food! lol


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