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So I'm ready, really ready this time, to succeed at a 100% raw challenge. I've done months raw before but I always have an excuse to cave into cooked food. I'm almost at my one year mark of doing HCRV so I want to have this May be the best start for my second year so I can stop interrupting my progress and just get to the top of the mountain!

In January this year, I got back from 2 weeks in the topics and I was on a really great high and a great streak of being 100% raw that ended in late February when I decided that I had so much stress and I lterally stressed myself sick. I was so nauseous I couldn't stomach fruit, so carbed up on cooked carbs, but that opened the flood gates, as it always does for me, and I've spent the last 2 months getting back on top of myself, facing head on each of the excuses I give for why I must eat cooked food.

So it's time! I have 3 boxes of fresh medjool dates, 1 box of ripe bananas and 2 boxes ripening and a continuing order each week of incoming bananas. I also have my new love for durian which I can get the supermarket to order in frozen in just a days notice. I've also got a number of greens I'm becoming quite fond of so they will no doubt help.

It's now 7pm on the 30th, here in NSW Australia, so first thing first, getting an early night tonight!

So who's with me? Who's gonna step up, face the fact that we know that raw is best, makes us feel 1000 times better than cooked and we deserve to feel AWESOME!

Let's do this!

Much love, peace and clarity for all!

:D Janna

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Awesome! I am new to this idea! I'm still waiting for my 80/10/10 book to arrive and trying to eat a lot of banana's in the mean time! I will do your May challenge with you, maybe the extra motivation will help me succeed! 

Durian fruit look so awesome! I only saw them once here (I am from South Africa) but at that point I have no clue what it was! I hope to find one again soon!

Yes, girlfriend...you sound prepared and ready to go!  I personally have all the greens I'll need for a week at the least, at least 10 bags of 4lbs. of oranges(probably more) and tons of bananas(though I need to count them) I got all they had, but haven't been able to get boxes here.  I have other things too, but those are my staples and the most important aspects for me...starting tomorrow I will go to sleep early.  Eating dinner no later than 5pm and getting set for bed afterwards.  I've created at least a week's meal plan and I've chopped up fruity goodness for my daughter's breakfast in the morning.  I'm feeling pretty good and it's not even May yet. 

You go, girl!  I'm here to support you however I can.  

I'm going 100% raw May 1st!

I am so down!  The past few weeks I have been doing really well, but still have a bit of cooked food at night.  This will be awesome motivation to help me with the next step.  I wasn't going to buy another box of bananas because it's been so warm they ripen up so fast and I have a hard time finishing them.  But because of the weather so many other fruits are quickly becoming available.  Woohoo!  I'm pumped already!  Tonight I will be sure to get to bed early for a fresh start tomorrow!  Yay for May!

I'm in! For 100% most raw I can get. I know... excuses excuses.. but I really only have 10$ a week for fruit. I have been doing a lot of cooked lately because I just won't hold myself back from the cravings. But I'm joining this challenge! Good luck everyone!

Lauren, please do not under-eat if you cannot afford enough fruit.  Starving is not the way to get healthy!  Cravings means not eating enough.  Plain and simple.

Count me in, birthday's in the end of the month so I want to give it as a birthday present to myself that I was a "good girl" this month and took care of myself haha. Shall be interesting to see how it goes. Good luck to you and everyone else! ;) Make it a month worth looking back at!

Yay! Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement!

Let's do this!

I'm in! I am new tho HCRV, but not to Veganism. I was doing well for an entire 4 days and then crashed and ate cooked food. :(  

I'm doing smoothies instead of eating bananas because I just don't have the time to sit down and eat them. 

I also think drinking smoothies is the best way to help my digestive system as well since it's not working so much breaking it down further. 

I will start on May 1st. Love to know everyone's progress, get support and encouragement!

Good luck everyone on your first day of may! I've just posted my blog for today, so I hope I can inspire you all to eat more fruit!
xx Janna

I struggle to stay law fat on unripe fruit whole colder half year....I love 811 diet, I do see my mood so better, I stand more stress I am in whole my life, I then dont abuse my body with bad and too much or too little food. And my body then work better.

I have only problem to deal with flavours and seasoning and salt...that set me back to cooked. Any recomendation?

I am7years high raw and I know my stressful life worth it, coz as I said, I then feel my best, no pain, no hurt, not too much empathy to my closest when in struggle, but feel the love all around(nature, animals and so on)....

I was flirting with cooked meat all my life(never crave it much , until i force it coz i thoug it is healthy, then I was fear in raw to go vegan, to then prove not a possible and I know that raw enlighted my problematic organ that doesnt work optimal whole my life(and i used to sport all my life, to maintain my body work efficient, I am glad i dont need to do that that much in raw)....

now I am into vegan way(coz i see that raw fish helped me when I need it with skin, but it was only mask and I want to no harm anymore unless i needed, which I hope i dont....I even change to vegan doctor, who treat me not like eating disorder-lacking nutrient problems, but systemically, helped a lot)....

I now start to meditate, help a lot as well.

And I see that I do some extra tincture(not so sure if good, but it help to speed the detox)...and I must say now I tolerate some cooked starches as well).

I wanna go to 100%from no on for my life. Coz since I finish my University, I am then free for traveling and I promis my self to stay in hot climate unless few exception.


I really do love my life now on and I am open to love all around(Too me a while, coz my difficult parents realationship based on life long joudging and valuing devalueing the love in between us and filosofying about a butter and plate material and place and hold of a spoon in between meal, totally send me into lost of real world around. And took me a while to discover it and let the stress go and forgive. I also choose bad friends and those who worth I dont care that much, coz I dont see their value for me. But in general I see love to everybody, so I did contradict my self).

But May is my month, I am born 18.5. I know I can go to place where I will be like half raw and cooked starches(but nothing is like raw HCRV and when I went this many times like half year or more 100% and then stop it with rice, I imediately see the difference of mindset and crave to be free of 100%, and stop enjoying it, but then my helth and mood always was not balance and ok)....

So as I said, now I clear my surrounding, nearly finishing my study, willing to trave not to escape, but to work on my passion again and have a nice sameminded people around me. I used to hold people that are "normal", now I see them more as a sleeping people and whenever I get to be like them, I miss what I have learn, it is like know how to dance, but dont have a partner so to stop. Now I dance even alone in the sun.... :)

High five for 100% I am in and for life... (starches are not optimal either, and cooked unripe fruit (like unripe plantain or pineapple in own) and vegetable without seasoning is second best option for me if I even need it).

I am just not 100%if I ever come into place where is war and you are thankfull even for pieces of nuts or even bite of fish. In that case, you body with handle it, because it want to survive and unless you overloaded it is better than to die. I hope this doesnt happen and I even with that the production of fruit and vegetable is going to be better imported even in colder climate countries like czech.



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