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Exactly one year ago today I went 811rv. The only thing that I still consumed that was not raw at the time was black coffee, and exactly 8 months ago I kicked that habit adn became 100% 811rv! 

Before going 811 I had been suffering from anorexia and bulimia and it almost killed me (I'm 5'8" & I weighed 90lbs at the time(. I was 6 months into recovery, had relapsed half a dozen times, and was stuck at 105 lbs. 

At my local health food store I stumbled across "The 80/10/10 Diet." For some reason or another it caught my attention strong enough to compell me to buy it. I took the book home, read it, and with hesitant support from my mother I became 811rv. 

Since then I have. . .
     - Put on 20 lbs. (a good chuck of it is muscle)
     - Had clearer skin
     - Become emotionally stable
     - Become happier
     - Ran a Half Marathon in 2 hrs. 25 min. 55 sec. (I run all the time now)
     - Taken up martial arts again
     - Taken up lap swimming again
     - Started cycling
     - Become more confident in myself
     - Begun to live my life!

Food is my friend now, no longer my enemy. I can eat up to 3000 calories a day without an ounce of guilt. I enjoy food again. . . I enjoy living again!

I can't believe it's been a year!! =D

BEFORE (Carb Starved)

AFTER (Full of fruit!!)

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Thank you. It took some work but the end result was well worth it.
Another thing I've noticed is that my hair is thicker, shinier, and I only need to wash it twice a week. Before my hair was thin, dry and brittle, and I had to wash it everyday while using loads of hair products to make it look somewhat healthy.
Wow - Fantastically inspiring story !!!!

You look really shiningly beautiful !

Interesting how a book will " fall of the shelf " for you when you really need it.

Question tho - when did the " emotionally stable " benefit kick in -
didn't you go through a detox that threw your emotions off for a bit at first ? or not ?
I did have detox: massive break-outs and headaches when I finally gave up the coffee. I really didn't have anything stronger than that though which a attribute to my being vegan since I was 6.

The emotional stability hit about a month into 811rv. Before that my hormones went a bit topsy turvy.
Did you yourself decide to go vegan? or did some family memeber go vegan and you did it, too?

And good job! =)
You are so beautiful!
You must be feeling so proud to love yourself so well that you are taking such meticulous care of yourself. (Sorry if I'm stumbling over my words, I'm a bit inarticulate because I'm so impressed by your story and pictures,lol,)
Here's to year 2!
excellent excellent excellent :)
Keep shining beautiful Star!
I don't always eat 3000 calories, it depends on my activity levels, though I rarely eat any less than 2500 calories a day. For the first 4 months I could only eat 1600 to 1700 calories a day, but gradually over time, I managed to up my intake. My appetite got larger when I was well enough to start exercising anf that helped quite a bit.

As for getting over eating so much food and so many calories? It took me having heart palpatations, nearly passsing out, and my mom crying to get me to see that what I was doing to myself. I really wanted to get better, but the vegan food I had eaten as a child made me feel ill when I ate it which only encouraged me to throw the food up when I ate it, or not eat at all (I later found out that I had developed a wheat and corn intolerance).

When I started eating loads of fresh fruit I experienced for the first time in almost 2 years what it felt like to be satisfied after a meal without feeling sick or feeling like there was a brick in my stomach.

Rocovering from a ED does take a great deal of mental courage. Good luck to you Ellie. =)
Radiant and beautiful :). Congratulations!
good job girl...so happy for you



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