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"I felt like I didn't want to live anymore. I gained all the weight back and really started to question everything. I was suffering from a systemic candida overgrowth which contributed to the acne I had on my face, chest and shoulders. I had chronic digestive problems so bad that it impacted my social life. Some days I didn't have the energy to get out of bed...."



have put a lot of time into making the Go FRUIT Yourself ebook as informative and helpful as possible. It contains one month of my blog entries from November 2006 when I started my raw food journey PLUS much much more. Boy I had some stuff ups!

The book is set out in a fun comic-style format so the amount of information should be less intimidating and easier to read. It also includes many many photos! If you are struggling on a high carb, raw vegan lifestyle then reading my old blog entries will undoubtably connect with you! I have come from knowing NOTHING about how to do this lifestyle to now thriving as one of the teachers in the movement. If I can do it YOU can do it.  


Are you struggling on a high carb, raw vegan lifestyle?

Do you need to know *exactly* where you are going wrong?

Are you always craving the wrong foods? And giving in?

Do you need some new well-combined, high carb, raw vegan recipes?

Do you want to just know all the nitty gritty about my raw transition?


Well this is the book for you! When it comes to my health journey I've been to hell and back. The good thing is I'm back to share what I have learned.  





5   -   My roller-coaster journey to a high carb raw vegan lifestyle

9   -   Why eat high carb raw vegan?

11 -   My blog entries and critique begin

16 -   Candida aaargh!

18 -   Shoot me up

19 -   Bingeing on fruit?

23 -   Fish will poison you

25 -   Under-carbed nutcase 

27 -   Are you 'spiritual' or just carb-deficient? Detox or Tox?

29 -   You wanna fast hey?

31 -   Wait for true hunger and become a basket-case

34 -   Weight loss and eat now, pay later diets

39 -   High fat = BIG problems

41 -   Visualisation and stimulation

46 -   My first raw food picnic changed my life forever

50 -   Hot Air everywhere, raw authors who just want your cash

52 -   Final day of my 30 day raw challenge

53 -   Top 5 Reasons you keep falling off the HCRV lifestyle

56 -   Prevent cravings, my action plan

57 -   My personal hand-written pain & pleasure lists

59 -   You don't have a discount body

60 -   My best HCRV tips ever!

61 -   Water yourself

63 -   Exercise and pumping the lymph system

65 -   Sleep

66 -   Sunshine

67 -   Teeth problems and fruit

70 -   Where do you get your protein on this lifestyle?

72 -   Menstruation and increased caloric need

74 -   Connect to what you're eating

77 -   Vision-booking

80 -   Best ever social tips

82 -   Pro's and Con's of cooked and raw food

84 -   Instant transition tips

87 -   A ripe banana

88 -   My all time favourite *simple* raw food recipes with pics

91 -   My HCRV food-combining chart  

92 -   Thank you!



*** 1 Week Summer and 1 Week Winter Meal Planner***

Note: People live in all parts of the World and have different fruit availability at different times of the year so it would have been particularly tricky to make several months worth of appropriate meal planners.


This investment in your health is $24.95

Your support helps us a lot thank you!

click button below to order>>




"It worked perfectly on my Kindle. I downloaded it and then plugged my kindle in and saved the PDF into the Kindle folder and bob was my uncle." 

Please refer to this LINK if you are having download issues

Make sure you have the latest software for viewing the book. It's best to download the file onto your computer (no iPad or iPhone) and then transfer to iPad. Any pdf file should work on iPads. All you do is drag the file into the "books" section on your iphone when its plugged into itunes.  You should also be able to put pdf's onto kindle if you can plug it into the computer, just drag the files onto it. I cant say this for sure though as i dont have a kindle so havent tried it out. Let me know how you go!

Update from customer using kindle:

"Just purchased the book and did what was mentioned regarding downloading it on Kindle. Just plugged my Kindle in to my computer and pulled the pdf file onto it...super easy, 30 second download...jippea, now I am ready to read it." & "It worked perfectly on my Kindle. I downloaded it and then plugged my kindle in and saved the PDF into the Kindle folder and bob was my uncle."


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